Sunday, March 18, 2012

outraged outrage (email spam)

Before you read this, just remember the $20,000,000 Penny W®ong [UTF-8?]couldn’t possibly find in the budget to pay back the troops to compensate for the Government swindle on DFRDB.(Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefit fund) Now, $20,000,000 will miraculously appear to cover the [UTF-8?]‘Snouts in the [UTF-8?]Trough’ pollies for their meagre pay rise.   What a joke from ALL sides of the house!!!!
Oh, and today she has  announced $11 Billion (which we will have to borrow) to prop up the  Euro !!   How stupid is this Government without a mandate  !

We're "broke" &  can't help our own Seniors, Troops, Orphans or Homeless  etc.

In the last month we  have provided aid to Haiti, Indonesia,Timor , Turkey, Greece  & Pakistan.
  Our Aged Pensioners  living on a 'fixed income'
Receive no aid or get any  breaks while our
Government and religious organizations  pour
Hundreds of Millions of $$$$$$'S and Tons  of Food to Foreign Countries!

We have  thousands of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make  room for the adoption of foreign  orphans.
cid:001401ccd2cd$3186fac0$c647828a@vk6copybp7k0nq AUSTRALIA a country  where we have homeless without shelter,  children and  adults going to bed hungry,
elderly going without  'needed' medication and
mentally ill without  treatment - etc etc.


They are requesting  donations for the people
of Pakistan a country  currently buying fighter planes worth $1.4  billion.
TV stations, ships &  planes lining up with food,
water,  tents, clothes,  bedding, doctors and medical supplies.
Imagine if the  *GOVERNMENT*  gave 'US'
The same support they  give to other
    Sad, Isn't  It?  99% of people  won't have the 'guts' to forward this.
I  However Just Did !  
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