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Guest Post: The U.S. Monetary System And Descent Into Fascism An Interview With Dr. Edwin Vieira | zero hedge

Guest Post: The U.S. Monetary System And Descent Into Fascism An Interview With Dr. Edwin Vieira | zero hedge

EDWIN: In my view, and I've written about this for years, the people at the top levels of government understand that their monetary system is inherently flawed. That we're on the Titanic, in a sense, and they know that this ship is going to sink. They don’t know when, but they know when it sinks, they’re going to have a huge amount of economic dislocation, social crisis and civil unrest to the level of revolt.

So they started developing this police state mechanism in the hopes of keeping the lid on the garbage can when the monetary system breaks down. The upper echelons of the judiciary have been going right along with this because they know what the program is. This is obvious. No one in his right mind would stand by and allow the sort of excesses we’ve seen.

Just the other day, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply at all because you can sue the police after they’ve mistakenly broken into your home. But when they break into your home and they kill you, then what? StumbleUpon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Marvel: out of the comic shops and into the newstands. Sort of.

Marvel is compiling two and a half stories per issue and producing a line of Marvel- (Marvel Tales, Marvel Family etc.) to sell through bookshops, newstands and so on.

It isn't exactly revolutionary for a normal business- Bongo Comics and Disney Comics do it already in supermarkets and clear millions in the process.

But for Marvel, this is definitely big news.

Of course between this and the DC Reboot what we really see is the death of the comic shop.

Nice "thank you" from Marvel and DC to the hard working and totally loyal comic shops and their direct market devotees.

Ah well. StumbleUpon

DC Reboot

Not a fan of the DC Reboot. Mainly due to the typically blunt and clumsy marketing of it. Rather than build excitement amongst the existing rusted on fans, DC as the glove puppet of Warner have basically ignored them, despite throwing bones to the usual suspects among the comic websites, and Warner has kept its eye on the prize of same day digital and marketing to the mainstream.

The silly thing about this is that comicbooks a la DC (or Marvel) are classic Americana. No question. So divorcing them from this in favour of increasingly strange takes on the characters is not only not a great way to farm IP, it's also a superb opportunity for people who have never read DC... To keep right on not reading it.

Warner's assault on the mainstream for its digital comics is good for indies like us because any boost in awareness helps the numbers game, but our own TOP SECRET plans will be of more benefit to us. A lot of comicbook people, even top artists and writers, seem to be genuinely not making the money they used to, and that has fuelled a lack of criticism over DC's move which I am sure many secretly feel.

Of great significance in all of this is the manifestation of open control Warner now exercise. The puppets who are the public face of DC have no power. Warner suits have the power. Unfortunately they also have a total air gap between themselves and any love or "reverence" (fanboy concept) for the characters DC usually milks.

DC has never had a coherent shared universe from day one to now, stupidity like Crisis notwithstanding, so we're talking about loosely connected character each basted in their own slurry. But the suits being in control is shades of the 1969 death of Marvel time and normal ageing, and even more so it's shades of the 1990s. I personally think the reason the DC Reboot is so 1990s-ish is because the suits in charge remember that as what comics were like when they sold in the 100,000s and millions for the last time.

All in all, DC is definitely circling the drain despite the reboot. Marvel is long since dead in all but name despite its books "selling so well" (compared to? they make the circulation of business magazines look good) and the endless Marvel circle jerk with the same seven people endlessly recycling the same fourteen plots from the same narrow 1970s Marvel set of issues has to end soon. DC's shift and collapse will be the trigger for a brave new world of some sort, that's for sure. StumbleUpon

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Lemon Lime and Bitter - the rainbow coalition is falling apart


Monday, June 13, 2011

YourVersion - Saudi Arabia Prepares for a Crude Oil War

YourVersion - Saudi Arabia Prepares for a Crude Oil War StumbleUpon

And suddenly Cadre Bear's palm blasters aren't quite so far fetched...

Scientists Combine Human Cell, Jellyfish Into Living Laser -

I love finding articles that support comicbook superpowers. :) StumbleUpon

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CASIMIR EFFECT official comicbook adaptation! UPDATE

Design on the comicbook adaptation of this amazing independent film is underway, as is the artwork and lettering.

We are staying exactly true to the script in the preparation and crafting phase, and the intent is to transcribe as much dialogue as possible.

Gabriel Strange, one of the visionaries from the film making side, has given us unusual freedom in developing the comicbook world version of the movie, and the art team is taking his licence to heart in their creation!

At this point we are on schedule and on target for Gabriel and his team to offer the product of our team's love and labour for sale at his convention attendances and everywhere else! StumbleUpon

Articles: Why UK's Daily Mail Got Cold Feet on 'Dreams' Fraud

Articles: Why UK's Daily Mail Got Cold Feet on 'Dreams' Fraud

Jack Cashill is still fighting the good fight. So where are the articles and reviews from the "thought leaders" of the conservative side? WHERE?

Cashill has nailed this issue, he has substantiated it, experts have confirmed it. WHERE IS THE SUPPORT?? StumbleUpon

September 9, 2009: DC is formally absorbed by Warner

WB’s press release:
Diane Nelson to Serve as President, DC Entertainment
Paul Levitz to Segue from President & Publisher of DC Comics
To Writer, Contributing Editor and Overall Consultant to DC Entertainment
(September 9, 2009 – Burbank, CA) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (WBEI) has created DC Entertainment Inc., a new company founded to fully realize the power and value of the DC Comics brand and characters across all media and platforms, to be run by Diane Nelson, it was announced today by Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, and Alan Horn, President & COO, Warner Bros.
DC Entertainment, a separate division of WBEI, will be charged with strategically integrating the DC Comics business, brand and characters deeply into Warner Bros. Entertainment and all its content and distribution businesses. DC Entertainment, which will work with each of the Warner Bros. divisions, will also tap into the tremendous expertise the Studio has in building and sustaining franchises and prioritize DC properties as key titles and growth drivers across all of the Studio, including feature films, television, interactive entertainment, direct-to-consumer platforms and consumer products. The DC Comics publishing business will remain the cornerstone of DC Entertainment, releasing approximately 90 comic books through its various imprints and 30 graphic novels a month and continuing to build on its creative leadership in the comic book industry. StumbleUpon

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Hitler is the modern myth's God of Rage. Awesome in its way I guess.

I found this one funny, but maybe that German clip's run its course.

In other news, people are still reading Simpsons comics, which have locally produced versions and are available where non-comics people go every day such as the supermarket and local corner stores.

Plus ca change. StumbleUpon

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time and Time Again: The Complete History of DC's Retcons and Reboots - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

Time and Time Again: The Complete History of DC's Retcons and Reboots - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews
In 52, the year-long follow-up to Infinite Crisis, the multiverse came back, except that instead of being an infinite number of parallel worlds, the number of Earths was capped (in a seemingly completely arbitrary move) at 52. If memory serves, it was less than a month after this revelation that DC began contradicting itself as to which Earth was which. StumbleUpon

DC's Reboot Disaster | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

DC's Reboot Disaster | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Okay, first, you're rebooting your whole universe, you've given Roy Harper both his arms again, indicating that you've removed James Robinson's horrible "Cry for Justice" from continuity, and you can't bring yourself to erase Jason Todd from existence? I mean, no one likes Jason Todd. He's the character who no one can believe was resurrected instead of Ralph Dibny or Ted Kord. He's done nothing since coming back to make anyone think he's a worthwhile character. Why not reboot him back to the character graveyard? StumbleUpon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

392 and the muscular response


Sunday, June 5, 2011

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