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'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m' | Mail Online

'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m' | Mail Online

'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m'

  • Object is raised about 10 to 13ft above seabed and curved at the sides like a mushroom
  • Hole is surrounded by an strange rock formation that expedition team can not explain
  • Stones are covered in something 'resembling soot' which has baffled experts
  • Divers say phones and some cameras switch off when close to the object
By Eddie Wrenn

The divers exploring a 'UFO-shaped' object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea say their equipment stops working when they approach within 200m.
Professional diver Stefan Hogerborn, part of the Ocean X team which is exploring the anomaly, said some of the team's cameras and the team's satellite phone would refuse to work when directly above the object, and would only work once they had sailed away.
He is quoted as saying: 'Anything electric out there - and the satellite phone as well - stopped working when we were above the object.
'And then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn’t work.'
Hefty trajectory: The Swedish diving team noted a 985-foot flattened out 'runway' leading up to the object, implying that it skidded along the path before stopping but no true answers are clear
Hefty trajectory: The Swedish diving team noted a 985-foot flattened out 'runway' leading up to the object, implying that it skidded along the path before stopping but no true answers are clear

Diver Peter Lindberg said: 'We have experienced things that I really couldn’t imagine and I have been the team's biggest skeptic regarding these different kind of theories.
'I was kind of prepared just to find a stone or cliff or outcrop or pile of mud but it was nothing like that, so for me it has been a missing experience I must say.'
Member Dennis Åsberg said: 'I am one hundred percent convinced and confident that we have found something that is very, very, very unique.
'Then if it is a meteorite or an asteroid, or a volcano, or a base from, say, a U-boat from the Cold War which has manufactured and placed there - or if it is a UFO...
'Well honestly it has to be something.'
The quotes were first reported at NDTV. The Mail Online has reached out to the Ocean X team for clarification.
More questions: The divers found soot-covered rocks that encircled an egg-shaped hole that went into the object at its center, and have no idea what any of it means
The team did get some pictures, such as these soot-covered rocks that encircled an egg-shaped hole which went into the object at its center, and have no idea what any of it means

No clarification: The divers made their sonar discovery public but waited a year to make the dive because they had to gather enough funding and base off of weather conditions
No clarification: The divers made their sonar discovery public but waited a year to make the dive because they had to gather enough funding and base off of weather conditions
Landing spot: The exact coordinates of the object have not been released, but it is confirmed to be somewhere at the bottom of the Botnia Gulf in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden
Landing spot: The exact coordinates of the object have not been released, but it is confirmed to be somewhere at the bottom of the Botnia Gulf in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden

The sonar picture of the unidentified object resembles the famed Star Wars ship the Millennium Falcon
The sonar picture of the unidentified object resembles the famed Star Wars ship the Millennium Falcon
The object was first found in May last year, but because of a lack of funding and bad timing, they have were not able to pull a team together to see for themselves - just the strange, metallic outline, and a similar disk-shaped object about 200 metres away.
During their visit, the team saw a 985-foot trail that they described 'as a runway or a downhill path that is flattened at the seabed with the object at the end of it'.
As it was before the recent dive, the story behind the object is anyone's guess, from a 'plug to the inner world' to the Millennium Falcon ship from Star Wars.
While the Ocean Explorer team is understandably excited about their potentially earth-shattering find, others are slightly more sceptical and are questioning the accuracy of the sonar technology.
In the past, such technology has confused foreign objects with unusual- but natural - rock formations.
Part of the trouble they face, however, is that they have no way of telling what is inside the supposed cylinder- whether it is filled with gold and riches or simply aged sediment particles.
They're hoping for the former, and history seems to be in their favour.
The Baltic Sea is a treasure trove for shipwreck hunters, as an estimated 100,000 objects are thought to line the cold sea's floor.
The company have created a submarine that they hope will appeal to tourists and wannabe shipwreck hunters who will pay to take a trip down to the bottom of the Baltic Sea to see for themselves.
A further dive will take place in the coming weeks.
Their sonar pictures show that the object is a massive cylinder with a 60 metre diameter and a 400 metre-long tail. A similar disk-shaped object was also found about 200 metres away.
Their sonar pictures show that the object is a massive cylinder with a 60 metre diameter and a 400 metre-long tail. A similar disk-shaped object was also found about 200 metres away.
The Ocean Explorer team's sonar pictures show that the object is a massive cylinder with a 60 metre diameter and a 400 metre-long tail deep in the Baltic Sea. A similar disk-shaped object was also found about 200 metres away
Unidentified treasure: Shipwreck divers are perplexed by the oddly-shaped object that they found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea
Unidentified treasure: Shipwreck divers are perplexed by the oddly-shaped object that they found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea
Tourist trips: Diver Peter Lindberg is hoping to take wealthy tourists down in this submarine to see the object
Tourist trips: Diver Peter Lindberg is hoping to take wealthy tourists down in this submarine to see the object

Politics - Terrence McCoy - The Creepiness Factor: How Obama and Romney Are Getting to Know You - The Atlantic

Politics - Terrence McCoy - The Creepiness Factor: How Obama and Romney Are Getting to Know You - The Atlantic

 Among other points, the policy says the campaign can monitor users' messages and emails between members, share their personal information with any like-minded organization it chooses, and follow up by sending them news it deems they'd find worthwhile. In other words, target anger points. Then there's something called "passive collection," which means cookies -- lots and lots of cookies. Obama's campaign, as well as third-party vendors working with, spray trackers so other websites can flash personalized ads based on knowledge of the trip to And finally, near the end of the policy, comes one more caveat: "Nothing herein restricts the sharing of aggregated or anonymized information, which may be shared with third parties without your consent." StumbleUpon

Tax: the preferred weapon of socialists everywhere

The liberals really need to man up this time and secure maximum electoral power. This is nothing less than a time of undeclared civil war in Australia, with a mad regime dedicated to fabianism and frankfurt school white genocide attacking the people of Australia. No more girlyman bullshit from the LNP, you have GOT to go in for the kill. StumbleUpon

33 degrees of separation

Unlucky number? Just like with Katie Holmes, ALL of Tom Cruise's marriages ended when wives reached 33 | Mail Online

It looks like Tom Cruise's unlucky number is 33 - as all three of his ex-wives called it quits when they reached that very same age.
Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were all in their early thirties when their marriages to the Hollywood leading man took a turn for the worse.
Fans of the heartbroken star searched for a meaning, some postulating that the number 33 is related somehow to Mr Cruise's religion, Scientology.

33? 33 has some special meaning? Journalists: pig shit stupid and propaganda merchants for the illuminati (so-called). All of the satanic cults have a big love for 33. For reasons enumerated in many another post right here.


Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former pentagon consultant claims | Mail Online

Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former pentagon consultant claims | Mail Online

Where to begin, where to begin...

Timothy Good is described as:

"lecturer and author"

yes, agreed 100%.

"a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant"


"prominent academic"

double bollocks. Timothy Good is a violinist and conspiracy theorist. He edits rather that writes, and uncritically compiles enormous amounts of anecdotes. In many respects he is an urbane and effete version of John Keel. StumbleUpon

Porn and the Internet... It's a cliche, but is there a reason for it?

John Lilly, The Scientist (Berkeley, Ronin Publishing, 1988 [revised edition]), 90. Monkeys allowed to stimulate themselves continually via ESB brought themselves to orgasm once every three minutes, sixteen hours a day. Scientific gatherings throughout the World saw motion pictures of these experiments -- which surely made spectacular cinema.

-Martin Cannon

Non-invasive mind control is the absolute pinnacle of population management. The best enemy defeats himself, the greatest victory is that won without going to war, and on and on.

Reading Cannon, along with many another epiphany, this footnoted remark, whilst being laugh out loud funny, is also extremely illuminating.

The internet is a massive purveyor of pornography, or more broadly and less pejoratively, sexually stimulating material, to the entirety of the human race. The members of the species not yet hooked into the internet will surely be enfolded soon enough.

Given the illusion of freedom of choice that any feedback system represents, are we any different from the monkeys?

They Will Think It's Flying Saucers

Cannon_4.pdf (application/pdf Object)

 Narut, of course, concentrated on selective programming of individual American soldiers. On the other side of the mind-control spectrum, Defense Department specialists have also concentrated on methods to render entire enemy battalions "combat ineffective." Electromagnetic weaponry -- intended to wipe out the aggression of the enemy -- is the province of DARPA under the direction of Dr. Jack Verona. These projects remain fairly mysterious. We do know, however, that one operation -- 'Sleeping Beauty' -- employed the services of Dr. Michael Persinger, a scientist who has expressed interesting views regarding UFOs.

Roswell 65 years on


DATE: December 26, 2002
WITNESS: Chris Xxxxxx
NOTARY: Beverlee Morgan

(1) My name is Walter G. Haut

(2) I was born on June 2, 1922

(3) My address is 1405 W. 7th Street, Roswell, NM 88203

(4) I am retired.

(5) In July, 1947, I was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Base in Roswell, New Mexico, serving as the base Public Information Officer. I had spent the 4th of July weekend (Saturday, the 5th, and Sunday, the 6th) at my private residence about 10 miles north of the base, which was located south of town.

(6) I was aware that someone had reported the remains of a downed vehicle by midmorning after my return to duty at the base on Monday, July 7. I was aware that Major Jesse A. Marcel, head of intelligence, was sent by the base commander, Col. William Blanchard, to investigate.

(7) By late in the afternoon that same day, I would learn that additional civilian reports came in regarding a second site just north of Roswell. I would spend the better part of the day attending to my regular duties hearing little if anything more.

(8) On Tuesday morning, July 8, I would attend the regularly scheduled staff meeting at 7:30 a.m. Besides Blanchard, Marcel; CIC [Counterintelligence Corp] Capt. Sheridan Cavitt; Col. James I. Hopkins, the operations officer; Lt. Col. Ulysses S. Nero, the supply officer; and from Carswell AAF in Fort Worth, Texas, Blanchard's boss, Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey and his chief of staff, Col. Thomas J. Dubose were also in attendance. The main topic of discussion was reported by Marcel and Cavitt regarding an extensive debris field in Lincoln County approx. 75 miles NW of Roswell. A preliminary briefing was provided by Blanchard about the second site approx. 40 miles north of town. Samples of wreckage were passed around the table. It was unlike any material I had or have ever seen in my life. Pieces which resembled metal foil, paper thin yet extremely strong, and pieces with unusual markings along their length were handled from man to man, each voicing their opinion. No one was able to identify the crash debris.

(9) One of the main concerns discussed at the meeting was whether we should go public or not with the discovery. Gen. Ramey proposed a plan, which I believe originated from his bosses at the Pentagon. Attention needed to be diverted from the more important site north of town by acknowledging the other location. Too many civilians were already involved and the press already was informed. I was not completely informed how this would be accomplished.

(10) At approximately 9:30 a.m. Col. Blanchard phoned my office and dictated the press release of having in our possession a flying disc, coming from a ranch northwest of Roswell, and Marcel flying the material to higher headquarters. I was to deliver the news release to radio stations KGFL and KSWS, and newspapers the Daily Record and the Morning Dispatch.

(11) By the time the news release hit the wire services, my office was inundated with phone calls from around the world. Messages stacked up on my desk, and rather than deal with the media concern, Col Blanchard suggested that I go home and "hide out."

(12) Before leaving the base, Col. Blanchard took me personally to Building 84 [AKA Hangar P-3], a B-29 hangar located on the east side of the tarmac. Upon first approaching the building, I observed that it was under heavy guard both outside and inside. Once inside, I was permitted from a safe distance to first observe the object just recovered north of town. It was approx. 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic. No windows, portholes, wings, tail section, or landing gear were visible.

(13) Also from a distance, I was able to see a couple of bodies under a canvas tarpaulin. Only the heads extended beyond the covering, and I was not able to make out any features. The heads did appear larger than normal and the contour of the canvas suggested the size of a 10 year old child. At a later date in Blanchard's office, he would extend his arm about 4 feet above the floor to indicate the height.

(14) I was informed of a temporary morgue set up to accommodate the recovered bodies.

(15) I was informed that the wreckage was not "hot" (radioactive).

(16) Upon his return from Fort Worth, Major Marcel described to me taking pieces of the wreckage to Gen. Ramey's office and after returning from a map room, finding the remains of a weather balloon and radar kite substituted while he was out of the room. Marcel was very upset over this situation. We would not discuss it again.

(17) I would be allowed to make at least one visit to one of the recovery sites during the military cleanup. I would return to the base with some of the wreckage which I would display in my office.

(18) I was aware two separate teams would return to each site months later for periodic searches for any remaining evidence.

(19) I am convinced that what I personally observed was some type of craft and its crew from outer space.

(20) I have not been paid nor given anything of value to make this statement, and it is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: Walter G. Haut
December 26, 2002

Signature witnessed by:
Chris Xxxxxxx

[Source: Tom Carey & Donald Schmitt, Witness to Roswell, 2007]

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Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument

Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument
 Rather than prophesy, the 2012 reference served to place this king’s troubled reign and accomplishments into a larger cosmological framework. “This was a time of great political turmoil in the Maya region and this king felt compelled to allude to a larger cycle of time that happens to end in 2012,” says Stuart. This evidence is consistent with the only other reference to the 2012 date in ancient Maya inscriptions—Monument 6 from Tortuguero, Mexico. “What this text shows us is that in times of crisis, the ancient Maya used their calendar to promote continuity and stability rather than predict apocalypse,” says Canuto.

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Gay for Albanese: the saga continues

As previously noted, conservative in name only girlyman commentator Andrew Bolt has never met a socialist he doesn't like at first sight. As forgetful of this unflagging support as he usually is once his latest socialist squeeze runs true to form and commits some outrage, there is one misshapen mouth lard ball socialist for whom Bolt has utterly unrelenting crush feelings.

Anthony Albanese.

Yep, the lisper of no consequence is for some explicable reason Bolt's pinup number one. Loves the guy, as Bolt said on radio last night. Admired him for "standing up" to legitimate protestors outside his electoral office- so Bolt is not only gay for socialists, he lies to maintain the media narrative rather than what really happened.

But why? Why is Albanese the guy of Bolt's dreams?

More importantly, we should never forget Albanese's delusional worldview:

spent his life fighting Tories (in Australia, where there aren't any);

coined the convoy of no consequence attack (now converted so successfully to eg Conroy of No Consequence)

dissolves into tears - effeminate beta male at its finest

and so on.

Bolt is not a conservative, and he's not an honest commentator either. But gay for Albanese? If that doesn't tip you off about this controlled opposition stooge Bolt, nothing will.

'Far More Insidious' Than Fascism - by Jacob Boas

'Far More Insidious' Than Fascism - by Jacob Boas

In June 1935, British author E. M. Forster addressed an international writers' congress called to discuss ways of defending culture against the threat of fascism. In England, the author of A Passage to India observed, "our traditions and our liberties are closely connected," freedom having been "praised for … several hundred of years." English freedom was race- and class-bound, he conceded, "but the fact that our rulers have to pretend to like freedom is an advantage." The same can be said about the civil rights struggle in this country; in the Fifties and Sixties, the nation could no longer pretend that the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were for whites only.

This is not the only place in Forster's speech where a parallel with the U.S. can be drawn. He did not think, he told the conference, which was held in Paris and attended by hundreds of writers representing 38 countries, that there was a danger of fascism in Great Britain per se – "unless war starts, when anything may happen."

"We're menaced," he continued, "by something far more insidious … by the dictator-spirit working quietly behind the façade of constitutional forms, passing a little law … here, endorsing a departmental tyranny there, emphasizing the national need of secrecy elsewhere, and whispering and cooing the so-called 'news' every evening over the wireless, until opposition is tamed and gulled." StumbleUpon

Mothman was a sand crane, and the Flatwoods Monster was a primitive UAV or experimental moon vehicle? Shades of Socorro...

Flatwoods Monster

UFOMystic » UAVs And The Flatwoods Monster

UAVs And The Flatwoods Monster

Sentinel UAV 1
Commenter Bill Hancock pointed out the similarities of the “Guardian” UAV in my last post to recently re-rendered paintings of the famous Flatwoods (WV) Monster. I checked, and damned if it doesn’t look like a UAV staring out at us from fifty years ago. What are we to make of this?
Frank Feschino, Jr. researched the case, talked to orginal witnesses that were still alive, and wrote a thorough overview entitled, appropriately enough The Braxton County Monster. He is also a gifted illustrator and when he presented the pictures to the witnesses, they apparently agreed that it more closely resembled what they had seen on September 12th of 1952.

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In September 1976, Dr. Herbert Hopkins, a 58 year-old doctor and hypnotist, was acting as consultant on an alleged UFO teleportation case in Maine. One evening, when his wife and children had gone out leaving him alone, the telephone rang and a man identifying himself as vice-president of the New Jersey UFO Research Organization asked if he might visit Dr. Hopkins that evening to discuss certain details of the case. Dr. Hopkins agreed; at the time, it seemed the natural thing to do. He went to the back door to switch on the light so that his visitor would be able to find his way from the parking lot, but while he was there, he noticed the man already climbing the porch steps. "I saw no car, and even if he did have a car, he could not have possibly gotten to my house that quickly from any phone," Hopkins later commented in delayed astonishment.

At the time, Dr. Hopkins felt no particular surprise as he admitted his visitor, The man was dressed in a black suit, with black hat, tie and shoes, and a white shirt, "I thought, he looks like an undertaker," Hopkins later said. His clothes were immaculate - suit unwrinkled, trousers sharply creased. When he took off his hat, he revealed himself as completely hairless, not only bald but without eyebrows or eyelashes. His skin was dead white, his lips bright red. In the course of their conversation, he happened to brush his lips with his grey suede gloves, and the doctor was astonished to see that his lips were smeared and that the gloves were stained with lipstick!
It was only afterwards, however, that Dr. Hopkins reflected further on the strangeness of his visitor's appearance and behavior. Particularly odd was the fact that his visitor stated that his host had two coins in his pocket. It was indeed the case. He then asked the doctor to put one of the coins in his hand and to watch the coin, not himself. As Hopkins watched, the coin seemed to go out of focus, and then gradually vanished. "Neither you nor anyone else on this plane will ever see that coin again," the visitor told him. After talking a little while longer on general UFO topics, Dr. Hopkins suddenly noticed that the visitor's speech was slowing down. The man then rose unsteadily to his feet and said, very slowly; "My energy is running low—must go now—goodbye." He walked falteringly to the door and descended the outside steps uncertainly, one at a time. Dr. Hopkins saw a bright light shining in the driveway, bluish-white and distinctly brighter than a normal car lamp. At the time, however, he assumed it must be the stranger's car, although he neither saw nor heard it.

Later, when Dr. Hopkins family had returned, they examined the driveway and found marks that could not have been made by a car because they were in the center of the driveway, where the wheels could not have been. But the next day, although the driveway had not been used in the meantime, the marks had vanished.

Dr. Hopkins was very much shaken by the visit, particularly when he reflected on the extraordinary character of the stranger's conduct. Not surprisingly, he was so scared that he willingly complied with his visitor's instruction, which was to erase the tapes of the hypnotic sessions he was conducting with regard to his current case, and to have nothing further to do with the investigation.

Subsequently, curious incidents continued to occur both in Dr. Hopkin's household and in that of his eldest son. He presumed that there was some link with the extraordinary visit, but he never heard from his visitor again. As for the New Jersey UFO Research Organization, no such institution exists.

Dr. Hopkins' account is probably the most detailed we have of a MIB (Man in Black) visit, and confronts us with the problem at its most bizarre. First we must ask ourselves if a trained and respected doctor would invent so strange a tale, and if so, with what conceivable motive? Alternatively, could the entire episode have been a delusion, despite the tracks seen by other members of his family? Could the truth lie somewhere between reality and imagination? Could a real visitor, albeit an impostor making a false identity claim, have visited the doctor for some unknown reason of his own, somehow acting as a trigger for the doctor to invent a whole set of weird features?

In fact, what seems the LEAST likely explanation is that the whole incident took place in the doctor's imagination. When his wife and children came home, they found him severely shaken, with the house lights blazing, and seated at a table on which lay a gun. They confirmed the marks on the driveway and a series of disturbances to the telephone that seemed to commence immediately after the visit. So it would seem that some real event occurred, although its nature remains mystifying.

Recognizing Dr. Jack Vorona'S Induction Into The Dia Torch Bearers Hall | Capitol Words

Recognizing Dr. Jack Vorona'S Induction Into The Dia Torch Bearers Hall | Capitol Words

Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize Dr. Jack Vorona of Falls Church, Virginia for his induction into the Defense Intelligence Agency's Torch Bearers Hall. DIA established Torch Bearers Hall this year to coincide with its 50th anniversary and to recognize former employees who have made exceptional contributions to its mission. Dr. Vorona's invaluable leadership in developing scientific and technical intelligence programs during the height of the Cold War helped keep Americans safe and secured him a spot among the eight inaugural recipients of this honor.
During his 25-year career at DIA, Dr. Vorona developed many programs aimed at identifying foreign defense technologies that could threaten the U.S. and its allies, including nuclear technologies. As Deputy Director for Scientific and Technical Intelligence, he oversaw funding to address the most significant threats posed by massive Soviet investments in science, technology, and weapons programs. His work was vital in helping to ensure that the U.S. was never technologically surprised.
Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Dr. Vorona's remarkable achievements and in thanking him for his dedicated service to the nation.


Jack Vorona: DIA, TSS Head, Psi researcher, committe member managing UFO disinfo, member of the so-called Aviary.

Top bloke, in other words.

Couldn't happen here? Already has.


Collins Elite... or Collins Family?

There is ZERO evidence for the Collins Elite, let alone that they are Christians of any sort. There is TOTAL evidence that the Collins Family brought the occult to America, and ushered in all the monsters in their later family tree right down to the Smiley Killers, The Process: Church of the Final Judgment and the rest.

The REAL Collins elite is the Collins Family, its scions and successors. Collins changed their name to Todd at the time of the American Civil War.

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The Smell Of Lime #1 - Back Cover

The Smell Of Lime #1 - back cover. ONI = Office of Naval Intelligence, AFOSI = Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Toynbee Tiles are central to The Smell Of Lime.

They may yet prove to be central to the whole UFO thing...


Area 51 and the remnants of Marvel Parsons aka Jack Parsons' Great Work...

Strange Things In The Desert
During our recent update of this page we came across a great program called 'Google Earth' which has some amazing satellite imagery of the entire World, including this top secret base. On closer inspection of the immediate area surrounding the base, which includes the Tanopah test range and Nellis Air Force base, we noticed some very odd anomalies deep in the Nevada desert and off-limits to non military personnel.
The star-shaped anomaly ( N by W) is situated just north of the Tonicha Peak base. Tonicha Peak is an Electronic Combat Range (ECR). We would like to hear from anybody who has an idea what this is? Some people think that it is a target for military practice or missile silo?
The triangle to the right is another strange object deep in the Nevada desert ( N by' W). There are actually 3 of these in the area, each marked with the number 1, 2 or 3 at the top of the triangle.

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UFO Disclosure: it will never happen.

I've recently read all the Richard Dolan oeuvre, and it is good reading.

Dolan's disquisitions have a dry but readable style, mildly ironic, but never reaching the depths of clumsy pedagoguery or indeed demagoguery that make the otherwise invaluable John Keel's works not only difficult to read but unreliable sources of information.

The central argument I must take issue with in relation to Dolan's writings though, is his baffling optimism about UFO Disclosure- note the capital D.

In truth, there will never be UFO disclosure. The reasons why not, as I see them, are set out below.

1. Despite some claims to the contrary, the UFO conspiracy / secret civilisation / back engineering crew / illuminati are clearly much weaker than some people believe.


(a) the behaviour of the secret group. Although there are commercial reasons for secrecy, the main reason to act in secret is because if one were to act openly one would be destroyed by an enemy vastly more powerful than your own group. For example the eighteenth suppression of the illuminati was virtually entirely successful, and but for a handful, a tiny handful, of survivors, not only would there have been no French and American revolutions, there would have been no "continuity of government" from the cabal of those days to the cabal of our own.

(b) the secret group reportedly spends 80% of its budget on secrecy. What this really means is that they are spending 80% of their budget on mind control and associated propaganda- lapdog media, chemtrail mind control, water-based mind control, food control and so on. If you spend 80% of your warfighting budget on something, it's because what your spending on is your real goal. In other words UFO goodies are just the latest in a long line of secret treasures the cabal has taken control over. There have been others in the past- epidemiology, demonology (if indeed there's any real difference between demonology and UFOs), fiat currency, maps, and many more.

(c) acting in secret and using mind control over the masses are activities of a SMALL group. The small size of the group is a direct reflection of its inability to use overt violent means to achieve its ends. When the secret group temporarily obtains mass force projection it pretty much immediately uses it- cf 1760-1812, 1841-1870, 1900-1955, 1965-1973, 1991-1995, 2001-present. However using powerful armies to make mass changes are only part of it.

2. UFO disclosure has been frustrated at every turn by immediate ruthless action including creation of controlled opposition, religions, apparent independent critics and of course executive action of a terminal nature. You don't do that and then disclose. Ever.

(a) example- the mafia, yakuza, vor y vor or any other ethnic organised crime group. They have NEVER voluntarily revealed ANYTHING about themselves and never will. Secrecy is an essential part of their business practices. Same with the UFO secret group.

3. Disclosure has for all intents and purposes and despite all of the above already happened, and despite those whistleblowers, investigators and insiders speaking, and in many cases being imprisoned, murdered, mind controlled or vanishing, which can only lend credibility to what they have said, there has been no breaking of the chains of media mind control in the general population. They Live, We Sleep.

4. Are there examples of previous UFO secret group type cabals (or earlier parts of the same one?) that never went through capital D Disclosure?

Yes. Yes, there are.

(a) example 1: Ancient Egypt. Everyone thinks they have a good idea of what Ancient Egypt was like, they think they know all sorts of things about it: pyramids were tombs, egyptians got better and better at making pyramids, egyptians had mummies everywhere, egyptians were mediterranean looking dudes with black hair, egyptians were totally preoccupied with life after death and magic, egyptians were dominated by priests, egyptians had all these crazy gods with animal heads.


egyptians took cocaine. no mean feat since it had to come all the way from south america.

egyptians were NOT obsessed with life after death, any more than we were.

egyptians did NOT imagine their gods to have animal heads. they in fact didn't have gods. what we now call their gods they called "wonder workers" or "bringers of wonder". the animal heads were symbolic, the same way we have sports team mascots.

egyptians did not have any priests. they had a university educated class called Scribes, or as we would call them, academics. This class of academics taught and mastered arts, sciences and philosophies as well as maintaining a 20,000 year history of Egypt.

We will never know what the ancient mysteries of Egypt really were, because they have never been revealed, and now never will be. However, it is clear that egyptians enjoyed electric light bulbs - there's no sign of smoke from torches in their deep underground passageways from earliest times as well as enjoying phenomenal architectural, engineering and astronomical skills as well as some incredibly advanced medicine- in their early period. All of this was lost the closer to today we journey.

The egyptians exported their culture and secret beliefs to greece and then rome, which is how we inherited chunks of them down to the demonbuilding secret societies of our nineteenth century. There has yet to be any meaningful revelation of any of that secret teaching, with the exception of Theosophy and the socialist and new age movements it spawned. And even then one gets the very strong impression that the meat of it is unwritten. Nod and wink stuff.

(b) Example 2: folk belief in fairies.

Despite strenuous efforts to record these beliefs in the early twentieth century these beliefs have been "lost" as the old people who believed them as a real faith "died out".

But this is actually not true at all. There is a vast body of living knowledge about fairies in ireland, which I know from first hand experience in my own family for example. Staunch catholics and protestants even, still preserving  significant folk tales, regional geographical based stories, and so on. The people holding the knowledged almost don't know what to do with it, but it's passed on in more or less semi-secret, deliberately circumvening busybodies, church know-alls and other troublemakers.

But the coup de grace example of a conspiracy that will never disclose is of course the one related to the same secret UFO group:

institutional, worldwide, conspiratorial, murderous child abuse and ritual murder.

Good luck waiting for Disclosure Day on THAT.


Al qaida

Why the name change from al qaeda to al qaida?

Predominantly, it's so that the narrative of al qaeda/qaida being a powerful terrorist organisation can be preserved.

Al qaeda has been outed as being nothing more than a CIA / DIA database called in Arabic "the toilet". As this information became better known, and as the fiction about Osama Bin Laden (who originally was called Usama Bin Laden or UBL - another name change) being some mighty supervillain faded, rebranding was required.

Al qaida doesn't exist, any more than al qaeda exists. But that name change to al qaida is useful. Anyone who uses the new spelling is a disinfo agent or a dupe. It's the Zeta Reticuli of terrorist espionage.


Summer, 1952:

Forteana is hijacked by the debunker fuckwits who have controlled it and sidelined it ever since.

All part of CIA / DIA plans relating to UFOs of course.

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gillard, barry soetoro, soros, the UN... let's cut to the fucking chase here.


Natwest Problems Technical Fault Extra Opening Hours

Natwest Problems Technical Fault Extra Opening Hours

 The problems we are having are in no way similar to the BNI Bank in Italy, where customers have been denied access to bank account cash for a month. This is a totally unrelated issue and has nothing to do with the fact that, like RBS, we are technically bankrupt so we’re having to gamble customers’ cash, on the world money markets, in an effort to bring in some real cash … rather than just getting the government to print some more money or by sending IOU emails to all our other banking pals. StumbleUpon

Inside the LC: Part XXI

Inside the LC: Part XXI

Margery, born Mina Stinson in Canada in 1888, had moved with her family to Boston, Massachusetts at a young age. As a teenager, she is said to have been a musical prodigy and to have played various musical instruments in local orchestras, and to later have worked as an actress, secretary and ambulance driver. In 1917, the then-married Mina was hospitalized and operated on by Dr. Le Roi Goddard Crandon, a man who occupied a prestigious position in Boston society.

Crandon was a direct descendent of one of the original twenty-three Mayflower passengers and a member of the Boston Yacht Club. He had graduated from Harvard Medical School and had also obtained a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Harvard, where he also served as an instructor. Just before meeting Mina, he had served as a Naval officer and as head of the surgical staff at a US Naval hospital during WWI.

Shortly after meeting the doctor, Mina divorced her first husband and, in 1918, became the much older Le Roi Crandon’s third wife. The two seemed hopelessly mismatched, she being young, vivacious and, by all accounts, very attractive, while he was said to be rather arrogant, unpleasant and antisocial. Nevertheless, the pair quickly became the talk of Boston’s high society, particularly after the summer of 1923, when they began holding regular ‘séances’ in their home.

One regular member of the couple’s inner circle was a fellow by the name of Joseph DeWyckoff, a wealthy steel tycoon who had been born in Poland and educated in England and Czarist Russia before settling in America to practice law. He was ultimately jailed in Boston on embezzlement charges, then later fled to Chicago after embezzling yet more money. He soon turned up in, of all places, Havana, Cuba, where, according to Kalush and Sloman, “in 1898 he was recruited by John Wilkie, the Secret Service chief, as a co-optee and was involved in spying for the United States during the Spanish-American War.”

That would be, needless to say, the very same John Wilkie who had kick-started Harry Houdini’s career that very same year. As a reward for his service, DeWyckoff, who “had a history of violence,” “was given the contract to salvage the Battleship Maine in the Havana Harbor.” The Maine had been sunk in what appears to have been a false-flag operation carried out by US intelligence operatives to justify launching a bloody colonial war.

Although fragmentary, there is clear evidence that Le Roi and Mina Crandon, in conjunction with various others (including DeWyckoff), began to ‘adopt,’ sometime soon after getting married, an untold number of children who subsequently went missing. A number of letters that Dr. Crandon penned on the subject and dispatched to his buddy Doyle appear to have gone missing as well. As Kalush and Sloman note, “Strangely, many of the letters regarding the investigation into the boys have been expunged from Crandon’s files.” As faithful readers know, there is nothing strange about that at all; it is pretty much par for the course.

In one surviving letter, sent on August 4, 1925, Crandon notes that “about December first I had Mr. DeWyckoff bring over a boy from a London home for possible adoption … In April 1925, our Secret Service Department at Washington received a letter saying that I had first and last sixteen boys in my house for ostensible adoption, and that they had all disappeared.” Four years earlier, a Boston newspaper had reported that two boys had been rescued from a raft. One, eight-year-old John Crandon, was Margery/Mina’s son from her previous marriage. The other was a ten-year-old English ‘adoptee’ who was reportedly so unhappy at the Crandon home that he was frantically attempting an escape, with the younger boy in tow (not unlike the Steven Stayner story). “Two years later, when Margery began her mediumship, there was no trace of that boy in the household.”

Perhaps he was the ‘homeless’ boy whose dead body was reportedly found on the outskirts of Joseph DeWyckoff’s large estate in Ramsey, New Jersey during that time period.

By 1924, Dr. Crandon was openly asking his many friends in the British spiritualist movement to “be on the lookout for suitable boys to adopt.” Around that same time, as another associate noted in a letter, Crandon was “being sued for $40,000 for operating on a woman for cancer, when she was simply pregnant, and destroying the foetus … A highly incredible story which persists is that a boy who was in his family some weeks mysteriously disappeared. He claims that the boy is now in his home in England, but still official letters of inquiry and demand are received from that country. This is no mere rumor, for I was shown some of the original letters … The matter has been going on for more than a year. It is very mysterious.”

In response to questions raised about the disappearance of one particular boy, Margery/Mina complained that “people wrote asking his whereabouts, and the prime minister of England cabled to ask where he was and demanded a cable reply. Why people even said Dr. Crandon committed illegal operations on little children and murdered them.” According to Margery, “the poor little fellow had adenoids and had to be circumcised,” so Crandon opted to perform the surgery at home. It was widely rumored that the good doctor had performed another procedure at home as well – surgically altering his wife’s vaginal opening to allow her to ‘magically’ produce various items at séances.

On one occasion, Margery opened a closet in her home and showed an associate a collection of photos of well over a hundred children, “most of them really lovely.” Margery told the woman that, “Those are Dr. Crandon’s caesareans—aren’t they sweet? All caesareans.” Given that Crandon wasn’t known for delivering babies at all, the notion that he had delivered over a hundred of them via caesarean was an absurdity. Who then were all these children and what became of them?

Such is the fragmentary evidence trail indicating that an untold number of young boys fell into the nefarious hands of a cabal of wealthy individuals with connections to the intelligence community. Nearly a full century ago. Not to worry though – the disappearances were investigated by John Wilkie’s Secret Service and a British MP by the name of, uhmm, Harry Day. And I’m sure they got to the bottom of the sordid affair, just as Louis Freeh is undoubtedly now getting to the truth of the Sandusky case.

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Julia Gillard’s corrupt past raised in parliament by ALP member Robert McClelland. | Kangaroo Court of Australia

Julia Gillard’s corrupt past raised in parliament by ALP member Robert McClelland. | Kangaroo Court of Australia StumbleUpon

The Smell Of Lime: Oscar and Tramman running from a Thak and a Monitor

Low res version of the finished page. FSPC skybox with Gimp generated sphere and texture generated using Terragen and a Gimp feature I downloaded.

Gimp works very well, and FSPC is good for everything other than what it is intended for, as usual. :)

This is an early page in issue 2.

Issue 1 of The Smell Of Lime is on sale HERE.

Angels & Demons, Satan & UFOs & antichrist, nephilim & Bible prophecy, new world order conspiracy, freemasons, Aliens & the Bible, Mars & Antichrist Prophecy end times 2012 apocalypse

Angels & Demons, Satan & UFOs & antichrist, nephilim & Bible prophecy, new world order conspiracy, freemasons, Aliens & the Bible, Mars & Antichrist Prophecy end times 2012 apocalypse

Crabwood Cropcircle Alien Crop Glyph Code

watcher website Crabwood Alien Gyph message in crop refers to Roswell david flynn roswell Crabwood Alien Gyph message in crop refers to Roswell
While the Crabwood Glyph may or may not be created by THEM, the numbers within the design itself triggered a discovery proving that ROSWELL WAS NOT RANDOM. The location of Roswell New Mexico is one of the few places on earth where the longitude divided by the latitude is almost exactly the mathematical constant Pi. In fact, just north of Roswell proper there is a "line" on the map where the longitude divided by the latitude is exactly 3.141592. This line on the map of New Mexico where the longitude divided by the latitude equalling pi occurs ALSO corresponds to the location of the the legendary "three crash sites" of the Roswell event of 1947. more images will follow.

Genesis 6 Bible account of alien hybrids
Aliens (rebel angels) first contact in Phoenicia at 33.33 degrees N 33.33 degrees E
      Ancient Jewish texts discuss alien beings having come to the earth from the heavens at location 33.33 degrees. Ancient Mayan prophecies discuss alien beings returning to earth from the heavens at a time corresponding to 33.33. How does the occult number 33 work as "illuminated shorthand" for the end of 2012? Among other illuminati, Scottish Rite Freemasons journey through various degree levels to reach the 33rd degree after which they receive secret transformative illumination. Fellow travellers & other illuminated brethren know about converting 33 1/3 degrees to nautical miles. Think of it this way... say you are a navigator sailing across the ocean. How far have you travelled if you have sailed 33.33 degrees? According to this calculator available on the interweb travelling 33.33 degrees is 2012.9 nautical miles, that is to say, not quite 2013 nautical miles. The TIME corresponding to having travelled 33 1/3 degrees seems to be significant to the illuminated brethern whose symbols are the square & compass.

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Dr. Robert Sarchacher was a preeminent scientist. A Harvard graduate, he was Dean of the Graduate School of Georgia Institute of Technology, Director of Research at Wedd Laboratories, an accomplished inventor, a Scientific Consultant to the U.S. Marines and government agencies, and connected to the Joint Research and Development Board (JRDB) of the US DOD. One of his research specialities was remote controlled rockets.

In the 1980s Sarbacher confirmed to researchers William Steinman, Stan Freidman, Jerry Clark and William Moore several truths about UFOs and ET. He indicated that in the early 1950s he was officially made aware of a crash of a non-terrestrial craft in the Southwest- a crash that occured at that time or likely some time prior, and may well have been the Roswell UFO crash. He had confirmed to them (as well as to scientist Wilbert Smith of Canada three decades prior) that the subject was classified higher that the development of the Atom Bomb. He said that the debris was very light and very tough. He understood that the aliens were lightweight and constructed somewhat like insects. He said that a small group of people were likely involved in the crash debris analysis and included Von Braun, Vannevar Bush, Oppenheimer, and Eric Walker, among others.

Recently, respected researcher D.M. Duncan located Sarbacher’s son, Robert Sarbacher, Jr., living in Texas. Duncan had a revealing dialog with Sarbacher. It was learned that the younger Sarbacher had once questioned his father about the UFO phenomena. His Dad spoke sparingly about the saucer subject.

Sarbacher Jr. said of his father: "He knew that they were real for the obvious reason that they would be going 600 mph and then make a direct 90 degree turn in mid-air without slowing down...separated from all inertia and gravity. Dad said that the reason he was called in was to build the right kind of missile to track these things since they were way too fast for any of our planes to catch. They wanted the missile to not destroy any of the UFOs, but to be able to track them. So Dad had cameras installed (like on the V-2 rockets) so when the UFO comes into our air space we would shoot missiles at them with cameras on them, since only a missile could keep up with the speed turns."

Stunned at the revelation, Duncan wanted to clarify this, and Sarbacher’s son replied, "Yes, exactly to track UFOs, or rather to photograph and watch them...When he first told me about the missiles...the first thing I thought was, what? You were trying to destroy them? He (Sarbacher Sr.) said very normally and matter of factly, "No, we put cameras on the end of them."


J. Andrew Kissner was a former New Mexico State Representative from Las Cruces, N.M. During the 1990s, Kissner provided assistance to Congressman Steven Schiff of N.M. in ascertaining the truth about the UFO crash at Roswell. Schiff was instrumental in facilitating studies conducted by the the U.S. GAO and USAF on the crash.

Kissner maintains that while he worked in Las Cruces, near White Sands Missile Range, he received information from a trusted high-ranking officer who worked there. Kissner wrote that at White Sands, he was told that in 1947: "A radar target instantaneously appeared next to the ascending V-2 missile, and immediately the V-2 rocket changed course." Kissner says his White Sands military officer source "saw a photograph of a flying disc taken from a camera aimed through a V-2 rocket window. The object changed course, taking a northeasterly track, one that brought the rocket crashing to earth two minutes later only six miles east and slightly north of the community of Alamogordo, New Mexico, 40 degrees off the V-2’s project flight path."

Kissner continues: "Whatever had mysteriously appeared and vanished after observing a V-2 in flight in close proxity to the rocket, it apparently affected the rocket’s trajectory. That event became an immediate priority with a very small, closed circle of highly ranked general staff officers and civilian scientists assigned to the Joint Research and Development Board (JRDB.)"

Kissner wonders if the saucer at Roswell was somehow brought down purposely or inadvertently by such V-2 or other rocket exercises.


Lloyd Eugene Camp was a Sergeant Major who spent many years at White Sands, including as a Radar Operator. Camp died at age 75 in 1993. Recently his daughter, Sherry Malin, revealed intriguing information that supports and corroborates the Sarbacher and Kissner White Sands revelations.

Camp’s daughter explains: "Back in the 1940s, my father worked at the White Sands Proving Grounds in Alamogordo, N.M. He helped carry out top-level research on the only captured German V-2 rockets in existence. He spent several years there, retiring after 37 years in the Navy. One time, while one of the rockets was being launched, two UFOs appeared along side the rocket. My father saw both on radar, and visually from where he was. He saw what appeared to be two silvery discs circling the rocket. He observed them for several minutes, before they suddenly turned on their sides and zoomed off. Meanwhile, the radar equipment went haywire and locked in on the flying saucers as they quickly vanished from the radar screen causing the men to loose track of the rocket. He said that he had seen these flying saucers several times circling the V-2 rockets when they were launched at White Sands."

Camp told his daughter, in the last year of his life, something else of even greater significance: "My father told me that he remembered a group of men being sent out from White Sands to help pack up the crashed ship at Roswell, New Mexico. I believe my father was telling the truth."

Sherry adds: "He didn’t say UFO. He said Flying Saucer. Dad said they were aliens. They weren’t from here." For documentation of Camp’s Certificate of Clearance with US Naval Intelligence, click here for link:



Yet another substantiation of the V-2 viewed saucers comes from the US Government itself. By carefully re-examining the official government UFO study "Project Twinkle" (which considered in detail the observations of strange aerial phenomena -including the mysterious "Green Fireballs") information was found that further confirms the V-2 Rocket/UFO connection. This bonafide study appears to provide direct confirmation of the testimonies of Sarbacher, Kissner and Camp.

Buried within a document dated November 27, 1951, Dr. Louis Elterman, a Sr. Project Scientist with the government’s Atmospherics Physics Laboratory, Geophysics Division, is found a brief and cryptic comment:

"On August 31, 1950, the phenomena was again observed after a V-2 launching. Although much film was expended, proper triangulation was not affected, so that no information was acquired. On September 11, arrangements were made for Major Gover to be on call so that aerial objects might be pursued. This would make possible more intimate visual observation and photography at close range."


These four independent stories on V-2’s and UFOs -all from disparate but credible sources- demonstrate that the phenomena of aerial unknowns at White Sands was real and was likely filmed by rockets. Did a rocket intentionally or accidentally bring down the Roswell craft? Where are the films and photographs of the mysterious sky vehicles taken by these camera-outfitted V-2’s?

As with most things related to the phenomena, there are more questions than answers. Further research and requests through the Freedom of Information Act by this author will seek to obtain the answers- and the no doubt incredible film of these V-2 viewed fantastic flying saucers.

Copyright 2010, InterAmerica, Inc.

Ophanim... OPHA... UFO...

The ophanim or ofanim, also Ophde (Hebrew "wheels" אְוּפַּנים; singular ofan) refer to the wheels seen on Ezekiel's vision of the chariot (Hebrew merkavah) in Ezekiel 1:15-21. These are first construed as angels in one of the Dead Sea scrolls (4Q405), and as a class of celestial beings in late sections of the Book of Enoch (61:10, 71:7) where with the Cherubim and Seraphim they never sleep, but guard the throne of God.

These "wheels" have been associated with Daniel 7:9 (mentioned as gagal, traditionally "the wheels of gagallin", in "fiery flame" and "burning fire") of the four, eye-covered wheels (each composed of two nested wheels), that move next to the winged Cherubim, beneath the throne of God. The four wheels move with the Cherubim because the spirit of the Cherubim is in them. These are also referred to as the "many-eyed ones" in the late Second Book of Enoch (20:1, 21:1).

The Ophanim are also equated as the "Thrones", associated with the "Wheels", in the vision of Daniel 7:9 (Old Testament). They are the carriers of the throne of God, hence the name. However, they may or may not be the same Thrones (Gr. thronos) mentioned by Paul of Tarsus in Colossians 1:16 (New Testament).

These Angelic Princes are often also called "Ofanim, Wheels or Galgallin." It is said that they were the actual wheels of the Lord's Heavenly Chariot (Merkabah). "The four wheels had rims and they had spokes, and their rims were full of eyes round about." They are also frequently referred to as "many-eyed ones."
Rosemary Gulley (1996: p. 37) states that:
The 'thrones'; also known as 'ophanim' (offanim) and 'galgallin', are creatures that function as the actual chariots of God driven by the cherubs. They are characterized by peace and submission; God rests upon them. Thrones are depicted as great wheels containing many eyes, and reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. They chant glorias to God and remain forever in his presence. They mete out divine justice and maintain the cosmic harmony of all universal laws.[1]
 The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception refers that the "Lords of the Flame", the Hierarchy of Elohim astrologically assigned to Leo, are the Thrones (from the Old Testament description, "because of the brilliant luminosity of their bodies and their great spiritual powers."); the other two superior hierarchies being also the Cherubim and Seraphim. According to this teaching, these three Hierarchies have already reached liberation, and thus are no longer active in the work of evolution.

John Keel on military deception and disinformation

John Keel, after describing the all too real encounters he suffered with both aliens and military interference, praised the attempts by the Pentagon to disinform, since he thought that the alien force- the demonological force behind "Operation Trojan Horse"- was supremely dangerous to human free will and ultimately the destiny of the race.

On that basis, other than the personal level where his phone was hacked- no mean feat in those days- he approved whole heartedly with the military's deliberate obfuscations, infiltrations of UFO groups and so on.

Where he drew the line was when the professional disinformation strayed into witless blanket denials- because that sort of unprofessional "information management" not only confused the issue, and made the military look stupid when they weren't, it also provoked people to give digging instead of just turning them off the idea.


All of this was back in 1964-1967, and one has to wonder what the hell has gone on since. We know about the Benewitz persecution, MJ-12 deception- it seems things got more heated, more sophisticated, and much nastier.

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Articles: Freedom's Lady Eclipses the Jubilee Queen and the Prince

A woman of action, Cox has introduced a bill in the House of Lords entitled "One Law for All" that would restore the supremacy of British law while denying the jurisdiction of the more than 75 sharia tribunals that have asserted authority over Muslim marriages, family law, and contract negotiations in the U.K.  Muslim women are trusting Baroness Cox to be their champion in the fight for equality to the degree that they are coming forward with testimonials to express support for the legislation.
Baroness Cox understands well that democratic civilizations order themselves according to core principles.  Outsiders must come to the society understanding that they come to embrace the respected customs -- not to challenge, undermine, and change them.  Now that Britain has invited the incorporation of contra-democratic practices imposed by clerical sharia, Brits must demonstrate the cultural will to reassert their own heritage, values, and legal standards.

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Blog: Obama goes Nixon, claims executive privilege on F&F

Blog: Obama goes Nixon, claims executive privilege on F&F

 "The assertion of executive privilege raises monumental questions," Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said in a statement released Wednesday shortly after the president's move. "How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement? How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he's supposedly never seen? Is something very big being hidden to go to this extreme? The contempt citation is an important procedural mechanism in our system of checks and balances. The questions from Congress go to determining what happened in a disastrous government program for accountability and so that it's never repeated again."

Grassley is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee and has previously called a Justice Department investigation into the "Fast and Furious" gunrunning operation "botched."


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X-37B OTV Spaceplane Launch to Militarize Space on Earth Day « Ahrcanum

X-37B OTV Spaceplane Launch to Militarize Space on Earth Day « Ahrcanum

X-37B OTV Spaceplane Launch to Militarize Space on Earth Day

X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle
The X-37B  Orbital Test Vehicle also referred to as the Advanced Technology Demonstrator  is set for launch tonight, April 22, 2010. It will be taken aloft by The Atlas V in the 501 vehicle configuration with a five-meter fairing, no solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Launch Complex 41. The planned liftoff time is 7:52 p.m. and the launch window will extend through 8:01 p.m.
The X-37B OTV is not your everyday launch.  First of all, this is not a NASA program, but a U.S. government launch that is cloaked in secrecy.   Shuttle Atlantis only this morning has reached its seaside perch on launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.  It is targeted for a six crew, May 14 launch to the International Space Station.
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with the Air Force's Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) rolls out to its Space Launch Complex-41 launch pad arriving at 11 a.m. EDT today. Photo by Pat Corkery, United Launch Alliance.
 The X-37 program, while originally a NASA initiative, is now led by Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office officials, which expedite development and fielding of select Defense Department combat support and weapons systems. AFRCO officials are currently working on the X-37B program, building upon early development and testing conducted by officials from NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force Research Laboratory. 
Angie Blair, an Air Force spokeswoman for the project added, “that the X-37B will be operated by contractors under the direction of Air Force Space Command’s 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron.” 

The Denver Post said the launch was being done by the Centennial-based United Launch Alliance.  This will be United Launch Alliance’s third launch of the year and the 21st Atlas V launch in program history.
Featured above is one of, “Trevor Paglen’s “I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to Be Destroyed By Me: Emblems From the Pentagon’s Black World.” Paglen, an “artist, writer and experimental geographer,” has assembled about 40 colorful patch insignia from secret, military “black” programs that are hardly ever discussed in public… Almost every patch has a Latin phrase at the bottom, e.g. Semper en Obscurus, or “Always in the Dark,” the motto of the Air Force’s Special Projects Office.    
On this AFRCO patch, “ The Latin at the bottom of the patch translates as “Doing God’s work with other people’s money.” The image is part of the   
This patch is from the Phillips Laboratory Military Spaceplane Technology (MiST) Program Office at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. The original version of this patch featured an "X-Wing" fighter from Star Wars.

The Air Force interest in military spaceplanes stretches back nearly 40 years from the first Aerospaceplane program and Dyna-Soar/X-20 program (late 1950s-early 1960s); to the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization’s Single-Stage Rocket Technology program that built the Delta Clipper-Experimental (DC-X) experimental reusable spaceplane.     

From a 1999 Report via   “The Air Force must quickly develop doctrine and command relationships designed to maximize the contributions routine space access brings to the joint warfighter. Doctrinal constructs for the effective use of USAF expeditionary aerospace power will help ensure our nation maintains its lead as the preeminent aerospace power. This paper specifically uses the near-future advent of Reusable Launch Vehicles and their implications for an Expeditionary Air Force as an illustration of how future Joint Force Commanders may effectively bring aerospace power to bear in the battlespace as a combined, synergistic whole.”   

Basically, 11 years later America is about to officially weaponize space, or should we say at least for the first time, admitting it.    StumbleUpon

Wake THE FUCK up.

"Lord, how the world is given to worshiping words! Eschew the coarse word slavery, and you can get glad acceptance for a condition of actual slavery. A man is a slave when his labour-products are appropriated, and his activities are governed by some agency other than himself; that is the essence of slavery. Refrain from using the word Bolshevism, or Fascism, Hitlerism, Marxism, Communism, and you have no troubles getting acceptance for the principle that underlies them all alike--the principle that the State is everything, and the individual nothing."

  Albert Jay Nock

Gillard's attack on Australia's white majority is no accident.

Jack Straw denies 'secret plot' on mass immigration - Telegraph

The former Home Secretary, now the Justice Secretary, said it was "just untrue" that the Government had a deliberate policy in the early 2000s to use immigration for political ends and to attack the Right.
It follows claims last week by Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, that the huge increase in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity".
He said Labour's relaxation of controls in 2000/01 was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote".
As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants.
Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, yesterday told the Commons it would be "utterly disgraceful" for ministers to base immigration policy on party politics.

Foldvary: The Natural Laws of Economics

Foldvary: The Natural Laws of Economics

The Natural Laws of Economics

Fred Foldvary
by Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor

A natural law is a proposition that is universal to a subject matter. In science, a natural law consists of propositions describing and explaining observed regularities. There are in economics some basic regularities which have been designated as natural laws of economics. These include:

1. The law of demand. When the price of a good falls, the quantity demanded does not fall. Usually, the quantity demanded rises with a fall in price. Strictly, the law of demand applies to the substitution of cheaper goods for more expensive goods due to a relative change in price. The law of demand also applies to the whole economy: when the whole price level falls, with the amount of money remaining constant, a greater amount of goods will be purchased.

2. The law of supply. When the price of a good rises, the quantity produced does not fall. Usually, a higher price for a produced good results in a greater quantity produced.

3. The law of diminishing returns (law of decreasing marginal productivity). Given a fixed amount of some input, when ever more amounts of the variable input are added, eventually, the marginal product (the last unit's contribution to output) declines.

4. The law of one price. In an efficient market, a financial asset will tend to have one equilibrium price, because of arbitrage.

5. Gresham's law. Bad money drives out good money when the bad money is legal tender.

6. The law of reflux. In competitive free-market banking, there cannot be a permanent over issue of banknotes, since any issued in excess of the quantity demanded will be redeemed.

7. Law of supply and demand. In a free market, the equilibrium price of a good is that at which the quantity supplied equals the quantity demanded.

8. The law of diminishing marginal utility. As one obtains more and more of a particular good, eventually the marginal utility (value from one more unit) declines.

9. The law of unintended consequences. Human actions, and especially governmental acts, have consequences which were not intended and not anticipated by the actors.

10. The law of iterated expectations. One cannot use the limited information at some previous time in order to predict the forecast error one would make if one had better information later.

11. Engel's law. The proportion of income spent on food in an economy is inversely proportional to the general welfare of the society in that economy.

12. Wagner's law. As an economy grows, government spending has increased by a greater proportion.

13. Foldvary's law of inequality. Inequality equals the concentration of a distribution times the number of units (I=CN).

14. Say's law of markets. The supply of goods will pay the factors of production such that the payments are equal to the value of the product, and therefore aggregate quantity supplied equals aggregate quantity demanded.

15. Law of time preference. People tend to prefer to obtain goods sooner rather than later, and will pay a premium (i.e. interest) to shift buying from the future to the present.

16. Law of the market. Statements made by market participants are assumed to be truthful, and products are presumed to be safe and effective unless stated otherwise.

17. Pareto's law of distribution. There is a general tendency for 80 percent of the consequences to result from 20 percent of the causes, which often applies to property, 80 percent of the wealth owned by 20 percent of the population.

18. Law of cost. All costs are opportunity costs, the true cost being what is given up to get something.

19. Law of comparative advantage. Trade takes place because parties specialize in the products which have a lower opportunity cost, rather than merely a lower physical cost.

20. The law of wages. The wage level of an economy, where labor is mobile and competitive, is determined by the marginal productivity of labor at the margin of production, i.e. the least productive land in use.

21. The law of rent. The economic rent of a plot of land equals the difference between its output and the output at the margin of production, i.e. the least productive land in use, using the same quality of labor and capital goods.

22. The law of capital goods. Investment in capital goods and human capital expand until the expected return on investment, adjusted for risk, equals that of the long-term real interest rate.

23. Walras' law. If there is an excess quantity supplied in one market, there must be a matching excess quantity demanded in another market.

24. The law of economizing. People tend to economize, maximizing gains for a given cost, and minimizing costs for a given gain.

25. The law of economic rationality. Human action is economically rational if one's preferences are consistent and if one economizes.

26. The Gaffney effect. The public collection of rent equalizes the discount rate for land usage, since otherwise people would have different credit costs for purchasing land.

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