Friday, February 28, 2014

Kaitlyn Roig at Sandy Hook: FEAR OF UNIFORMS

"When the door opened I observed numerous children in a small bathroom with blonde female teacher holding the children back.

The teacher began to yell at me, 'You're not the police, I don't believe you," she repeated this several times and [sic] which time Tpr. Poach grabbed a couple of children and the others followed.

 As the children exited the bathroom they were passed of to the officers and escorted out of the classroom.

I stayed kneeling and the teacher stayed motionless against the bathroom wall, continuously repeating, 'You're not the police, I don't believe you."

Once the last child exited the bathroom I reached in and grabbed the teacher, later identified as Kaitlin Roig and she became hysterical and I physically escorted Roig from the school exiting through a classroom door at the XXXX corner."


 According to officer Vanghele's written statement (among the report docs), he and fellow officer had to move a cabinet away from the front of the bathroom door where Roig and kids were hiding. Since neither Roig nor anyone else hiding there could have moved the cabinet in front of door (after entering bathroom) how in hell could that cabinet been moved into place to block the door (unless someone from the outside helped to hide them and then pushed cabinet into place). Who could that be?
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