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61 yo Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS - "unguarded moment" led to arrest after 2,800 text messages to a 13 year old girl - Michael Smith News

61 yo Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS - "unguarded moment" led to arrest after 2,800 text messages to a 13 year old girl - Michael Smith News

61 yo Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS - "unguarded moment" led to arrest after 2,800 text messages to a 13 year old girl

Here is
a link to my story (with Anthony Klan and Dan Box) in The Australian
today regarding the convicted criminal Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS.

Williams was an Air Force Cadet officer working with children when
the Chief of the RAAF declared him of unsatisfactory character and
discharged him from the service.   WILLIAMS had been sentenced to 3
months gaol (suspended) after being convicted on fraud and forgery
charges.   He was also disbarred as a lawyer.

Somehow WILLIAMS was allowed to join the Army Cadets - working with young girls.

Today we report in The Australian that WILLIAMS was also working with girls in Scouts Australia and St John Ambulance.

The Australian Army has some very big questions to answer - how was
WILLIAMS allowed to join up with his criminal history?   Why was no
action taken after 4 separate complaints by young girls against him in
the army cadets?   Why was he allowed to continue to serve in the cadets
after he was arrested and charged with offences involving a 13 year old
girl in Scouts Australia?

In the police statement of facts I read yesterday, WILLIAMS gives a
chilling answer to Detective Senior Constable Sanjay Pratap's question -
why did you send the text message to a 13 year old girl suggesting she

Amongst other things WILLIAMS said, "It must have been an unguarded moment".



Army cadet officer faced charge of grooming girl, 13

A 61-YEAR-OLD Sydney
army cadet officer stood down this month amid allegations he ­engaged in
sexual behaviour with female minors was charged last year over using
social media to groom a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Christopher Williams,
stood down from the Australian Army Cadets two weeks ago after
revelations in The Australian of alleged abuse, was separately charged
in September over the grooming allegations.

According to a NSW
police statement of facts, about 2800 phone text and Facebook mes­sages
were exchanged between Williams and the girl between June and August
last year. The Facebook messages written by Williams to the girl
included: “I’ll have to come over and spank you (lol)”; “Love you babe!
Dream of you, I am sure”; and “You are a Goddess ... one day I will give
you hugs and kisses”.

On July 26, at 11.41am,
Wil­liams sent her a message saying: “If you want to do something to
yourself, do something that will make you feel goodyu can always
masturbate, that will make you feel terrific and keep negative thoughts

Williams was charged
with using a carriage service to procure a person under 16 for sex and
using a carriage service to send indecent materials to someone under 16.
The charge relating to grooming the girl for sex was dropped, but
Williams last month pleaded guilty to sending indecent ­material to the
girl. He is due to be sentenced on June 13 and faces up to two years’
Williams was arrested
in September. During his interview with police he was asked about the
masturbation message and replied: “Yeah, that is something I’ve written
and I shouldn’t have written … I shouldn’t have put that in. I must have
been tired … It might have been something I thought but I didn’t think
I’d written.”


Still in the Army. Maybe someone in military intelligence / security is looking after him.

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