Thursday, April 10, 2014

News - TIME TO SHUT SHARIA DOWN - The Pickering Post

News - TIME TO SHUT SHARIA DOWN - The Pickering Post

The Pickering Post reported last week: “Sharia Banking is also
booming with the assistance of the NAB.... allowing the Islamist to give
the finger to the infidel next door.” So today’s announcement that the
NAB is pouring a further $15 million into its Sharia banking arm led me
to search for more information.

Alas, the NAB had suffered a torrent of abuse with current clients closing their accounts.

Each on-line newspaper was forced to pull the page under the NAB’s threat of withdrawing advertising if the story wasn’t spiked.

What’s going on with mobs like the NAB and the Bank of Bendigo which
has closed the account of “The Bendigo Mosque Protest Group”.

The concerned community of Bendigo was given short shrift by its bank
after the Islamic pro-mosque group demanded the closure of the protest
group's account, threatening to take finance for their $3 million mosque

Has Section 18C political correctness gone completely mad?

Food processing companies are capitulating to Halal Certification demands and paying fees that are passed on to Aussie shoppers.

So we Aussies, whether we want to or not, are financing Islamic bigotry and violence both here and in Syria.

Don’t Australian companies understand the vast majority of
Australians are against Islamic separatist ghettos using the barbaric
Sharia law as an alternative to our law?

Do Australian companies endorse wife beating, the amputation of
limbs, beheading of non-believers, child marriage, sexual mutilation of
young girls and paedophilia? Because that’s what Sharia law demands!

Don’t they see the ever-increasing number of innocent young Aussie
girls being bashed and raped by Islamic cowards who use the excuse of
“cultural difference” to escape jail sentences from Leftist magistrates?

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