Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Block: dropped the ball at the last line

The Block became regular viewing for my family and I've seen bits and pieces of it involuntarily. The finale was one of the bits I saw some of.

First off, the producers need to stop trying to pick a winner. The fix was in for Rod and Tania, and it didn't work.

The cheapest hovel won, because it is a perceived bargain.

Putting reserve prices on the buildings based on anything other than purchase price plus some real cost of renovation was absurd, and the reserves themselves put a big flashing arrow saying buy Rod and Tania's for the best price, as did the saboteur auctioneer for the first couple and the breast cancer shills in the audience for Rod and Tania. Despite that, the outcome was a victory for the infrequent wisdom of the mob.

As for Razor- getting some jewish actresses to play the thick ankled irish molls from reality is hilarious, and as for Farmer wants a hooker- pass.
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