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Kaitlyn Roig at Sandy Hook: FEAR OF UNIFORMS

"When the door opened I observed numerous children in a small bathroom with blonde female teacher holding the children back.

The teacher began to yell at me, 'You're not the police, I don't believe you," she repeated this several times and [sic] which time Tpr. Poach grabbed a couple of children and the others followed.

 As the children exited the bathroom they were passed of to the officers and escorted out of the classroom.

I stayed kneeling and the teacher stayed motionless against the bathroom wall, continuously repeating, 'You're not the police, I don't believe you."

Once the last child exited the bathroom I reached in and grabbed the teacher, later identified as Kaitlin Roig and she became hysterical and I physically escorted Roig from the school exiting through a classroom door at the XXXX corner."


 According to officer Vanghele's written statement (among the report docs), he and fellow officer had to move a cabinet away from the front of the bathroom door where Roig and kids were hiding. Since neither Roig nor anyone else hiding there could have moved the cabinet in front of door (after entering bathroom) how in hell could that cabinet been moved into place to block the door (unless someone from the outside helped to hide them and then pushed cabinet into place). Who could that be?

Senator Eric Abetz, the Minister for Employment on Victoria's Supreme Court, Police and trade unions - Michael Smith News

Senator Eric Abetz, the Minister for Employment on Victoria's Supreme Court, Police and trade unions - Michael Smith News

law needs to be enforced, whenever it is broken. All of us will recall
the horrific scenes of lawlessness on the streets of Melbourne in August
2012. The conduct itself was bad enough, but what made it even more
contemptible was that it involved a deliberate breach of orders of the
Supreme Court. It is hard to imagine a more flagrant display of contempt
for the rule of law.
old truism says that “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. While I am
conscious of the separation of the executive government from the
judiciary, I trust there were good and cogent reasons why it took nine
months for the Supreme Court to reach a decision that the CFMEU was
guilty of contempt of court. There are no doubt equally good and cogent
reasons why it is taking another nine months for the court to hand down
its penalty. Suffice to say I find it difficult to explain these delays
to those that may be minded to seek the protection of the law and
desperately need speedy resolution of their issues.
most of us, the notion of compliance with the law is simply taken as a
given. Unfortunately, however, the building industry contains a number
of participants who take a different approach. Their attitude is to be
as well-behaved as they feel they need to be. So when laws are not
effectively enforced there is a downward spiral of lawlessness.
light of the many revelations of unlawful conduct over the past month, I
have taken a close interest in the responses of the various bodies
responsible for upholding the range of laws that apply to the building
industry. In particular, I have noted the absence of Police involvement
in situations that one might ordinarily think would attract their
leadership have claimed it is due to factors such as a lack of
resources or lack of evidence. Whatever the explanation is, I hope it is
not another factor on their part which is equally crucial - a lack of
will. It would be disturbing if crimes of corruption or violence that
would immediately be jumped on if they occurred anywhere else go
unpunished just because they occur on a building site. Nobody would want
to conclude that a mentality at the higher levels of Police to “keep
the peace” rather than “uphold the law” has in some way encouraged an
increase in such behaviour.
a person were to enter uninvited to a private residence, or a
commercial premises in another industry, block access to the site and
intimidate its occupants, that conduct would be reported to Police and
Police would act. But if that person happens to be a union
representative and the location is a building site, then that conduct is
considered to be different, only because it has the label of an
“industrial dispute”. I do not want to see a perverse culture
surrounding this industry which discourages victims to complain to
Police, or seeks ways to excuse the conduct of perpetrators.
dare say that if Police Command in Flinders Street were to suddenly
find its driveways blocked, its doors picketed and staff on site
threatened and abused, then those matters would be very quickly and
effectively dealt with. Those responsible would be left in no doubt that
such conduct is completely unacceptable. This is as it should be. The
problem is that every other Victorian workplace should be treated the
same way. As the CFMEU likes to say, “One Law For All”.

Hackett: a fallen sports star | Herald Sun See What Susie Says Blog

Hackett: a fallen sports star | Herald Sun See What Susie Says Blog

It's cruel to keep circus animals locked up and it's sad to see chimps when they grow up and no longer look cute in their little costumes. StumbleUpon

Conspiracy Theory Is True: Agents Infiltrate Websites Intending To “Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations” » WTF RLY REPORT

Conspiracy Theory Is True: Agents Infiltrate Websites Intending To “Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations” » WTF RLY REPORT

In the annals of internet conspiracy theories, none is more pervasive
than the one speculating paid government plants infiltrate websites,
social network sites, and comment sections with an intent to sow
discord, troll, and generally manipulate, deceive and destroy
reputations. Guess what: it was all true.

And this time we have a pretty slideshow of formerly confidential
data prepared by the UK NSA equivalent, the GCHQ, to confirm it, and
Edward Snowden to thank for disclosing it.

The messenger in this case is
Glenn Greenwald, who has released the data in an article in his new
website,, which he summarizes as follows:
“by publishing these stories one by one, our NBC reporting highlighted
some of the key, discrete revelations: the monitoring of YouTube and
Blogger, the targeting of Anonymous with the very same DDoS attacks they
accuse “hacktivists” of using, the use of “honey traps” (luring people
into compromising situations using sex) and destructive viruses. But,
here, I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by
all of these documents: namely, that these agencies are
attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online
discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the
internet itself.
” Call it Stasi for “Generation Internet.”


Jason and the Argonauts Papercraft - Skeleton Army ~ - Free Papercraft, Paper Model, & Papertoy

Jason and the Argonauts Papercraft Skeleton Army

Jason and the Argonauts Papercraft - Skeleton Army ~ - Free Papercraft, Paper Model, & Papertoy

The seven undead skeleton warriors that Jason and his men fought from the 1963 film Jason And The Argonauts.

The Unstoppable Robot Army of Huizhou | Taobao Field Guideu

The Unstoppable Robot Army of Huizhou | Taobao Field Guideu

A TransyTank The Unstoppable Robot Army of Huizhou taobao international
Look at this thing! It must be built for a special purpose.

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Is Palo Moyambe the missing piece of the devil cult in Sandy Hook??

Palo Mayombe |

referred to as Santeria’s ‘evil twin,’ Palo Mayombe is considered the
darkest and most feared of all the black magic practices. In fact, ARM
investigators have on several occasions been warned to steer clear for their own protection. A simple personal item left behind, can be used in a ceremony for severe spells and even death!

In the dark world of Palo Mayombe, many pets such as horses, dogs and cats are being stolen
from loving families where they are then ‘traded’ for a monetary profit
and subjected to brutal acts for ritual sacrifices. ARM has documented
dogs and cats being confined in small cages and exposed to the
extremities of 120 degree heat, with only the blood of other animals to
drink. This is a ‘step’ in the preparation for up and coming ceremonies
and only amplifies the degree of cruelty which these innocent animals
endure in being served as “food for the gods”.

There are many intricate details that are used in setting up ceremonies in Palo Mayombe
and for the most deathly curses, large animals are sacrificed such as
horses that are often decapitated. To the highest extreme, human bones
and skulls are used and obtained by grave robbing or taking a life.
In 2012 ARM discovered the largest Palo Maybombe site in NW Miami Dade that has been investigated in the US.

investigators were informed of a strange site where dolls were dressed
and adorned with beads, wooden statues of ‘gods’ carefully positioned,
handcuffs hung over embedded nailed statues, pots filled with trinkets,
seashells and seeds as well as whips made from horse hair and within
feet, the carcass of a slaughtered horse was found.

ARM heavily
investigated the site collaborating with seasoned professors of Palo
Mayombe, teams from the gang force unit of the state attorney offices of
Miami Dade and CSI units to decipher the findings.


Is this what the Process Church discovered down Mexico way? Is this the dark initiation their devil goddess who came from the sea taught them? Is this the real reason why to this day their front organisations are animal shelters... JUST LIKE THE ONES IN SANDY HOOK???


Constanzo followed in his mother's footsteps, cruising Miami gay bars
in his teens, indulging in petty crime. A poor student of anything but
black magic, he graduated near the bottom of his high school class and
dropped out of junior college after one embarrassing semester.

interests lay elsewhere, learning the secrets of witchcraft from his
mentor. Together they robbed graves to stock the priest's caldron and
spilled blood over voodoo dolls to curse their enemies. palo mayombe is
an amoral religion, drawing no line between "black" and "white" magic,
leaving each practitioner to choose his own path without prejudice. Drug
dealers frequently trusted its tenets to protect their outlaw
enterprise, but Constanzo's godfather had stern words of advice for his
protégé. "Let the nonbelievers kill themselves with drugs," he
counseled. "We will profit from their foolishness."

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo as young adult (Timepix)
Adolfo de Jesus
Constanzo as young
adult (Timepix)
By 1976, his mother later claimed, Constanzo had begun to
display psychic powers, predicting future events with amazing accuracy.
Months before the 1981 shooting of President Ronald Reagan by John
Hinckley, Constanzo reportedly predicted the event and proclaimed that
Reagan would survive his wounds. Constanzo didn't have as much luck
foretelling his own future, which included two arrests for shoplifting
in 1981, one case involving the theft of a chainsaw.


Do DC and Marvel Comics now regularly cross the line into paraphilia (fetish)?

The Sadist — David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer — Crime Library

In Hickey's Sex Crimes and Paraphilia, Lisa Shaffer and
Julie Penn spell out the nature of the paraphilia known as sadism. They
indicate that it may or may not involve consent, and for some offenders
it's definitely more exciting to inflict pain on nonconsensual victims.
Most sadists begin as masochists, these authors say, who are aroused by
the receipt of pain or humiliation. They then move into a dominating
role and find they prefer it. Some even develop such a hunger for
sadistic arousal that they become rapists and murderers. Among the most
notable examples, besides Ray, are Robert Berdella, who tortured young
men before killing them, and the Canadian team of Paul Bernardo and
Karla Homolka, who killed three young women. They kept two as temporary
sex slaves.

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo on their wedding day
Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo on their
wedding day
The types of activities sadists enjoy include


 handcuffing people,

hanging them,

choking victims into unconsciousness
and then

 reviving them,

stomping on them,

using substances to induce
altered states of consciousness,






 keeping them imprisoned.

They might also enjoy inflicting

Forever Evil, Nightwing

Forever Evil, Nightwing

 such as covering victims in excrement.

Some sadists evenhire themselves out to masochists to inflict a controlled, choreographed


Everything in moderation within artistic limits. And have some purpose for what is depicted. Extreme art requires extreme reasons, and gratuitous nastiness is both sexually perverse and a type of pornography. It titillates and degrades.

Cheesecake art like Frank Cho cranks out is not sadistic (usually) but it is hypersexual. It doesn't however involve the sort of compulside and ritualistic excessive depictions that disney and warner seem comfortable with in their trademark farms.

And most disturbing of all is that it is most often "heroes" doing the sadistic behaviour.


Another Victim — David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer — Crime Library

Another Victim — David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer — Crime Library

Soon the case against Ray gained additional strength. When the
incident was reported in newspapers, Angelica M. from nearby Truth or
Consequences (T or C) came forward to say that she'd suffered a similar
ordeal at the hands of this couple just the month before. She was not
the woman in the video, so she was yet a third possible victim. She was
an acquaintance of the defendants, she said, and she had entered their
home on February 17 looking for cake mix. Ray had left and come back
with a knife, informing her that she was being kidnapped. She had looked
over at Hendy and had seen her holding a gun. She knew then that they
were serious.

They grabbed her, bound her, and
stripped her. Harnessing her onto a table, they then placed a metal
collar on her, attached electrodes to her breasts, and jolted her with
severe electrical shocks and abused her with various sexual implements.
Then Ray forced her to give him oral sex. This ordeal went on for three
days, she claimed, at which point, she was taken from the main trailer
to a smaller one and strapped to a chair. They ran electrical currents
through her body, shocking her repeatedly in her most sensitive areas.
She begged the couple to release her.

Finally on the
fourth day of her ordeal, she managed to persuade them to let her go.
They had taken her miles away and dumped her out on a local highway, out
in the desert, where a police officer picked her up. She'd reported
what had happened to her, but the report was apparently filed without
Now that Ray and Hendy had been charged with criminal
behavior in a similar incident, she had decided to pursue her case. They
received more charges, now totaling 25. When reporters pressed,
officials were unable to provide details about why Hendy and Ray had not
been investigated or arrested in February
But investigators from many
jurisdictions were taking it seriously now.


The Snowtown Murders — History — Crime Library

The Snowtown Murders — History — Crime Library

To understand the horrific saga of Australia's worst serial
killing case, one must first go back in time. Back to a foreboding 1994
prequel: a grisly find at rural Lower Light, about 50 kilometres north
of Adelaide, the South Australian capital.

A farmer
had stumbled upon skeletal remains in a barren field on August 16th,
1994. The victim - shown by pathologists to be a young male adult - was
never identified.

Social talk in the quiet "City of
Churches" turning once again to speculation about what might follow. By
1994, South Australia already had a long, disturbing history of
abductions and serial murders. Yet no one versed in the beautiful city's
bizarre heritage could have predicted the sequel to that "single body"
find: a complexweb of murder and fraud. Like the case's "vault of
horrors" itself, the Lower Light corpse's significance would not be
revealed until 1999.

When a body is found in South
Australia, and the police announce foul play, a sickening sense of deja
vu grips both the media and public imagination. A brief review of some
notorious cases explains why.


South Australia is Australia's sex murder capital, Adelaide a town infested with demonic cults and homosexual murder gang members going back 100 and more years.

One of the men who together formed the "real" Jack the Ripper emigrated there, as did a member of the Golden Dawn. Together, they contaminated a place that was lawless and incredibly plagued with excess prostitutes already.

Add to this the documented fact of a tunnel system second only to the storm tunnels and limestone caverns of Canberra, and you have what Stephen King called "the real Salem's Lot" when he visited Adelaide on a book tour.


Three Sages - Wooden Hill page 33


Australia’s jobless generation | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

Australia’s jobless generation | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

Jobless? Shiftless more like it. Too many bureaucrats, too many handouts and too many opinions without having lifted a finger or worked a day in their worthless lives.


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Three women teachers with guns shot Adam Lanza in a classroom Jon Rappoport

Silver Bear Cafe



Three women teachers with guns shot Adam Lanza in a classroom

Jon Rappoport
(Editor's Note: This article starts out
with a, somewhat, sensationalistic headline. I believe that Mr.
Rappoport is employing a touch of sarcasm in an otherwise totally
serious look at the lunacy of both the state and the sheeple. - JSB)
When everybody is diagnosed with a mental disorder, gun permits will be a thing of the past
Take that seriously.
At a presidential debate, Obama was asked about
achieving gun control. He said, "Enforce the laws we've already got.
Make sure we are keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals...[and] those who are mentally ill."
In case you've been sleeping in a cave for the past
few years, the US government is doing everything it can to create more
categories of crimes, and the psychiatrists are expanding the list of
(fictional but enforceable) mental disorders, as they also relentlessly
promote "more diagnosis and treatment."
Some estimates state 20-25% of the US
population is suffering from a mental disorder. These are absurd and
cooked figures, for several reasons, but it doesn't matter. What
matters is that huge numbers of people can be arbitrarily labeled as
So legally owning or not owning a gun may soon
hinge on a broader definition of "mentally ill," changed to "having been
diagnosed with a mental disorder," because that is one back-door way to
execute a massive gun ban.

5 Most Secret Military Aircraft


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Explaining Sandy Hook: a real redux

There’s different degrees of murders. First degree is when it’s planned and deliberate. Second degree is deliberate, but spontaneous. Manslaughter is when it’s not intentional, but the actions are so reckless that it results in death. Then there’s the various angles of criminal negligence causing death, impaired driving causing death, and assisting suicide.

One thing I learned is that there’s never two cases the same. People find some vicious and creative ways to do others in. Here’s five cases that really stand out.

- Garry Rodgers

Did Sandy Hook Happen?

In the opinion of a lot of casual researchers, by 'casual' I mean it is not their day job to investigate serious crimes or specifically homicides, Sandy Hook "didn't happen". What they mean by this is that it was a hoax: the whole thing was staged, no one was killed, there was no Adam Lanza, the lapdog media, complicit in so many deceits, is the chief enabler of this illusion.

Breaking it down, what they are saying is not in fact that "nothing happened", what they are saying is that, AS DESCRIBED BY THE LAPDOG MEDIA AND THE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT, everything the media has relayed is a lie. What happened was a media event, full of untruths, fake testimony and so on.

I don't subscribe to that view. I've flippantly said "Drill went live - people died". I don't know if that's true, but I think it's closer to the truth than saying nothing whatsoever happened. Because even if you treat Sandy Hook as a big fake event staged by sinister forces, well, that's a pretty big thing in itself. And we know from previous big fake events going back over the years- "they" will have and still kill to keep the lie going. Whether it's 9/11 witnesses bumped off, Oklahoma City Bombing additional suspects and key witnesses being brutally murdered- definitely, killing is part of genuine documented false flag / big fake events.

InsaneMedia said something very profound in my opinion.

They flagged the Dawn Hochsprung interview - given after she was already dead, supposedly - as being a key event. I agree.

Dawn Hochsprung, the principal at Sandy Hook, gave an interview to a local reporter by the name of Votek. The interview described a masked gunman entering the school. It was given on 13 December 2012, published early on 14 December 2012. Its actual date has been suppressed in favour of an attempt by both Votek and the lapdog media in general to promote the most absurd possible permutation of this interview: that its date is AFTER Dawn Hochsprung is confirmed dead. That would mean that she was not the person being interviewed. It would also mean someone impersonated her. It would also mean that Votek didn't recognise the person who he interviewed face to face. It would also mean that he didn't recognise the local school principal who he had previously seen and spoken to.

So the interview was intended to be released after the event, prepared beforehand though it was. This in turn as InsaneMedia has explained in great detail means that DAWN HOCHSPRUNG WAS MEANT TO SURVIVE THE EVENT.

But she didn't.

This kind of data is what I call Continuity Errors.

Even in blockbuster movies, continuity errors happen, and eagle-eyed viewers love to find the mistakes.

Shooting a movie over a period of days, weeks or even months can be a very difficult task - especially when it comes to maintaining continuity. When everything in the shot, scene and movie is consistent, then you've succeeded in maintaining continuity. If an actor picks up a cup with her right hand, the cup has to be in her right hand in the next shot, to stay consistent and maintain fluidness and continuity.


Continuity is the internal logic, history and plot of a movie or television show. If the hero has a red mug on his desk, and that mug we discover was a gift from his now-dead partner, then in a later scene or episode we expect that same significant red mug to be there, and to still be a gift from his partner, etc. In other words, we try and make sense of a story, a narrative or a real life event in terms of its given history. 

When the lapdog media provide these little factoids for our consumption it is part of a deliberate act of history creation, storytelling or narrative building. It has nothing to do with reality and usually the reporters or their bosses are just lying to create a mood or reading off a script provided to them. When you discover this fact about their universal deceit, things start becoming clearer.

There are also conventional elements of all narratives, which from feelings of common decency most people don't challenge even though we know them to be untrue:

Murder victims never "deserve" to be killed

Murder victims never do anything to trigger their own murder

Marriages are happy

Children are all wonderful special and gifted

Conspiracies are never true and there is never a plan involving multiple people for serious violent crimes

Journalists do their best to tell the truth

The government likes you and wants what is best for you

All towns and settlements are a mixture of races, religions, political outlook and no community has a large alien element where everyone composing that element robotically falls into line and thinks alike

Continuity Errors cannot occur in factual events. Continuity Errors belong in the world of fiction because continuity itself is an attempt to create a fictional "reality" as automatically consistent as the "real world".

But fiction, created by humans, can never hope to be remotely as consistent as the real world. Tiny constant events make the real world "real". This same constant rain of little happenings makes all fictional worlds entirely inconsistent. 

This is why in a fictional world, or a narrative created by the lapdog media, we are asked not to understand, but to BELIEVE. We have to believe, because understanding requires rational thought and rational thought will, if applied for too long to a fictional world, tear apart the fiction, expose the narrative, and find the... Continuity Errors.

If you don't already have a first Continuity Error to work with, one way to start testing if something is true or false is to compare the suspected narrative to known forms of fiction, as well as to known forms of reality based events. For example various long cons involve consistent elements and also involve a narrative intended to make a victim believe something untrue. Likewise lies about events during war follow consistent patterns- heroes, villains, unlucky and lucky timing, coincidental or meaningful names of people involved (Colonel Cannon the Artillery Officer, Sergeant Redman the butchering soldier etc.) and so on. Real life rarely if ever has so many hokey elements at the same time.

We can allow on average a single coincidence and a single hokey name per event. Just going by statistics. Beyond that, the more extra "enhancements" we are given by the lapdog media, the government or other professional liars, the more suspicious we should be.

Possible Ways Sandy Hook Went Down

Firstly, I want to list the possible ways Sandy Hook went down. I want to list as many possibilities as I can, because prejudgement is the enemy of fact.

Anyone that has already taken an objective look into the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, deeper than the mainstream media was willing to go, knows of the major questions that have yet to be answered.

Not only was it discovered, for instance, that an impossibly coincidental government school shooting drill had been scheduled for the same day and time and right down the road from Sandy Hook Elementary School, the media used scenes from the drill that was taking place as if they were scenes from the shooting tragedy itself. Leaving many to wonder whether or not the tragedy was actually part of the government drill instead, used to attempt implementing unpopular gun control measures.
One of the surviving children, during an interview with Dr. Oz only days later, even mentions they were "having a drill."

Likely similar to the drills that just so happened to have been taking place at the same time and location as the 9/11 terror attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing, the 7/7 London Bombing, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, the Aurora theater shootings and many other high profile tragedies that have taken place over the last decade, or so.

To make matters worse, first responders to Sandy Hook Elementary School were seen on helicopter camera chasing multiple camouflaged men into the woods as they arrived. One of those individuals saying, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it," as he was led back toward the school while being taken into custody.

On top of the fact that it was confirmed the death certificate of the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, had been issued one day prior to the tragedy and in a different state altogether.

Circumstances, among many other unanswered questions surrounding the situation, that are taking much of the guesswork out of the real reason why a judge keeps delaying the release of the 911 emergency audio and why footage from the brand-new security and the camera system that was supposed to have been installed at the elementary school, just weeks prior to the tragedy, still has yet to be shown to the public. Unlike the footage everyone was allowed to see from the Columbine High School shooting massacre that took place in Littleton, CO, back in 1999.

Releasing a little bit of video showing Adam Lanza shooting his way into the school from outside, or Lanza walking down the hallways inside the school with guns drawn, would make a lot of these questions go away. A seemingly impossible request of an extremely secretive US government, considering we still have yet to see footage from any one of the multiple cameras stationed around the Pentagon, or the immediate area, that would give a clear view of what it was that struck the Pentagon on 9/11.

But not only is the government likely never going to answer any of the startling questions that remain about the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, for reasons that are starting to become more and more obvious, the real bombshell may have just taken place with the release of a video by an Internet video journalist that may blow the Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy wide open.


1. Sandy Hook was an accident.

One or more people accidentally died at the school, either during a drill (it is a fact that a drill was occurring in the vicinity*) or otherwise.

From accidental death, it followed that somebody somewhere thought that this was too good an opportunity not to use the deaths for a political agenda and/or criminal enterprise.

2. Drill went live, people died.

One or more people were killed when what had begun as a drill turned into a real shooting event. This is essentially what happened on 9/11 - pre existing drills went "live" when the World Trade Center Complex and Pentagon were attacked. The drill situation made everything more confusing. It was almost like the official story about what happened at Pearl Harbour.

At Sandy Hook, although the Sandy Hook school itself wasn't involved, there was a school shooting drill going on in the general area.

3. Soft Target Kill By Trained Team

A trained cadre moved into the area in a variety of disguises, executed children and any adult witnesses (making other claimed witnesses liars or part of the hit) and then exited at walking pace, eventually getting caught up with law enforcement and in some cases using either fake or indeed real ID as secret service or law enforcement together with powerful connections to walk free. This is essentially the mechanics of the JFK hit.

An essential element to assist the lapdog media is a patsy, preferably one who is not alive to contradict what is being said. In the case of Adam Lanza- he is dead.

4. Adam Lanza Killed The Victims At Sandy Hook

It's not possible to describe this alternative as being "what the government said happened" because the "official version" contradicts itself repeatedly. However, the lapdog media narrative which is the final layer on top of the obfuscations, inaccuracies and outright lies promoted by the government at all levels is that Adam Lanza was a mentally ill expert marksman who mowed his way into the school having been either buzzed in or by shooting out a window (???) which left glass OUTSIDE not inside the building then proceeded to skip the first available classroom, as if searching, then gunning down several teachers and many children. The teachers were either all heroically trying to charge him or reason with him, or alternatively begging for their lives and cowering in fear or alternatively shot down so quickly that they were snuffed out violently in front of screaming children (none of whom are heard on the 911 calls).

Leaving aside the many contradictions in the official versions, and realising that both politicians and journalists are usually the dregs of humanity and sociopaths who compulsively lie, we have to distinguish between this compulsive lying from scum who weren't there, and the basic event. Removing what the scum of the media have said, it is plausible that Adam Lanza is the shooter, and that he went to the school, got inside due to lazy and negligent behaviour by the school staff, and then had easy targets on which to vent whatever madness motivated him. It is PLAUSIBLE. It is not necessarily true, but it is a likely explanation.

What was done to exploit the tragedy is nothing to do with the facts of the tragedy.

5. Sandy Hook Was A Luciferian "Satanic" Operation - Human Sacrifice

Adam Lanza carried out the killing with help from the local satanist sex pervert community - Sandy Hook is ground zero for the luciferian Process Church on the east coast, it's also ground zero for the official Church of Satan dickheads and ground zero for luciferian paedophiles and sex slavers. Adam Lanza, a past victim of abuse himself, was programmed to kill.


Adam Lanza is a total patsy, did no killing and the cult used its own killers.


Adam Lanza went there heroically to try and stop what was happening and was, as the official report says "fatally wounded by law enforcement".

6. Sandy Hook Was A Result Of The Lanza Divorce

This was advanced by "plasman" on the Godlike Productions (GLP) forums. He suggested mainly through innuendo that Adam Lanza did the shooting and it was targeted at Dawn Hochsprung since she was, unbeknownst to nearly all, the "cause" of Peter and Nancy Lanza getting divorced.

GLP is a disinfo front so make of this one what you will.

7. "Nancy Lanza" doesn't exist; she is actually Ann E. Haddad (and aliases)

Nancy Lanza aka Ann E. Haddad worked with kindergartners in the area. She was buzzed into the school alone or with an accomplice. Once inside, they shot out the window glass at the front of the school to attract teachers and staff into the corridor, they then executed whomever it was their real target was and then maniacally killed the rest of the victims to cover up who the real target happened to be. They then left the building, and mingled with other locals as they "arrived".

This one is a mixture of Megatronic's theory and ThePaulstalService's incredible catch about the Lanza doppelganger.

8. "Mossad" (ie Israeli intelligence) Did Sandy Hook

As with 9/11, the sociopathic people in the israeli government are certainly capable of this or any other atrocity, and the special charmed life dual israeli citizens enjoy would make the escape afterwards trivial.

There is zero direct evidence of this, it really does amount to a kind of anti-jewish blood libel. WITHOUT PROOF. If real proof emerges it goes from blood libel to stone cold fact pretty quickly.

Interesting sidebar to this is the purple van containing a pair of israeli assets who were eventually arrested and then as usual filtered out of the USA. Their van is visible in several aerial shots from the day of the massacre.

9. Nothing Happened

One might characterise this as amongst the most extreme of theories about Sandy Hook. Whether in combination with actors pretending to be local families or not, the entire event was faked. Nobody died, the children, if they existed at all, are still alive, and the lapdog media is maintaining a hollywood narrative to advance various sinister socialist causes.

Evidence for this is surprisingly strong: the confirmed use of green screen not just for Anderson "CIA" Cooper's interview with UN/israeli asset Pozner but further green screen has been proven beyond doubt even for apparently live shots of people meandering around.

Staged grieiving has also been caught- mum and dad crying and hugging each other -stopping, looking around to see who is watching- then restaging their positions and crying and hugging again. But with no tears.

This feeds into the totally aberrant behaviour of the grieving parents that the lapdog media has pushed on to the public since the day of the event. Liespotting has confirmed beyond doubt a lot of deceit in their behaviour. This doesn't lead logically to the conclusion that the whole thing is fake, but it does logically lead to the conclusion that the lapdog media narrative about Sandy Hook IS fake, all of it. And that is what really triggered all the researchers to begin their research.

10. Adam Lanza Is Really Ryan Lanza, Ryan Lanza May Be A Criminal Mastermind

This theory says yes, the shooting took place, but it was Ryan Lanza who did it, Adam Lanza either never existed or died beforehand, and Ryan Lanza has somehow "got away with it all" to quote Meat Loaf. This is a superficial theory but it highlights another raft of insanely implausible inconsistent factoids that the lapdog media has pushed in relation to the Lanza family and Ryan in particular- his girlfriend was shot dead, his father was shot dead, his friends were shot dead, no one saw or dealt with Adam Lanza for three years before the shooting and so on.

11. Adam Lanza Was The Victim Of Child Abuse And He Did Sandy Hook To Save The Kids

Adam Lanza was under the tutelage of a child abusing pervert and an assistant pervert prior to being home schooled by his mother. The child abuse he possibly suffered may have triggered in him a hero complex or rescue complex so that he built up to wanting to save little children from abuse - POSSIBLY EVEN THE ABUSE HE KNEW THEY WERE SUFFERING - and that led to the massacre.

12. Sandy Hook Was Fast And Furious Mark 2: Project Longevity

Shortly before the Sandy Hook event unindicted criminal Eric Holder was in Connecticut promulgating another unconstitutional federal plan. This one, called Project Longevity was intended to quote unquote brainwash (Holder's word) people into not wanting guns. It required lots of drills and training and quote unquote daily reminders (Holder's words) that guns are wrong y'all.

Sandy Hook would then have been a triggered staged mass murder. People died to further a gun control and mental health agenda. The perpetrators would then be the Secret Team of the federal government with its many local contacts and assets.

13. Sandy Hook Was A Cleanup Of The National Clandestine Service (CIA/ DIA/ DISC/ NSA) Finder Program

Sandy Hook shootings were to tidy up after the programmatic abduction, abuse, trade and hypnotic conditioning of little children. For whatever reason one of these programs in the area was wound up and to kill two birds with one stone intel assets activated, killed the victims and sanitised the scene with the help of CIA assets in the media such as Anderson Cooper.

Other than the specific Sandy Hook event, all of the above is documented fact- there really are organised pedo groups who abduct, rape, film, trade and hypnotically condition children (and indeed adults); the CIA has been involved in it from the beginning; they really do use mass murder as a means of tidying up (especially when it can also be used to feed other agendas) and there are whole towns where a disturbingly large number of individuals are "on the payroll".

14. Sandy Hook Was A Revenge Hit Because Sandy Hook Was A Place Used By Witness Protection

This theory suggests that Sandy Hook is a witness protection program location and that the school massacre was either a deliberately savage reprisal killing against either a teacher who was using a false identity or a parent who was using a false identity or it started as a clinical single victim hit and went horribly wrong.

Not much evidence of this one except for the sketchy and inconsistent backgrounds of several of the teachers and parents.

15. Robotoids

Robotoids is a term of art from the late 1940s and refers to the genetic, hypnotic or surgical creation of either natural born people turned into android killing machines or artificial life forms who are programmed to kill.

Under this heading we should put all the fragmentary theories that there was something horribly, deeply wrong- in a Westworld or Stepford Wives sense- with some or all of the people involved in the Sandy Hook massacre.

16. Secret War

This theory suggests that, as per one of the police reports, the victims were killed in "crossfire"- and that the "crossfire" was between inept and poorly trained local law enforcement and some sort of "Pink Team" of mercenaries, organised criminals or alien intel assets who were in the area to dig something up, retrieve something or make a statement. In this theory, most of the suspects outside chased by the police - as seen in helicopter footage and referred to in radio traffic- are camo wearing good or bad guys chasing each other around the copse of trees and the local streets.

17. Communications Theory

This theory suggests that ultimately it is the "real government" or secret government or the power elite who carried out Sandy Hook, and in most versions of this theory it is suggested that nobody died.

This theory suggests that the whole Sandy Hook event- and many others like it- are nothing more than Grand Guignol, a kind of super theater of the mind, intended to permanently entrance America.

There is merit to this theory in terms of the government and lapdog media's behaviour throughout Sandy Hook, but that exploitation is not inconsistent with a real event or one of the other theories above.

Money: Mouth

What do I think happened at Sandy Hook?

I have no real idea.

But like Judy Wood in relation to 9/11 I sincerely believe that we do not have the right to rule facts in or out, we have to keep all the facts IN. And when we do that, the official stories all collapse completely.

I also remember lessons from a past career:

The other woman quite often turns out to be the other man.

Money is a simple, pathetic, brutal, venal and low motive to kill anyone- and it's also the single most common motive. And usually it's not even a lot of money that will motivate a weak individual to kill.

Loads of parents don't love or even like one or more of their children. Most of the parents who feel that way aren't honest enough to admit it to themselves and don't do anything healthy to change the way they feel. They just childishly let the resentment simmer.

Petty officials will happily cover up any level of clusterfuck from minor tree felling mistakes to murder or mass poisoning. Amoral themselves, they lack any empathy with other people and there is not even any hesitation in committing serious fraud to smooth their life over.

There are no secrets in small towns.

Luciferians ("satanists") NEVER repeat NEVER live or act alone. They always form a ghetto and they always act so as to implicate each other in crimes so as to maintain their code of silence.

Criminal organisations offer up a single offender to be "sacrificed" rather than surrender or expose the network: David Berkowitz, Spencer Blevin Von Einem, Castro, etc.

Wife swapping and "swinging" is common; even though no emotional attachments are meant to be formed... They frequently are.

"Romance" homicide is common.

"Secret Agents" maintain their "legend" for years at a time if necessary.

Thinking the unthinkable solves the unsolvable.

Any normal person with normal emotional range still tears up or cries YEARS after the loss of a loved one, even when the loved one died in "natural" circumstances.

Falsus Unus Falsus Omnibus

Very few police are heroic; many are quite corrupt, whether in small ways or large. Most do not even understand what the real nature of corruption is because they have never been taught what their real function and responsibility are.

If few police are heroic, fewer firefighters still are heroic. Their job is dangerous but it can also be lucrative.

Very few ambulance and EMT workers are heroic. They are also not particularly honest.

Television is a poor guide to real life but it is relied on for advice and comparisons to real life by a disturbingly large number of people.

Most people do not want to accept that those in government, local government and schools are actually hostile to them and do not like them or want to deal with them. Those in government, local government and schools generally want to cash their cheques and get by doing the bare minimum of work.

Personal responsibility is the AIDS of the general population.

Most murders are committed by someone living within two miles of the victims.

First reports are the most accurate reports, before evidence of revision and the rewriting of history. Where first reports are inaccurate it is usually extremely obvious.

Most journalists are the scum of humanity and lying sociopaths or psychopaths.

Almost all politicians are the scum of humanity and lying sociopaths or psychopaths.

Being a whore doesn't mean you have bad eyesight; being a nun doesn't make you a good judge of character.

If bisexuals in high places committing hundreds of acts of paedophilia don't exist, then who is raping and murdering all those children?

Unfortunately, those who come to the fore of a truth movement after it becomes a movement are usually attention whores out for themselves who want to profit financially.

Everyone has a reality box inside of which is what we accept to be real. Outside the box is everything we don't and won't accept to be real. Each person's reality box has basically no mapping to the real world at all. In other words, without conscious effort, none of us understand anything properly and we are all poor judges of what is possible. To be fair, this is partly due to a lifetime of being constantly lied to by the lapdog media and the political and bureaucratic classes.

The one category of crime that the ruling classes will never acknowledge or allow research into if they can stop it is non-mafia organised crime. Non-mafia organised crime is organised crime involving an overlapping culture of child rape, drug pushing, corrupt law enforcement and demonic cults. To belong to the culture you have to indulge in any two or more of the four factors involved.

Jack the Ripper was neither a lone nut nor a serial killer.

Ivan Milat was part of a family.


There really WAS a drill going on at the exact time of the massacre and in the exact vicinity and involving the exact same type of situation. That in turn means there was at least one person dressed as a shooter wandering round the area who the police already were on the lookout for but who the police would NOT have engaged in gunfire.

Pictures of Emilie Parker show her to have the longest arms of any child on record. They also show her sisters missing legs, fingers and irises.

Victoria Soto's sister was really REALLY jealous of her smarter better looking sibling.

Newtown really IS a center for luciferian cults, sex perverts and ritual killings.

Sandy Hook really IS referred to in the last Batman film.

Sandy Hook really IS referred to by alternative names on some maps- "Shady Hook", "Shady Nook", "Sandy Nook" etc. - is that true of YOUR town? If so, watch out! Misidentified towns are 1000s of times more likely to be chosen for unusual events!

Gene Rosen really IS a liar, an actor and a deeply strange little gnome. He is NOT nor has he ever been a psychiatrist or psychologist. He was a volunteer worker at a mental hospital that was so creepy it was constantly referenced or used as a location in horror stories, horror movies and TV specials.

Ann E. Haddad really IS a doppelganger for Nancy Lanza.

Adam Lanza really WAS under the tutelage of a sex pervert.

Nancy Lanza's house was NOT staked out on the morning of the massacre. Her next door neighbour's was.

There were over a dozen funerals in Newtown, many of them open casket, associated with the Sandy Hook massacre.

The commonly used photos of the victims ARE all photoshopped, and badly. The photos really WERE uploaded to European photo sharing archives BEFORE the event, in clusters, totally out of statistical likelihood.

Where To Go Next


This article (c) 2014 Jonathan Nolan. Copyright notice placed mainly to prevent smallstorming.

Their ABC: ALPBC: out of control. Defund, sack, destroy. Only police states need official broadcasters.

ABC boss Mark Scott signals new corrections policy | The Australian

ABC managing director Mark Scott has signalled a
dramatic shift in the way the national broadcaster publishes corrections
and apologies after becoming embroiled in a series of controversies
over the standard of its reporting and its refusal to admit mistakes.

Mr Scott, who is also editor-in-chief of the ABC, last night rejected
suggestions the broadcaster did not publish corrections but conceded to a
Senate estimates hearing that it needed the equivalent of a “page two”,
where newspapers typically run corrections, apologies and

The ABC has been criticised this year for airing allegations that
Australian navy personnel deliberately burned the hands of
asylum-seekers intercepted at sea, and then being slow to correct the
record and apologise when the incidents could not be proved. It has
refused to apologise for portraying Chris Kenny, a columnist for The
Australian and television personality, having sex with a dog, triggering
a defamation action.

And last night, the corporation’s Media Watch program ended a week of
stonewalling by indicating it would correct false claims The Australian
was losing $40 million-$50m a year, although host Paul Barry was
resisting an on-air correction.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Memory Hole: The Dawn Hochsprung File » Insanemedia

Memory Hole: The Dawn Hochsprung File » Insanemedia

the “Superintendent Reports” cache date is correct then the Hochsprung
cache date is also correct. And if the Dawn Hochsprung cache date is
correct then the article was prepared in advance, the entire event was
very likely planned in advance and Dawn Lafferty-Hochsprung was supposed
to survive but didn’t.

This brings up many more
questions. Why did she die? What happened? Was it a drill gone wrong? If
it was a drill gone wrong would we really expect that NO participant
would come forward to speak up for Dawn?

Could she still be alive?
If so, why would media report her dead thereby messing up the prepared
story and putting the Bee in the uncomfortable position of having to
make an embarrassing retraction?

- See more at:
 If the “Superintendent Reports” cache date is correct then the Hochsprung cache date is also correct. And if the Dawn Hochsprung cache date is correct then the article was prepared in advance, the entire event was very likely planned in advance and Dawn Lafferty-Hochsprung was supposed to survive but didn’t.

This brings up many more questions. Why did she die? What happened? Was it a drill gone wrong? If it was a drill gone wrong would we really expect that NO participant would come forward to speak up for Dawn?

Could she still be alive? If so, why would media report her dead thereby messing up the prepared story and putting the Bee in the uncomfortable position of having to make an embarrassing retraction?

- See more at:


The official report - the official redacted one mind you- states 20 children and ONE staff member died, and that the police / law enforcement shot a shooter inside the school.

It's at total variance to the previous official versions and of course contradicts the self serving lies of some of the small players in the drill gine false flag.

the “Superintendent Reports” cache date is correct then the Hochsprung
cache date is also correct. And if the Dawn Hochsprung cache date is
correct then the article was prepared in advance, the entire event was
very likely planned in advance and Dawn Lafferty-Hochsprung was supposed
to survive but didn’t.

This brings up many more
questions. Why did she die? What happened? Was it a drill gone wrong? If
it was a drill gone wrong would we really expect that NO participant
would come forward to speak up for Dawn?

Could she still be alive?
If so, why would media report her dead thereby messing up the prepared
story and putting the Bee in the uncomfortable position of having to
make an embarrassing retraction?

- See more at:

Wooden Hill page 30 - Daanika becomes Daanika Mekanika


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Urban Dictionary: stepford

Urban Dictionary: stepford

An upper-class town or suburb populated by materialistic people; the men are souless strivers and the women who are automatons.

The fictional town of Stepford, Connecticut actually is Darien, Connecticut, so-called by Ira Levin in his novel "The Stepford Wives" as it is near Stamford, Connecticut, thus: a "Step" from Stam-"ford." Darien is the home of many rich executives and professionals who commute to New York City.

"'Stepford' is the fictional upper-class Connecticut town inhabited by
men with animatronic spouses in Ira Levin's slyly satirical 'The
Stepford Wives.'"

Sandy Hook: satanic cult centre hired by the government to do a ritual kill?


Friday, February 21, 2014

Canberra: a town council pretending to be an Australian state.

Why is a ban on sugary drinks (like orange juice) in schools any more legal than deviant marriage in the ACT?

The "legislature" of the ACT has no inherent powers, it is a creature of the Commonwealth. As such, virtually every regulatory law that pretends to apply to private behaviour of any kind is ultra vires.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Terror Titans: Saturday Scream Queen: Nicole de Boer

Terror Titans: Saturday Scream Queen: Nicole de Boer

Canadian actresss Nicole "Nikki" de Boer started acting professionally
in the late 1980s while still in her teens. She has been quietly and
steadily working ever since, bringing her good looks, charm, and
considerable talent to a wide variety of television series, such as
"Star Trek: Deep Space 9", the drama "9B", the sci-fi chiller "Deepwater
Black", and the horror-tinged mystery "The Dead Zone".

On the movie front, de Boer's career has been mostly horror-centric, with most of her projects being films like "Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil"
(a slasher film with Catholic conspiracy overtones from before Dan
Brown made Catholic conspiracies kewl) and "Cube" (possibly the first,
but certainly among the best, of all "torture porn" films.

Girlyman Andrew Bolt's favourite subject: Andrew Bolt


Wikipedia admits secret commissions and paid editing - ie corrupt dealing

Terms of use/Paid contributions amendment - Meta

We plan to ask the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees to consider a
proposed amendment in our Terms of Use to address further undisclosed
paid editing. Contributing to the Wikimedia Projects to serve the
interests of a paying client while concealing the paid affiliation has
led to situations that the community considers problematic. Many believe
that users with a potential conflict of interest should engage in
transparent collaboration, requiring honest disclosure of paid
contributions. Making contributions to the Wikimedia Projects without
disclosing payment or employment may also lead to legal ramifications. Our Terms of Use
already prohibit engaging in deceptive activities, including
misrepresentation of affiliation, impersonation, and fraud. To ensure
compliance with these provisions, this amendment provides specific
minimum disclosure requirements for paid contributions on the Wikimedia

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Jana Pittman - poster child of the age of entitlement

It seems the offensive Jana Pittman has no other plan for the rest of her life than to have the Australian taxpayer bankroll her olympic twaffling.

If she wants to spend the next ten years trying to paper over her charisma-less media presence and parlay her "Australian personal best" performances into a career with, let's say hypothetically, Channel 7... Let her.

But why does public money support her and the legion of other sports failures?

Coming 14th is only winning in the Charlie Sheen sense.

Olympic crap is fine for the obsessive compulsive people who do it or crush their children into it, and I guess for the sad fuckers who watch it, but why should any part of it receive public money? THAT is a disgrace.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ASIC gives up on Offset Alpine mystery | The Australian

ASIC gives up on Offset Alpine mystery | The Australian

THE corporate regulator has given up
the fight to uncover the mystery of who owned a secret parcel of Offset
Alpine shares that soared in value after a fire at the company's
printing plant in 1993 - one of the biggest corporate scandals in recent

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission has decided
to end overseas court cases and its wider investigation into deceased
stockbroker Rene Rivkin, businessman Trevor Kennedy and former Labor
politician Graham Richardson.

After the death of Rivkin in 2005,
Mr Kennedy, a former Qantas director, and Mr Richardson, an ALP
powerbroker, became the focus of the legal pursuit.

In recent years, ASIC had tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain documents which may have linked offshore companies to Mr Kennedy.

decision to end its legal actions leaves Mr Richardson and Mr Kennedy
in the clear. Both have always denied ownership of the parcel of shares.

ASIC will not recommend any criminal charges be laid and no fines will be imposed.

The backdown comes after ASIC spent millions of dollars on a global
hunt in countries such as England, Switzerland, the Bahamas and the Isle
of Man in a bid to determine whether it could gather enough evidence to
lay charges of perjury or other civil charges relating to the
shareholding. But in a recent court judgment obtained by The Weekend
Australian, ASIC was criticised in one legal action for changing its
position, which was described as "at best, highly confused, inconsistent
and deeply unsatisfactory on the papers".


The opening scene – be it fact or fiction – is Christmas Eve 1993; an
old printing plant in Silverwater goes up in smoke. It’s one of those
rare nights in the year the presses aren’t running, so there’s no one at
work to put out the fire. The thermal alarm is triggered at 11.04 pm,
and five minutes later, by the time the first engine arrives, the blaze
is so fierce it’s too late to stop it. With wooden pallets, rolls of
paper and gallons of flammable solvents to fuel the conflagration,
orange flames light up the sky for miles around. By daybreak, the roof
has collapsed and $3 million worthf of printing plant has been

In the aftermath, anyone who is lucky enough to hold
Offset Alpine shares gets a lovely Christmas present, because the
antiquated presses are insured for more than ten times their actual
value. Two months before the fire, the company has upgraded its
insurance policy and taken out new-for-old cover that indemnifies it for
loss of profits. The eventual payout from the disaster will come to $53
million, or more than three times what a small company controlled by
Rene Rivkin has just paid Kerry Packer for the whole shebang.

the scene is set for 16 years of action in which police and journalists
in Sydney try to solve two big mysteries. The first: Was the fire
deliberately lit and if so who was responsible? And the second: Who has
made money out of the rocketing share price and, in particular, who owns
a secret parcel of stock worth $26 million that is held by a couple of
Swiss banks.


In the first few days after
the fire it became clear that arson would be impossible to prove,
because the damage was so great that any potential evidence had been
destroyed. The police informed the NSW State Coroner that the factory’s
intruder alarm had not been working, but also reported no sign of forced
entry and no trace of accelerants. As far as could be divined, the fire
had started in a metal bin containing chicken bones and solvent-soaked
rags. In the afternoon before the fire, there had been a barbecue on the
factory floor; it was possible that smouldering ashes had been tipped
into the bin and that these had started the blaze.

the official police report revealed that an anonymous note had been sent
to the insurance company’s fire investigator. Typewritten on one sheet
of paper, it pointed a finger at “the owner’s father” at Offset Alpine
and claimed a similar blaze had destroyed his El Telegraph
Lebanese newspaper in Marrickville a decade earlier. This person was
identified as the ALP powerbroker Eddie Obeid, who had been offered the
company by Packer before the sale to Rivkin and whose son Paul was a
director, but who did not in fact own any shares.


Graham "Operation Wallah" Richardson has form. And so it is little surprise that he is still gilding the lily for Thomson and the rest of the ALP / unionist scum.


Massage in a Brothel


Open letter to The Speaker of the House of Representatives re Craig Thomson misleading the 43rd Parliament - Michael Smith News


10 Lefty Lies About The Floods Which Have Devastated Britain

10 Lefty Lies About The Floods Which Have Devastated Britain

Breitbart London's new Executive Editor James Delingpole looks at the ten 'best' lefty lies about the UK flooding...
then debunks them:


Monday, February 17, 2014

Hating the Abbott government II | Catallaxy Files

Hating the Abbott government II | Catallaxy Files

As I’ve argued before many bureaucrats and government agencies seem to have taken the view that it is their job to take on the government.

No doubt, next week some other government agency will step up and belt the Abbott government for good measure.
To be fair, it has taken more than a week – but, I suppose, we can’t
expect too much over the summer break. Nonetheless it has happened as
Nick Cater explained in the Australian:

In December, at a forum of health ministers from
Australia and New Zealand, assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash made it
clear that she was sceptical about a plan to place a health star rating
on the front of food packets.

She was concerned that the Regulatory Impact Statement, requested by
the Office of Best Practice and Regulation in the middle of last year,
had not been produced. Nash ordered the department to calculate both
costs and benefits and to report back to the forum in June.

The Blob was having none of it. Kathy Dennis, the assistant secretary
in charge of the Healthy Living and Food Policy branch, decided to
press ahead anyway.

Two weeks ago, the department launched a website,, explaining the forthcoming health star
rating system that the minister had yet to approve.

A ministerial adviser contacted Dennis expressing the minister’s
concern, but the website remained in place. Nash’s chief of staff,
Alastair Furnival, called Dennis to reinforce the message. Dennis stuck
to her guns.

The minister was obliged to take the matter to the acting head of the
department, Mark Booth. On Booth’s instructions, the website was taken
down and Dennis was moved to other duties.
That is bad enough – but get the next part of the story:

The excuse for the outbreak of insubordination, if you
believe The Guardian, was that bureaucrats believed they answered to a
ministerial forum (which includes, incidentally, New Zealand’s Health
Minister Tony Ryall) not Nash, the minister accountable to the
Commonwealth Parliament.
The fact that Australian public servants could even imagine that they
are not accountable to the Australian government, or the minister, is
astonishing. That is a huge governance failure. Now maybe the previous
government led them to that view – although I seriously doubt that.

Now Kathy Dennis should be sacked – and several of her mates too for
good measure. At present the Abbott government does not have control
over the bureaucracy. As Nick tells us:

The mutiny at Sirius House is not an isolated case. The progressive establishment clearly has it in for the Abbott government.

Across the board, from the Climate Change Commission to the ABC, the
Human Rights Commission and even Infrastructure Australia, all are
openly hostile to the popularly elected government.
Unfortunately the Liberals have a history of weakness in this area.
Failing to sack Ken Henry in 2007 was a huge mistake – that we all came
to regret, and pay for, through his advice during the GFC, his mining
tax proposal etc.


Black Magic: when Magic Negro thinking leads to white death (ie all the time)

Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch | Fellowship of the Minds

Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch

Jonathan Foster Jonathan Foster (l); Mona Nelson (r). Would the media report this if Foster wore a hoodie?

We couldn’t escape the media’s 24-7 coverage of the death of
17-year-old 5′ 11″ black teen Trayvon Martin and the trial of his

half-Hispanic George Zimmerman.

 But have you heard or seen news
about a 44-year-old black woman
named Mona Nelson who is on trial for the murder-by-blow-torch of a
12-year-old white Texas boy, Jonathan Foster?

Even worse, Nelson committed the murder more than 2½ years ago, on Christmas Eve 2010 — but we’d heard/seen NOTHING about this.

That’s because in Obama’s
America, blacks now enjoy “black skin privilege” and Big Media simply
turn a blind eye to black crimes, especially black-on-white crimes.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Black Steam Train: Success - we like it white

The Black Steam Train: Success - we like it white

Success - we like it white

Why are these people smiling?


The two on the left are smiling because they've not long returned from
Harvard.  The two on the right are smiling because they're about to
depart for Oxford.

The 2012 Charlie Perkins Trust Scholars

These three (excluding of course, the not-for-much-longer PM) are smiling because they're off to Oxford & Cambridge.

And yes, they're all Aboriginal.  All helped to achieve their dreams and
more success than they imagined by the generous people at the Roberta
Sykes Indigenous Education Foundation & The Charlie Perkins
Scholarship Trust, with help from the faithful taxpayers of course. 

Both organisations make some pretty high aims.  Some of them I even
agree with, like needing more positive Aboriginal role models and
mentors out there, however, I disagree with having an overwhelming
majority of white faces cast to play those roles.  That is not to say
that each of those people in the photo above won't be a great role model
due to their achievements and efforts for their own family, or their
friends, but a nationwide beacon of hope to all Aboriginal people? You
can't even hope to claim such a thing is true.

What these opportunities have done is help these specific people.  Not
all Aboriginal people .  We have no end of Doctors, Lawyers, Academics,
Artists and Authors who identify as Aboriginal, however - it seems a
smaller and smaller number of those are easily identifiable as
Aboriginal - and therein lies the difference.  Whilst someone of a
similarly fair complexion who identifies as Aboriginal may be able to
look up to the group above and see one or more of them as someone whose
achievements they can aspire to, that is just not the case for me. 

Perhaps, what is most disappointing, is the fact that when we question
this lack of black faces among those receiving assistance in the name of
Aboriginal Equality, we're called racist, or perpetrators of Lateral
Violence.   Whilst taking part in the 'Aboriginal or Not' SBS program,
Greg Lehmann stressed the point that those of us questioning the motives
of those like him were guilty of Lateral Violence and responsible for
much of the infighting amongst Aboriginal people.

A pretty comfortable position to take when you're on the blackfella dollar at Oxford, bruz

Similarly, Kyle Turner, recipient of a scholarship in excess of $50,000
for Aboriginal students, wrote a piece denouncing any questioning of
heritage in a piece in The Global Mail in
August last year, using the tired line of 'Bolt is a neo-con', rather
than address the questions people like Bolt have even raised. It is just
easier to keep labelling people I guess, as engaging in a dialogue on
the issues may just bring to the surface some uncomfortable truths that
cast some of us in an unfavourable light.

But who is that helping to succeed?

Why did floods agency spend hundreds on 'equali-tea' gay awareness mugs... and £30,000 on gay pride marches? As Britain counts cost of shoddy defences, we reveal bizarre spending by quango bosses | Mail Online

Why did floods agency spend hundreds on 'equali-tea' gay awareness mugs... and £30,000 on gay pride marches? As Britain counts cost of shoddy defences, we reveal bizarre spending by quango bosses | Mail Online

Why did floods agency spend hundreds on 'equali-tea' gay awareness
mugs... and £30,000 on gay pride marches? As Britain counts cost of
shoddy defences, we reveal bizarre spending by quango bosses

  • Investigation shows the
    Environment Agency, headed by Lord Chris Smith - Britain's first openly
    gay Cabinet Minister - spent £639 on gay rights mugs
  • EA also spent £30,000 sponsoring Birmingham's Gay Pride festival in 2009
  • Comes as EA faces growing criticism of its handling of the flooding crisis
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