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Political Turmoil: The Cthulhu Chick Tract

Political Turmoil: The Cthulhu Chick Tract

This is The Cthulhu Chick Tract if you are not familiar with what this is, let me explain.  This is a PARODY of work by a very famous ultra conservative Christian Cartoonist, famous for his religious pamphlets or tracts.  His name is Jack Chick.  As you can see by his "propaganda" he spews a fundamentalist Christian hatred for everything from Catholicism and Islam to Evolution and Homosexuality.  The cartoon has been threatened by legal action, but you know you me.  If I am going to publish the Mohammed Cartoons, I am going to post this.  This is for all the Sprite and Cut and Paste webcomics of the world!  Enjoy, and see you in court, I have the ACLU on my side!

By: Howard Hallis and special assistance, Jack Chick StumbleUpon

The Man In The Brown Suit / The Man Who Knew Too Much


Poland prosperity's fiery end


Rise and shine, Julia. You are f***ing gone « bingbing

Rise and shine, Julia. You are f***ing gone « bingbing StumbleUpon

NEWS FROM THE FRONT: The Left Targets Conservative Bloggers And Twitter Users « The Camp Of The Saints

NEWS FROM THE FRONT: The Left Targets Conservative Bloggers And Twitter Users « The Camp Of The Saints StumbleUpon



 What will become of a people too mentally lazy and stupidly trusting to take an interest in their own survival?

Yesterday Mike Adams published an excellent article titled 'The Gullible Mind Explained'. It could have been describing the wall of uncritical and lazy reporting now hitting the airwaves regarding Lady Justice Hallett's report on the recent 7/7 Inquest.

The content of this report was easily predictable. Simply inevitable.

There are two competing narratives to explain this crime:

1) The official story of four suicide bombers murdering 52 people and injuring hundreds by exploding four bombs on three tube trains and one bus on the morning of 7/7.

2) Forces embedded within the establishment carried out a false-flag attack against the British people. As with nearly all false-flag events, patsies were set up to take the blame for the crime. The four Muslims were completely innocent actors paid to participate in a concurrent anti-terror 'drill'.

As you will have guessed, I am one of the many who subscribe to conspiracy theory number two.


Kid Celephais - background briefing - Guernica, 1937

Guernica is not about Picasso, his tragedy porn and ego or his view of the homicidal massacre that took place there.

It is an opening stanza in a decade of blood, the hecatomb encore of The Great War that cemented for all modern history that the Twentieth Century, The Century of the Sun, would usher in an Aeon in a tidal wave of blood for the first time in 26,000 years.


The Bombing of Guernica, 1937

The German bombers appeared in the skies over Guernica in the late afternoon of April 26, 1937 and immediately transformed the sleepy Spanish market town into an everlasting symbol of the atrocity of war. Unbeknownst to the residents of Guernica, they had been slated by their attackers to become guinea pigs in an experiment designed to determine just what it would take to bomb a city into oblivion. Spain was embroiled in a convulsive civil war that had begun in July 1936 when the right-wing Nationalists led by General Francisco Franco sought to overthrow Spain's left-wing Republican government. It did not take long before this bloody internal Spanish quarrel attracted the participation of forces beyond its borders - creating a lineup of opponents that foreshadowed the partnerships that would battle each other in World War II. Fascist Germany and Italy supported Franco while the Soviet Union backed the Republicans. A number of volunteers made their way to Spain to fight and die under the Republican banner including the Abraham Lincoln Brigade from the United States.
Hitler's support of Franco consisted of the Condor Legion, an adjunct of the Luftwaffe. The Condor Legion provided the Luftwaffe the opportunity to develop and perfect tactics of aerial warfare that would fuel Germany's blitzkrieg through Europe during 1939 and 1940. As German air chief Hermann Goering testified at his trial after World War II: "The Spanish Civil War gave me an opportunity to put my young air force to the test, and a means for my men to gain experience." Some of these experimental tactics were tested on that bright Spring day with devastating results - the town of Guernica was entirely destroyed with a loss of life estimated at 1,650. The world was shocked and the tragedy immortalized by Pablo Picasso in his painting Guernica.
Rehearsal for War
Noel Monks was a correspondent covering the civil war in Spain for the "London Daily Express." He was the first reporter to arrive on the scene after the bombing. We join his story as he and other reporters drive along a dusty Spanish road:
"We were about eighteen miles east of Guernica when Anton pulled to the side of the road jammed on the brakes and started shouting. He pointed wildly ahead, and my heart shot into my mouth, when I looked. Over the top of some small hills appeared a flock of planes. A dozen or so bombers were flying high. But down much lower, seeming just to skim the treetops were six Heinkel 52 fighters. The bombers flew on towards Guernica but the Heinkels, out for random plunder, spotted our car, and, wheeling like a flock of homing pigeons, they lined up the road - and our car.
Anton and I flung ourselves into a bomb hole, twenty yards to the side of the road. It was half filed with water, and we sprawled in the mud. We half knelt, half stood, with our heads buried in the muddy side of the carter.
After one good look at the Heinkels, I didn't look up again until they had gone. That seemed hours later, but it was probably less than twenty minutes. The planes made several runs along the road. Machine-gun bullets plopped into the mud ahead, behind, all around us. I began to shiver from sheer fright. Only the day before Steer, an old hand now, had 'briefed' me about being strafed. 'Lie still and as flat as you can. But don't get up and start running, or you'll be bowled over for certain.'
When the Heinkels departed, out of ammunition I presumed, Anton and I ran back to our car. Nearby a military car was burning fiercely. All we could do was drag two riddled bodies to the side of the road. I was trembling all over now, in the grip of the first real fear I'd ever experienced."
"... I saw the reflection of Guernica's flames in the sky."
Monk and his fellow reporters drive on, traveling near Guernica where they can hear what they think may be the sounds of bombs. They continue to the city of Balboa, where after filling his report to London, Monk joins his colleagues for dinner. His story continues as his dinner is interrupted by the news from Guernica:
"...a Government official, tears streaming down his face, burst into the dismal dining-room crying: 'Guernica is destroyed. The Germans bombed and bombed and bombed.' The time was about 9.30 p.m. Captain Roberts banged a huge fist on the table and said: 'Bloody swine.' Five minutes later I was in one of Mendiguren's limousines speeding towards Guernica. We were still a good ten miles away when I saw the reflection of Guernica's flames in the sky. As we drew nearer, on both sides of the road, men, women and children were sitting, dazed. I saw a priest in one group. I stopped the car and went up to him. 'What I happened, Father?' I asked. His face was blackened, his clothes in tatters. He couldn't talk. He just pointed to the flames, still about four miles away, then whispered: 'Aviones. . . bombas'. . . mucho, mucho.'
...I was the first correspondent to reach Guernica, and was immediately pressed into service by some Basque soldiers collecting charred bodies that the flames had passed over. Some of the soldiers were sobbing like children. There were flames and-smoke and grit, and the smell of burning human flesh was nauseating. Houses were collapsing into the inferno.
In the Plaza, surrounded almost by a wall of fire, were about a hundred refugees. They were wailing and weeping and rocking to and fro. One middle-aged man spoke English. He told me: 'At four, before the-market closed, many aeroplanes came. They dropped bombs. Some came low and shot bullets into the streets. Father Aroriategui was wonderful. He prayed with the people in the Plaza while the bombs fell.'..
...The only things left standing were a church, a sacred Tree, symbol of the Basque people, and, just outside the town, a small munitions factory. There hadn't been a single anti-aircraft gun in the town. It had been mainly a fire raid.
...A sight that haunted me for weeks was the charred bodies of several women and children huddled together in what had been the cellar of a house. It had been a refugio."
   Noel Monks' account appears in: Monks, Noel, Eyewitness (1955); Thomas, Hugh, The Spanish Civil War (1977). 

"The Bombing of Guernica, 1937," EyeWitness to History, (2005)


To not forget the Condor Legion and Guernica, requires us first of all to know about it. To learn. In an age where a seld-espoused reference site like the ghastly wikipedia devotes the energy of the 60 or 70 mental cases who write 99% of its pages to getting minutiae of cartoons correct but doesn't even contain pages on some significant tragedies, let alone factual views of historical events, the first revolutionary act is to learn. Only then can memory play its role.

The larger point is learning HOW to think, not WHAT to think. But the pavlovian generations have real hard time with that...


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The reason why our government is so ineffectual…and why we are in the state we are in! | Nominedeus

The reason why our government is so ineffectual…and why we are in the state we are in! | Nominedeus StumbleUpon

Doesn't She Look Tired?

The line it is drawn The curse it is cast 
 The slow one now 
Will later be fast
 As the present now 
Will later be past 
The order is rapidly fadin'. StumbleUpon



Islamonausea, sharia by stealth and the secret feeding of hala to the anglosphere.

Nice work, atheistic socialist scum. How's that taste? StumbleUpon

Nothing's Changed

Web version | 

Nothing's Changed

Julia Gillard's announcements today on Craig Thompson and Peter
Slipper has changed nothing.

It has been very clear to most Australians for some time what
Julia Gillard needed to do in relation to both Craig Thompson
and Peter Slipper.

Today Julia Gillard again simply reacted to events further
confirming her lack of judgement.

Julia Gillard and Labor will continue to rely on the tainted vote
of Craig Thompson to keep themselves in power at all costs.

It is an act of a desperate and tricky government to have Craig
Thompson suspended from the ALP Caucus but still accept his vote
in parliament.

The Prime Minister, if she is to restore a shred of credibility
for herself, the ALP and this dysfunctional parliament, must
refuse to accept Craig Thompson's tainted vote.

Craig Thomson should do the right thing and let the people of
Australia have their say.

The Peter Slipper saga has descended into even deeper farce, with
the Parliament of Australia effectively having no Speaker and no
certainty as to when we will have one again.

Australia is a great country with a great future which is being
let down by a very bad government. A government that is being
led by a Prime Minister with no vision for Australia – only a
vision for her own survival.

Julia Gillard won't support Australians who are battling cost of
living pressures and dealing with greater job insecurity from
her carbon tax, but she will continue to support Craig Thompson
and Peter Slipper.

The only way to clean up the mess of this tainted government and
tainted parliament is to let Australians have their say through
a fresh election.

Click here
to read Tony Abbott's press conference transcript.

How you can get involved:

•  Make a donation [] to
help support the Liberal Party fight Labor's incompetence

Authorised by Brian Loughnane for the Liberal Party of Australia

Cnr Blackall & Macquarie Streets, Barton ACT 2600

Larry Hannigan's Australia - Identifying The True Constitution

Larry Hannigan's Australia - Identifying The True Constitution

You work your way up through the educational system, abiding by the ridiculous standards of tutoring, working within the confounds of the seriously watered-down knowledge being disguised as education, yet you never question.

So you look for a job but to your dismay, no employer is interested in your Degree in Grasshopper Kneecapology. You cannot drive a nail into a piece of wood, you cannot knit a cardigan or repair your shoes. You wouldn't have a clue how to take a live chook and prepare it ready to cook. You cannot quote 10 consecutive words from any part of the Constitution. Your parents never had a copy in the house, and even if they did have one and tried to tell you about it, you didn't wanna know.

If you attend a Church, your Pastor never dared mention anything about it 'cos his Church also is a private Corporation with an ABN, and is subject to the State Corporations. He probably bleats … duh, we don't get involved on politics … or similar.

However, you finally get a job in the council or some “department”. Your alarm clock rings you go to go into the office and receive your orders to visit a house and fleece people as a bailiff, these are people who have been struggling to pay their ‘unlawful’ council tax or debts. You walk the streets looking for an opportunity to gather revenue for your Corporation via parking/speeding tickets. You must gather the revenue for your mates in the court system who are also employed by the same private Corporation. You know in your heart this is not right; stealing people’s possessions, even their family heritage. Yea a dirty job; but you know someone’s gotta do it -- you’ve SOLD OUT

So you get another job, working at the airport; strip searching people, scanning people, inspecting their personal items and ensuring they conform like good little sheeple going through their pens. You don’t feel entirely comfortable with what you’re doing, you know something’s not right, but it is a steady job and it beats being out of work ~ you’ve SOLD OUT

So you get another job, you sell, promote and distribute toxic lethal drugs and vaccines under the guise of health care, without first doing sufficient levels of research into what these drugs actually contain.
But hey it pays the mortgage ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

Your career is all about distributing threats to people who are struggling to survive in this unfair and cruel system and you don’t bother to stop and think about what you are doing. After all why would you when you can easily pay your bills ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

So you don a uniform and are given an array of weapons to carry out a dawn raid and risk putting slugs in someone, just because you accept the ‘intelligence’ and orders of your superior officers who are also employees of the Private Corporation. It’s just a job ~ you’ve SOLD OUT

So you become a local Member of Parliament - you have people writing to you all the time with their serious cases of injustice carried out by the exact same people whom you work for - but you ignore them all and carry on the same way, working within this corrupt construct, - it pays the bills ~ you’ve SOLD OUT

Finally you retire. You collect your superannuation (the extra money which was saved for you because you weren't willing to do so yourself) and you put it somewhere that pays interest. You live off the interest
(usury) and you don't care that you are now sharing in the plunder (usury) from those (even your own children) who are paying interest to the tune of $1 million for their $300,000 home. You buy the cheapest things, even if they are made in China or the like and wonder why your children can't get a real job. So you tell them to get a safe Government job as you did.

You are now getting a bit nervous that you soon may be a candidate for God's waiting room, so you become a generous tither in a Church. … “Oh how you will be blessed my son/daughter” … you love to hear. You sit at your computer recirculating emails of trivia or unchecked, unverified “truth” and numerous opinions of world affairs, yet you still haven't a clue that during your whole life, you consumed far more than you ever produced. Your lifetime income was taken by fraud or force from the producers.

You sold your soul, you let yourself and everyone around you down. You are a failure. You are a traitor. Shame on you. How dare you. You SOLD OUT

Will your tombstone be able to honestly state what a lovely guy you were ?

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BBC News - London 2012: Missiles may be placed at residential flats

BBC News - London 2012: Missiles may be placed at residential flats

The leaflet states that members of the Armed Forces will be at the location for a military exercise in early May for between five and seven days, between 2 and 7 May.

It goes on to say that there will be a "major national exercise" from 2 to 10 May to test the Armed Forces' capabilities to help the police provide security during the Olympics.


As hopefully everyone with a brain now knows, "exercises" by multiple organisations on the same day by "coincidence" = false flag atrocity on same date.

What is less well known is that prior to the "day of many exercises / false flag terrorism" date there are usually dry runs across a range of dates by the organisations involved.

They might not risk going to the well one too many times, but if they have Peter Power anywhere near it or the only demolitions company the elite ever use, then we have a lock for the date of the real event... StumbleUpon

JFKcountercoup: Morley v. CIA Continues

JFKcountercoup: Morley v. CIA Continues
 Morley v. CIA Update
Re: CIA Records of George Joannides
Here is a description of the case from the Assassination Archives and
Research Center - AARC:AARC - Assassination Archives and Research Center

This is the second trip to the United States Court of Appeals for the
District of Columbia in the Morley case. This is journalist Jefferson
Morley's effort to obtain records pertaining to George Joannides, the CIA
case officer for the DRE (Directorio Revoluciionario Estudantil), the Cuban
exile organization which had contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald in the months
prior to President Kennedy's assassination. The prior appeal was a landmark
decision which ruled that the CIA had to search its normally exempt
operational files for responsive records. As a result of this victory, it
was revealed that Joannides was working undercover when he was made the
CIA's liaison to the House Select Committee on assassinations. In that
capacity, Joannides never revealed to the HSCA that he had been DRE's case
officer when Oswald was in contact with it. Instead, he deflected the HSCA's
requests both for documents about DRE and for the identity of DRE's case
officer. StumbleUpon

An alternative explanation for the David Icke reptilian stuff, dragon bloodlines and all the rest

There is some evidence for a genetics based conspiracy. There's also a wealth of evidence for an extremely ancient extremely advanced civilisation, one that revered dragons... or is that dinosaurs... above all others.

A serpent / nachash / naga / dragon / dinosaur worshipping world common culture ruled over by superhuman elite.

What we need is a physical "candidate" for the superhumans then. The nephilim, annunaki, titans, giants, asura, deva... A race separate from what we think of as humanity, but able to interbreed with them.

This race must surely have had the attributes of fairytale ogres- brutish strength, monstrous and somewhat variable appearance- sub-breeds of a single awesomely powerful and wickedly clever species.

In short, Neanderthal Man.

Neanderthals match all the attributes of not only the ogres of the nursery but also of the supposed secret alien race living amongst us.

In fact with the proven interbreeding between the physically and mentally inferior but more prolific "us" type humans aka homo sapiens, and the neanderthals and their subtypes, we have not only a perfectly fitting explanation for all those old stories about trolls, ogres, horned devils and even elves and pixies- but also for the basis for the "lost races", the secret chiefs, the titans and all the rest.

Without getting into the whole nephilim and fallen angel thing, it's pretty clear that "our" recent arrival came out of a lot of interbreeding with now-departed subtypes of humanity- the horned giants from the americas, the hobbits from eurasia, the almas from russia and china, the giants of ireland and britain, the ogres and trolls of the northern lands, and so on.

As the "winners" in the genetic arms race, our direct ancestors stole pretty much everything from the races they defeated, but recent science has proven our inferiority to Neanderthals- we're smaller, weaker, stupider and softer in general than them. Our "power" was the ability to reproduce in genetically stable forms instead of constantly producing offshoots and new types of "goblin" or "ogre". It's gone unnoticed it seems, but there is a staggering proliferation of shapes and sizes in "pre-human" hominid finds. It's rare to see any real consistency of form at all in their family groups. And this is in keeping with the most ancient legends, where interbreeding with gods, monsters and giants produced elementals, misshapen dwarves and giants, cannibal ogres, tentacular monstrosities and animal headed or limbed one-off freaks- who nevertheless had children.

If the real sacred bloodline of the dragon kings is based on neanderthal eugenics then that would explain a lot- child abduction and sacrifice, cannibalism, and the general bloodlust of the human race would vary in direct proportion to the amount of "old school" blood a strain of modern human has...

It would also finally explain why so much from the days of Nimrod, the manhunter, seems to be resurrected so persistently by the hidden masters of the modern world...




 During the last three years I have successfully communicated with UFO's ... flying saucers ... which, henceforth, I will call Si's (Saucer Intelligences). My absolute, undisputable proof of this lies in the fact that, prior to UFO, or Si, appearances and actions, I would write to various government agencies, scientists, and responsible people, and state that the Si's would appear, and/or when, and at times what they would do. Then, after it occurred and was written up in the newspapers, I would append the news clips to my letter, written some days or weeks before, and have a complete case of successful, proved communication with the Si's. In this book you will see signed, notarized statements from responsible people to the effect that I have done this. And in this book I will tell you, the reader, the secret of my communication with the saucer intelligences so that you, too, can try your hand at communicating with these remarkable, more-powerful-than-we, UFO Intelligences. Before we get into that, let me put some of my concrete proof in front of you, the reader, so that you can realize an almost unbelievable statement: that I am the only human being alive able to communicate, TWO WAYS, with the Si's, and prove it. StumbleUpon

u2r2h blog: Star Trek - Fascistoid CIA propaganda

u2r2h blog: Star Trek - Fascistoid CIA propaganda

American cultural assumptions.
In the beginning we have a Kennedy-era scenario stuffed with all the
'can-do' spirit of a Robert McNamara press conference. An Imperial project
was implicit. The program was originally to be called 'Wagon Train to the
Stars', before a canny producer switched to the snappier 'Star Trek'
(appropriating a term from the Boer colonisation of the African interior).
Of course with a black character on the bridge the show was always built
on a paradox, conquering in the name of diversity. By the late 1980s, Star
Trek: The Next Generation firmly espoused a post-Vietnam, post-Cold War,
alien-friendly outlook. As Jenkins notes, the 1987 edition of the Star
Trek writers manual warns:

Propaganda & Righteous War In The X-Files

Propaganda & Righteous War In The X-Files

Clearly, if a person accepts the notion that all fictional movies and television shows of any consequence, produced in this country or Great Britain since 1930, are propaganda vehicles, then the X-Files is propagandizing about the true nature of the wanton war which is coming our way. Because of the alignment of the X-Files with the Fox Television Network and Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, it would seem obvious that this propaganda has its origins in the ranks of Faction Two. The representations which are made, again and again in the X-Files, implicate some part of the Central Intelligence Agency in co-operating with the aliens; but as in real life, the rosters of the factions are unclear. 

The FBI is itself honeycombed with unsavory characters. Yet, if one accepts that the countervailing powers which have known of the New World Order for a long time, and which have mobilized many excellent propaganda attacks against it, are aligned with Faction Two, then the X-Files resides in the same category as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)." In both fictions, the key and heroic character is a physician. Dr. Miles Bennell, as played by Kevin McCarthy is the prototype of scientific modern man, while Dr. Dana Scully is the '90s version of heroic -- a confident and lovely young woman with a penetrating intellect of her own, a quick wit, and a doubting philosophy. She is transformed again and again in the X-Files, but she never loses her lustrous presence or her appeal to youngster and teen-age girls. Dr. Bennell is the '50s Man, fast-witted and handsome, confident, a cigarette smoker; Scully is the '90s Woman, rational, suspicious, arrogant, a non-smoker; each presents a model or a template which a target audience can latch on to, and relate to, and become instantly comfortable with. StumbleUpon

The star that heralds Maitreya’s emergence

“In the very near future, people everywhere will have the opportunity to witness an extraordinary and significant sign, the like of which has been manifested only once before, at the birth of Jesus. Then, according to Christian teaching, a star appeared in the heavens and led three wise men from the East to the birthplace of Jesus. Soon, once again, a star-like luminary of brilliant power will be seen around the world.” (Benjamin Creme’s Master, ‘Maitreya’s first interview’, SI Jan/Feb 2009)
On 12 December 2008 Share International distributed a news release announcing that in the very near future a large, bright star would appear in the sky visible throughout the world, night and day, heralding the imminent appearance of Maitreya in His first interview on a major US television programme. Since early January 2009 sightings of the star have been reported all over the world and hundreds of sightings have been sent to Share International. We include a selection of the latest reports from the media, Share International readers, and sightings from YouTube. All are genuine sightings confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be the ‘star’.

4 from Berlin
Four stills from a video of Maitreya’s
‘star’ over Berlin, Germany, 
5 August 2009, taken a few 
seconds apart and showing
the constantly changing 
colours. (YouTube: Danicanto1)
The ‘star’ reported on television
Boca Raton, Florida, USA, 6 July 2009.
According to one witness: “There was
a green light in the sky, but it was
too close to be a star. It was moving
side-to-side and hovering, like
nothing I have ever seen before –
it was a green glowing diamond shaped
object, about 100 feet above us,
floating”. WPTV, a local television
station, reported the story and showed
a video. (YouTube;
Two of the four ‘star-like luminaries’
seen together, Italy, June 2009.
(YouTube: daisenpuQustom)
Photograph sent by G.L., Barcelona,
Spain, who explains:“The star rises
in the sky at about 11pm from the
east-southeast and seen from the
north moves west, rising in altitude.
It moves quite quickly. This photo
was taken in Vilassar de Mar, in
Barcelona province, Spain –
camcorder footage shows ‘pulsations’,
changes of size and flashing of the 
star when the zoom was fixed in
the same position.”
Taken in Hullbridge, Essex, UK,
by C.E. at 3.30am on 17 July 2009.
All four ‘stars’ seen over Leyland,
Lancashire, UK, on 7 February 2009,
filmed by M.G. He reports seeing:
“4 extremely bright UFOs approaching
and going over the houses in my
street. They were at an low altitude
and flying in a staggered formation
under definite intelligent control
and definitely not Chinese lanterns”.
(YouTube: ufohomebase) 
 (See letter by D.D. in Share
International, July/August 2009,
who also saw all four ‘stars’ together.)
On 6 July, at 4.30am, I hoped to see
the ‘star’ in a northeast direction,
after reading the latest Share
International magazine. I looked
out of my bedroom window and – yes
there it was – shining brightly in
the still dark sky, the only star
left to see. The sky was brightening
quickly and the star faded away until
5.30am when it was gone. There isn’t
any doubt for me that all the stories
in Share International are true, but
you can see this with your very own
eyes! So wonderful, I have to share this.
M.Z., Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
On 2 July 2009 at 8.30pm thousands
of people in Chengdu witnessed a UFO
and according to the government news
agency Xinhua, ran out, even in
pyjamas, to see the craft, which
was described as being a luminous
blue that changed to red from time
to time. Zhang Yang, head of the
Chengdu Buddhist Association,
pronounced it a “Heavenly Body”
and said it could not have been
a Chinese lantern, weather balloon
or kite.
“There seems to be a mass of UFO
sightings all over China at the
moment,” according to,
which reported that the same UFO
had stunned thousands of residents
of Xi’an city the night before,
resulting in jammed news hot lines.
(Source:; YouTube)
Berlin, single
Berlin, 27 June 2009, photographed
from the balcony of his flat.
Sent by T.W.
Slough, UK, 9 August 2009
(YouTube: paulchi69)
Dear Editor,
A few nights ago I noticed an incredibly
bright object hovering in the sky, not
far from the moon. It didn’t dawn on me
until later that I might be witnessing
the ‘star’. For the past three nights,
I have seen the same object in the sky,
and I have taken pictures and filmed it.
After reviewing my photos, I realize
now that the object has moved a fair
amount since the first time I saw it.

Interestingly, about a week ago, I heard
that a friend had ‘called the star’ 
and had then seen it. So, with my mind
I politely invited the ‘star’ to visit.
Is it the ‘star’ that I’m seeing?
E.G., Cotati, California, USA.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that
it was the ‘star’.)
Cotati, California
Northern Kentucky, USA, 6 June 2009:
“At first glance, it looked like an
abnormally large star, but very bright.
When you actually looked close you
could see some kind of pulsating 
lights on the top of it. Like a
strobe light with red blue and
green flashes,” says the witness.
(YouTube: TriangleinTheSky)

Avengers sequels!

“Marvel's The Avengers”: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, left) talks with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, right), aka Captain America, in “Marvel’s The Avengers,”

‘Avengers’ sequel very likely

By ,QMI Agency
First posted: | Updated:
After next weekend's box office returns, The Avengers will disassemble into their own respective franchises again. Officially, no sequel is planned until they "know" it's a success.
But of course, a sequel is planned. If it wasn't, would Chris Evans be signed to six movies as Captain America? (Presumably three Cap films and three Avengers.) "Two down, four to go," Evans told us recently in Los Angeles.
Still, the next Avengers has to wait until various component sequels are shot. Release date for The Avengers sequel has been speculated for as early as 2015 and as late as 2017.
Iron Man 3, with Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) directing, is set to start shooting next month in Wilmington, N.C. Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce and, likely, Jessica Chastain will join the cast. It's scheduled for a May 2013 release.
Thor 2 starts filming in September in London for a Christmas 2013 release.
And yes, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will be back. Ironically, Hiddleston moved to L.A. from London after Thor, and then was cast in War Horse (which shot in London and France) and is headed Over 'Ome again.
The Marvel roll-out plans calls for Captain America 2 (a 2014 release) to start filming as soon as Thor 2 finishes, likely in January of next year.
Of the others, there are apparently no plans for an Incredible Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo. (Ang Lee's Hulk "underperformed," as they say, and The Incredible Hulk reboot with Edward Norton grossed even less.)
And despite what you may read elsewhere (including the Internet Movie Database), there are no plans for a Nick Fury/S.H.I.E.L.D. movie, according to the man who'd know, Samuel L. Jackson.
"Nobody's spoken to me about it, and as far as I know, there is no movie for Scarlett (Johansson)'s character (Black Widow), either," said Jackson.
"I know I'm in Captain America 2, and I know I'm not in Iron Man 3, which is too bad. I've always liked Shane's writing and direction. I haven't talked about Thor 2, so I don't think I'm in that. That's as far as I know right now."

 Stan Lee has revealed that he'd like to see a few new characters in the eventual sequel to The Avengers. The comic book icon told I Am Rogue that he wants Dr. Strange, Black Panther and Ant-Man in the next film.

"Oh I'd be happy if they add Black Panther and maybe Dr Strange," he said. "Those two and probably Ant-Man, which I think they are working on. Maybe I'll play a little role in that."

Lee noted that he was surprised that a Marvel team-up film hit theaters first, saying, "I never imagined I'd see any of my characters become movies. But this was a logical thing to do. It was smart. I'm amazed that DC didn't beat us to it with the Justice League. But you've got to hand it to Marvel."


300 illegal boat arrivals under Labor – and they just keep coming

Web version | 

300 illegal boat arrivals under Labor – and they just keep coming

300 boats have now arrived illegally in Australia since Labor
came to office, bringing more than 16,700 illegal arrivals.

Make no mistake - Labor's soft border protection policies have
resulted in this flood of illegal boat arrivals. It was Kevin
Rudd and Julia Gillard that decided to dismantle the Coalition's
successful border protection policies. Julia Gillard then tried
on the ridiculous East Timor solution and was then humiliated by
the Malaysian people swap farce.

Julia Gillard and Labor have continued to set new records when it
comes to illegal boat arrivals:

Over 10,000 people have arrived illegally since Julia Gillard
took the prime ministership less than 2 years ago  Almost 4,000
people have arrived illegally since Labor abandoned their
Malaysian Solution in October 2011

Labor's failed border protection policies have not just resulted
in 300 boats arriving; it has also cost Australian taxpayers an
extra $3.9 billion because of their incompetence – money that
should have been spent on health and education.

Scott Morrison, the Shadow Minister for Immigration and
Citizenship, said today:

"Almost 17,000 people have now arrived under Labor's failed
policies and people smugglers have ramped up their efforts since
Labor announced their Greens policy of let them in, let them out
for boat arrivals in November last year."

In a major speech yesterday, Tony Abbott outlined further plans
to return to stronger borders for Australia:

"Under the current government there have been almost two boats a
week. Under its predecessor, between 2002 and 2007, there were
just three boats a year. On border protection, as for economic
management, the Howard era now looks like a lost golden age.

"It does not have to be like this. There is a better way. The
Coalition has a plan for stronger borders.

"On my first day as prime minister, I would pick up the phone to
the President of Nauru to accept Nauru's bi-partisan, standing
offer to reopen the detention centre there.

"Within a week of taking office, I would go to Indonesia to renew
our cooperation against people smuggling. I would, of course,
politely explain to the Indonesian government that we take as
dim a view of Indonesian boats disgorging illegal arrivals in
Australia as they take of Australians importing drugs into Bali.

"Within a week of taking office, I would give new orders to the
navy that, where it is safe to do so, under the usual chain-of
-command procedures, based on the advice of commanders-on-the
-spot, Indonesian flagged, Indonesian crewed and Indonesian home
-ported vessels without lawful reason to be headed to Australia
would be turned around and escorted back to Indonesian waters.

"Temporary visas for illegal boat arrivals would be re-created,
if necessary by legislation; in the unlikely event that
legislation is blocked, by a joint sitting of the parliament
after a double dissolution election."

Click here
to read Tony's speech.

Click here
to read Scott's statement.

Jacques Vallee UFO interview jinn

Jacques Vallee UFO interview jinn

 In his recent autobiographical book, Forbidden Science, Vallee summed up his views about the provenance of UFOs, a viewpoint that he's developed through decades of research: "The UFO Phenomenon exists. It has been with us throughout history. It is physical in nature and it remains unexplained in terms of contemporary science. It represents a level of consciousness that we have not yet recognized, and which is able to manipulate dimensions beyond time and space as we understand them." So much for anti-gravity-powered starships ferrying Big Brothers from outer space. Vallee thinks UFOs are likely "windows" to other dimensions manipulated by intelligent, often mischievous, always enigmatic beings we have yet to understand. (60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time covers Vallee's theories in detail.) StumbleUpon

"Undocumented Immigrants" Fudging English to Deceive and Brainwash

"Undocumented Immigrants"
Fudging English to Deceive and Brainwash
May 9, 2008
Burglars are not uninvited house guests.
Car-jackers are not under-rated drivers.
Bank robbers are not making unauthorized withdrawals.
Illegal aliens are not undocumented immigrants.
The correct terminology for the nearly 20 million persons illegally in the U.S. is illegal aliens. The term undocumented immigrants is purposely incorrect in order to sway the public in favor of special interest groups and only clouds the reality of the situation. Most undocumented border crossers never had a document to lose. The incorrect and understated implication is that legal status can be achieved merely by completing some paperwork. By law the illegal alien must leave the country in order to apply through the proper immigration procedure.
The politically correct term undocumented immigrant started with former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) Commissioner Leonel J. Castillo during the Carter Administration (1977-81). The word undocumented wormed its way from the widely discredited and now defunct INS to politically-correct media, cheap labor corporations, ethnic vote pandering politicians, and pro-illegal alien 'rights' organizations, many of which are race biased. Even the highest officials including President Bush and former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt pander to the extent they even call illegal aliens citizens.
An alien is a person who comes from a foreign country. The term illegal alien is broader and more accurate because it includes undocumented aliens and nonimmigrant visa overstayers. An undocumented alien is an individual who has entered the U.S. illegally, without entry documentation. Any alien who violates the terms of his or her admission may be deemed to be out of status. Becoming out of status occurs when a nonimmigrant remains in the United States beyond the expiration date of their visa or when a nonimmigrant engages in employment in the United States for which she is not authorized. Roughly 60% of the illegal alien population are undocumented aliens and about 40% are nonimmigrant visa overstayers. Thus, the term illegal alien, being broader in scope, is the accurate term to use.
In that immigrant connotes legality, the term illegal immigrant is really an oxymoron. Even though common usage of immigrant has been broadly applied to those illegally in the U. S., such usage is incorrect for the following reasons:
1. Dictionaries define immigrant as "a person who comes to a country to take up PERMANENT residence." Thus, the term immigrant does not always apply to transient illegal aliens who frequently cross the porous U.S. border. Further, without amnesty or other change of status, illegal aliens are subject to deportation and have no legal assurance of permanent residency.

2. Many visas are classified as nonimmigrant visas including the J-1 visa for exchange students. Many foreign students overstay their nonimmigrant visa and then are inaccurately called an illegal immigrant. How does expiration of a nonimmigrant visa make that person an illegal immigrant? A person who overstays a nonimmigrant visa should be properly described as an illegal alien.

3. The U.S. Census Bureau categorizes foreign-born as follows:
* "naturalized U.S. citizens,
* legal permanent residents (immigrants),
* temporary migrants (such as students),
* humanitarian migrants (such as refugees),
* and persons illegally present in the United States."
Although the Census Bureau does not have the courage to use the category illegal aliens the important point is that "persons illegally present in the United States" are NOT categorized as immigrants. Immigrants, by definition, are legal and illegal aliens, by definition, are illegal.
A poll taken in early 2004 by Andres McKenna Polling and Research found that 73 percent saw noncitizens as "illegal aliens," while 25 percent saw them as "undocumented workers." Yet how often do you read newspapers or hear politicians use the term "illegal aliens"? See Disconnect.
Please help promote honest immigration debate by educating politicians, reporters and others who use euphemisms such as undocumented worker, undocumented person, undocumented alien, undocumented citizen, or undocumented immigrant. Challenge politicians or send a Letter to the Editor whenever undocumented is used.
Example Letter to the Editor for you to copy and paste:
The Documents Weren't Lost
In your recent article the misleading term "undocumented worker" was used. The accurate term is "illegal alien." Using "undocumented" means foreigners have the unconditional right to violate America's borders and immigration laws. Actually the description should be "subsidized illegal aliens" because it is the American taxpayer who has to pay for their education, health care, and infrastructure while the illegal employer unfairly has lower costs than his law-abiding competitors.
There are upwards of 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today. What America needs is far less political correctness and far more honest reporting as to how illegal immigration has contributed significantly to school overcrowding, traffic congestion, our health care crisis, environmental degradation, social tension, and other negative impacts upon our country. Please support America's rule of law by using "illegal alien" in the future.

Trevor James Constable's 1957 Amoeboid Bioform 'Critter' (Oct.13, 2005)

Trevor James Constable's 1957 Amoeboid Bioform 'Critter' (Oct.13, 2005)

Trevor James Constable's 1957 Amoeboid Bioform 'Critter'

By Ken Adachi <>
October 13, 2005
This photo was taken with infrared (IR) film by Trevor James Constable on August 25, 1957 in the Mojave desert of southern California. Objects which emit heat will stand out on infrared film as lighter shades while colder objects will appear darker. Very cold areas will appear black. This shot is only one of many living atmospheric bioforms captured on IR film during the period from approximately 1957-62 by Trevor and his friend, Dr. Jim Woods, on the early morning desert plateau prior to sunrise. Some of these photos were included in Trevor's earlier book on this subject titled, They Live in the Sky. His 1975 blockbuster book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, included this shot along with other photos of UFO's and pulsating, plasmoidal bioforms caught on IR film or in some instances, on regular high speed color film using a 18A infrared filter. Trevor usually used a Leica G 35 mm camera for stills and super 8 color film for motion pictures during the late 1950's and 1960's.
In order to capture these anonmalous events, Trevor would typically perform an exercise he learned from Franklin Thomas called the "Star Exercise" which had the effect of creating a vortex swirl in the ether in the atmosphere above and surrounding the person performing the movement. The longer Trevor performed the Star exercise movement, the larger and more intense this 'ether vortex' emanation would grow. Atmospheric bioforms, dubbed "critters", were attracted to the source of this vortex. UFOs were also attracted to this localized perturbation of the ether. Neither Trevor nor Jim could see these bioforms directly, but they were usually able to detect some sort of quick flash or momentary wavering of the air or in some cases, Jim could detect a feeling in his chest that told him that these creatures were nearby. The appearance and movement of these bioforms often occured very quickly and they could move in and move out of the camera's view within a matter of a second or two. Trevor or Jim had to shoot quickly if they hoped to catch something on film. Trevor told me that only about 1 % of their shots produced tangible results. You can imagine just how much time, effort, and film was devoted by these two men to obtain these images; truly a labor of dedication to further new frontiers of knowledge.

WHY we haven't solved the UFO Mystery

UFO mystery, quantum physics and flying saucers

WHY we haven't solved the UFO Mystery
"Ufology is still in many ways stuck in the technological mindset of the Jet Age.
....we should stop thinking of UFO's as spaceships."
"dimensional Rift"
Materialism is the simplest (or most simplistic) explanation of reality: the belief that all that exists is the physical; there are no higher realities; no psychic or spiritual truths independent of the physical world.  Materialism itself is a meme, a specific, culturally determined way of thinking about reality.

We can't solve the UFO mystery because we're trying to make sense of the phenomenon with an outmoded set of rules about reality which don't apply.
People still think that being "scientific" requires applying a philosophy of materialism, but this is actually highly unscientific.  Physics is the real "bottom line" for Science, and quantum physics is telling us that the scientific materialism of the past is no longer a valid paradigm for understanding the world.  Some physicists posit the existence of parallel universes -- A "Multiverse", if you will. 
We're trying to apply a nuts-and-bolts science of materialism to beings that are masters of the shape-shift, the quantum leap, levitation, dematerialization and materialization, telepathy and alchemy.  It'll never work!
Despite how much we've learned about the material world, we still don't know nearly enough to make assumptions about extraterrestrial life. But there are grounds for looking into the likelihood that deceptive jinn are masquerading as extraterrestrials.
There is tremendous historical evidence of these entities moving about in "flying saucers" or other devices (see links below).
Some jinn have resembled the Virgin Mary, while others appear reptilian, inhuman or insect-like.  Some are tricksters, while others are sadists or simpletons.  Some pass themselves off as all-knowing "Masters" who can be channeled.  Some can cause hallucinations and visions, and some may lend themselves out for the uses of humans (although usually at a tremendous cost, it seems).
They have always been with us.  Many displays of superiority, threats, and prophecies of doom are likely a ruse.

They could inadvertently be helping us by bringing to light the limitations of our materialistic viewpoint.
They may always thwart our understanding.  Maybe they want to thwart our understanding.  Perhaps that's the true nature of their relationship with us.  It certainly seems that way. StumbleUpon

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Avengers 2012: two more reasons to see it: Scarlett Johansen...


Men in Black

Men in Black

"Men in Black... are even better known in the histories of witchcraft and black magic."
Men in Black
"Their faces were unpleasant to look at. Their eyes shone like tiny flashlight bulbs, and the teeth were pearly white, set in a very dark complexion. I could not see their hands, covered by black gloves. A bluish radiance enveloped their entire bodies, and I wondered if this was giving off the sulphuric odor."
Albert Bender in FLYING SAUCERS AND THE THREE MEN  (page 106) 1962

       Drawing by Albert K. Bender, 1953.
"Abominable Snowpersons, poltergeists, frog rainfalls, and UFOs are all interrelated. You can’t possibly investigate one without some knowledge of the others. For example, the Men in Black (MIBs) so well known in UFO lore are even better known in the histories of witchcraft and black magic. These mysterious gentlemen have been reported for a thousand years. The UFO buffs decided they were CIA agents. But another group known as superbuffs thinks the whole world is run by a secret league of wealthy men and that the MIBs are their minions. In the Far East, where belief in a “king of the world” still rides high, people think the MIBs are agents from the secret underground cities of the king. In West Virginia the MIBs passed themselves off as everything from Bible salesmen to census takers."
Men in Black: the UFO silencers
Usually traveling in twos and threes, driving black luxury cars and wearing sunglasses and dark suits, they appear sensitive to light, are bizarrely "foreign" in appearance, and issue warnings and threats to UFO witnesses. Their faces are hairless and plastic-like as if masks are hiding their real nature.
John Keel, one of the world’s greatest researchers into the paranormal, had dealings with them and thought they weren't human. According to Keel, the MIB often claim to represent an organization called   "The Nation of the Third Eye."

 Because of their secret agent look and how they are uncannily well informed, some believe they work for the government, although US intelligence agencies have denied all knowledge of them. Others think they might be bio-synthetic forms or even holographic images working for the "ufo invaders".

They appear to have telepathic powers and have been reported to mysteriously disappear when their cars are chased.

Men in Black are responsible for silencing witnesses to UFOs and ensuring that UFO events are kept hidden from the public. They use forms of persuasion from phone calls and surprise visits to the threat of deadly force. They usually confiscate any "evidence" that the contacted might have collected.

Contact with Men in Black in the age of Ufology began with Albert K. Bender:
Albert Bender and the M.I.B. Mystery
In 1953 Albert K. Bender of Bridgeport Connecticut was running an organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) and editing a little publication called "Space Review" that was dedicated to news of flying saucers.
The IFSB had a small membership despite its rather grandiose title, and Space Review reached at best, no more than a few hundred readers. But they were all deeply devoted to the idea that flying saucers were craft from outer space. In common with other true believers, these saucer buffs were convinced that they were in possession of a great truth, while most of the rest of the world remained in darkness and ignorance. They felt very important, and thus it was with a sense of surprise, even shock, that they opened up the October 1953 issue of Space Review and found two unexpected announcements: "LATE BULLETIN. A source which the IFSB considers very reliable has informed us that the investigation of the flying saucer mystery and the solution is approaching its final stages. This same source to whom we had referred data, which had come into our possession, suggested that it was not the proper method and time to publish the data in Space Review."
The second and more shocking item read: "STATEMENT OF IMPORTANCE: The mystery of the flying saucers is no longer a mystery. The source is already known, but any information about this is being withheld by order from a higher source. We would like to print the full story in Space Review, but because of the nature of the information we are very sorry that we have been advised in the negative."
The statement ended with the ominous sentence, "We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious." Bender then suspended the publication of Space Review, and dissolved the IFSB.
The tone of the announcements would have been familiar to anyone who had much experience with occult organizations. Occultists often claim they are in the possession of some great secret which, for equally secret reasons, they cannot reveal. Even the appeal, "please be very cautious" was not unique. It made those engaged in "saucer work" feel more important. After all, who is going to bother to persecute you if you are just wasting your time?
Shortly after Bender closed down the Space Review and the IFSB, he gave an interview to a local newspaper, which he said that he had been visited by three men wearing dark suits, and that they had ordered him to stop publishing material about flying saucers. Bender said that he had been scared to death and that he couldn't eat or sleep for a couple of days. In 1963, Bender elaborated further about his encounter in the book "Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black." It was strange book that revealed little in the way of hard facts, but enhanced the reputation of the Men in Black as being extraterrestrial.  He claimed that they were from somewhere called "Kazik", he visited their spaceship in Antarctica, and they told him that their agents had infiltrated the Pentagon. 
HA-HA!  Spaceship in Antarctica?   Infiltrated the Pentagon?  Once you know these dudes are jinn, their shenanigans and comments seem almost humorous.   But I have felt terrified by the thought of MIB.  See my story  DOPPELGANGERS and MEN IN BLACK -- webmaster.)

Prayer Need: Could Cattle Mutilations Be Linked To A Silent 'Mad Cow' Plague?

Prayer Need: Could Cattle Mutilations Be Linked To A Silent 'Mad Cow' Plague?
By Michael H. Brown
First story
FA while back we reported on the mystery of "cattle mutilations," the cases in which cows have been found strangely dead, with blood and specific body parts often missing. Through the years, conspiracy buffs have speculated that the cause of such mutilations -- which have occurred in 15 states during the 1970s alone, and dozens of times in states like Colorado -- were the work of everything from satanic cults to secret military operatives or even "aliens." 

As we reported, a small group of researchers in Las Vegas known as the National Institute for Discovery Science (which lists former astronaut Edgar Mitchell on its board) has issued a study asserting a link between such mutilations and outbreaks of what are known as "prions," proteins that may cause a range of neurological "wasting" diseases. When such wasting disease hits deer, outbreaks are often accompanied or preceded by strange cattle mutilations. Because the missing body parts are surgically removed, and because the organs are tissues where prions may collect (some argue it's not just the brain and spinal column), the speculation is that the government, particularly the military, may be quietly monitoring for the spread of prion disease: in other words, a silent plague.

This is all especially relevant because besides afflicting deer (especially in states like Colorado), prions are the suspected agents behind mad-cow disease. In fact, the concern has been that the prions may be spreading from deer to grazing beef herds and that it may be much more widespread than what we have been led to believe. We must caution that such theorizing involves great speculation, and that the situation may be simply what the government portrays: that so far there is only one verifiable case of "mad cow" in the U.S., and that it didn't even originate here, that it was imported from Canada.

We can pray that something so limited is the case. The small institute wonders if a "subclinical" type of brain-wasting disease is already fairly pervasive. Subclinical means that the afflicted animals do not show overt symptoms, or are simply called "downer" cows, animals that lose their ability to stand upright because of age or what was thought to be conventional sickness. Each year about 200,000 cattle that are too sick to walk are slaughtered. The U.S. Agriculture Department last week banned the further processing of such meat. The fact is that animals can harbor these infectious agents without displaying detectable sickness. Tests already have shown that the disease can spread from mink to cattle that then display the "downer cow" syndrome, and that many diseased animals may be rendered into feed.

Have any of these "downer" cows actually been subclinical cases of "mad cow"? And if so, could they have spread it to humans? Perhaps this is all far out. Perhaps not. We submit it for your discernment. The researchers further point out that when the disease infects humans, it is known as kuru or Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. Are some cases of Alzheimer's really the human form of mad cow? When a scientist from Yale University analyzed the brains from 46 Alzheimer's patients, she found that six (or 13 percent) were actually Creutzfeld-Jakob cases. If extrapolated, this would mean 200,000 to 400,000 cases a year. Could this be part of the scenario of graduated events about which we have so often written?

It's certainly something that should be taken to prayer, for since 1979 there has been a twenty-fold increase in "Alzheimer's."

"[The data] show a dramatic increase in Alzheimer deaths after 1979 in the United States coincident with the spread of chronic-wasting disease throughout the wildlife population," notes the team, which implies that someone has been surreptitiously monitoring the spread through the mysterious sampling of cattle in western states.
January 2004
'Mad Cow' Linked To Region Of Canada That Was Focus Of Strange 'Mutilations'
Second story
So-called "cattle mutilations" -- those mysterious instances in which animals are found with parts of their bodies missing, or even devoid of all blood -- have occurred precisely in the parts of Canada now considered to be the epicenter of both wildlife brain-wasting disease and the first publicly-declared cases of mad-cow disease in North America.
Researchers point out that since 1994, there have been at least 18 cases of unexplained animal mutilations in the remote province of Saskatchewan -- which is also where forty cases of chronic-wasting syndrome, a disease that may be linked to "mad cow," have been documented.
Moreover, it is believed the infected Holstein that recently made headlines in the state of Washington came from a dairy farm in the Canadian province of Alberta. That was also where Canada witnessed its own first case of mad cow last year. The diseased cow originated on a farm in Baldwinton, Saskatchewan -- the province that forms Alberta's eastern border and also has been the epicenter of Canadian cattle mutilations (at left the circles indicate mutilations and the stars outbreaks of chronic wasting in wildlife such as deer and elk). The wasting syndrome has hit west and north of Saskatoon, focusing on a town called North Battlefield.
Since the 1970s -- when such brain-wasting diseases were first reported among wildlife in places like Colorado -- there have been parallel reports of cattle found dead in the strange, gruesome, and yet surgical manner near those very same vicinities. Often the tongues, eyes, reproductive organs, or other tissues have been cleanly taken -- indicating to some that it may be the result of a clandestine monitoring operation. It is believed that the infectious agent -- perhaps nucleic acids attached to "prions" -- may accumulate in certain mammalian issues. Spreading in wildlife and cattle, such an agent would pose a plague threat.

For years, everything from satanic cults to aliens have been blamed for the well-documented mutilations -- so widespread that they once even drew the ire of Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm, who publicly declared the occurrences an "outrage" that could not be blamed on normal predators. Similar cases have been reported in at least a dozen U.S. states. Farmers and ranchers have found cows and bulls dead and in some instances missing much of their body weight, with signs of the surgical removal. Blood is gone from the animal, though there is no evidence of human or animal tracks and not a drop of blood at the actual scene, mystifying investigators. 
The question posed by some is whether the brain-wasting disease, known as "transmissible spongiform encephalopathy," or TSE, escaped from a laboratory or rose naturally -- and whether the government is now trying to monitor its spread without alarming the public. "We hypothesize that the animal mutilations reported in northwestern Saskatchewan in the past several years may have been a covert TSE sampling operation by perpetrators who knew that TSE was spreading from farmed elk and deer in Saskatchewan to wild deer and thence to cattle," notes the National Institute for Discovery Science in Nevada -- another state that has witnessed the strange mutilations.
January 2004 StumbleUpon

Mad Cows, Meat Inspection, and Regulation by Charles Goyette

Mad Cows, Meat Inspection, and Regulation by Charles Goyette

John Titor scores a hit. Presumably the committee that created him for the DIA, AFOSI and CIA had some inside scoop on the mass infection of Mad Cow in the Americas.

Which means even though Titor was a fake, the rest of the predictive programming the operation was laden with is worth taking a look at. StumbleUpon

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Yeah good job mate"

James Delingpole with Jon Faine - ABC Melbourne - Australian Broadcasting Corporation StumbleUpon

The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers

flying saucers, UFO's, Ray Palmer and Jinn

Palmer assigned artists to make sketches of objects described by readers and disc-shaped flying machines appeared on the covers of his magazine long before June 1947. So we can note that a considerable number of people - millions - were exposed to the flying saucer concept before the national news media was even aware of it. Anyone who glanced at the magazines on a newsstand and caught a glimpse of the saucers-adorned Amazing Stories cover had the image implanted in his subconscious. In the course of the two years between march 1945 and June 1947, millions of Americans had seen at least one issue of Amazing Stories and were aware of the Shaver Mystery with all of its bewildering implications. Many of these people were out studying the empty skies in the hopes that they, like other Amazing Stories readers, might glimpse something wondrous. World War II was over and some new excitement was needed. Raymond Palmer was supplying it - much to the alarm of Lt. Lyon and Fred Crisman. 


Interesting thing is, in the crucial boilover during 1945-1952, the reports of UFOs fall neatly into two groups- globs of light and physical craft resembling known Nazi designs...
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