Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mrs. GIllard gets the shits over victorian premier telling the truth

Tim Mathieson goes “bang” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Tim Mathieson has threatened Victorian Premier Denis Napthine with
legal action in a furious phone message that ends with him saying
“Bang!” ...

In a 32-second message, Mr Mathieson complains the Premier, who worked
as a veterinarian before entering politics, had mentioned him in
Parliament in connection with rogue MP Geoff Shaw’s misuse of his
taxpayer-funded car.

“Of course you’re busy ­because you’ve been bullshitting all day in
Parliament,’’ Mr Mathieson said. “So, if he mentions the Prime
Minister’s partner one more time, one more time, there will be a legal
action against Denis The Vet.

“You hear me? One more time against the ex-Prime Minister’s partner
there will be a lawsuit against him so long — I am not, I am not,
anything to do with Geoff Shaw, in any way shape or form. So, if he
mentions me one more time, I am telling you right now. OK? That’s it.
Bang !”

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