Friday, March 15, 2013

Jewish Bolshevism and the threat to the tattered remnants of freedom in the UK

On the subject of the Bolsheviks, the Katyn Forest massacre, Lavrenty Beria – and the NKVD police (who carried out the Katyn Forest murders of Polish Officers) there is an even more ‘stranger than fiction’ scenario to relate.

Every year in Poland the population mourn the Katyn Forest murders of thousands of Military officers, non-communist intellectuals, authors, and clergy – carried out by the Marxist communists. Secretaries of state for foreign affairs from different countries usually attend to pay their respects. About four years ago, when David Miliband was the British Foreign Secretary, it became noticeable that Britain would not be sending their man. Worse still came the extremely embarrassing knowledge that this was because of information that the new Russian government held about WHO EXACTLY (which NKVD officer) was in charge of the Katyn Forest massacres. Apparently grandfather Miliband had been the Red NKVD officer in charge of the massacre. The Milibands had later left Russia and eventually claimed asylum in Britain – claiming to have been racially abused by ‘Nazi-sympathizers’ in Holland AFTER World War Two!

Can somebody explain to me how both the two grandsons are now in top positions of power in Great Britain today? If Labour win the next election in Britain – we will all be completely at their mercy – and there does not seem to be anything anyone can do about it, (lawfully).

Incidently – the aeroplane carrying the Polish Premiere to the Katyn Forest event then crashed killing all on board – in rather mysterious circumstances. You could not make this up!
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