Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reality Check

Reading stuff online is fun.

And when anonymous cowards and barking mad underclass refugees create a fictional web of defamatory comments it's fun to read that, too- or for some people, it's even fun to join in (anonymously of course).

I've been relentlessly pilloried for several years now- on totally spurious baseless grounds. All the better I suppose the sociopaths think. If they actually think, it's hard to tell with deeply disturbed individuals.

But here is the truth.

I have no criminal record. I have never been bankrupt. Even accepting arguable debts that are grossly out of time and unenforceable anyway - but taking a rational argumentum at its strongest- I would be easily solvent and able to pay my bills. I know this, because I pay all my bills each month. I had, through necessity, a top secret clearance checked as regularly as required by the due process under which I had to live. I no longer have any such status.

There has never been a complaint about my business, and I have that in writing from the relevant departments. Even in relation to this now decade old nonsense about the ultra vires actions of a law society in a benighted corner of Australia and their "boss hog" closed shop, I have it in writing that nothing stands against my name in the jurisdiction in which I was admitted. Those are stone cold sober facts. No complaints stand against my name. I, on the other hand, have made formal complaints which have proceeded based on the evidence I have provided. In other words my complaints about various businesses and individuals are on record. I think more than anything else it is that salient fact that should be noted. In the objective realm of reality, it is the defamers and lunatics who are being held to account. Not me, as their victim.

The correct technical term for their behaviour is "Borderline Personality Disorder Defamation". I had no idea it was as common, or well understood, as it obviously is. However, there are thousands of cases like mine - every day - and I am far from unique in being the object of someone's destructive tendencies. One could ascribe it to jealousy, ideology, bored silly swine wasting their lives online, fantasists who have been provoked by my blunt manner- but really, to be honest about their motivation, at least some of those who try and bully me online (strangely, they are not keen on real life confrontations...) are psychosexual deviants (as their own websites and forums make very clear) or straight out small league criminals whose activities I have disrupted.

I know for a fact I am not their only victim either. Sadly, others who have been persecuted have caved in or "left well enough alone" rather then excise the sickness from society.

I'm afraid that isn't the approach I intend to take from here on in. Indeed, I have had professionals running a detailed and comprehensive operation for what, nearly two years now.

It makes interesting reading so far.
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