Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 5 of a broken promise | Catallaxy Files

Day 5 of a broken promise | Catallaxy Files


If you hate
socialist policy and you vote for the opposite, you are allowed to be
scathing in your attack of the traitor who says one thing and then does
the socialist opposite when elected.

We vote for policy not party.

party with the best policies should always be your choice.

In our system
if our politicians lie to us our whole system fails.

This is socialist
big government policy being adopted be this government after they said
they would not do it………be very vocal.

However I do know what lying filth
the msm are and hope to god that the liberal party get a big enough scare
to come to it’s senses.

Write to your member.

 If Tony is as piss weak
in as I think he could be I think he needs to know he can’t have a quiet
life with the left at our expence. There will be consequences.

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