Wednesday, April 30, 2014



When sleaze-ball Anthony Blunt confessed his role as a Soviet spy to MI5 interrogators in 1964, he gave up Mountbatten.

Defying protocol, the Queen was informed personally by the Director-General of
MI5 to keep the government of the day—especially its suspect prime
minister, Harold Wilson—out of the loop. This was an extraordinary
arrangement, and out of it was hatched an even more extraordinary deal:
Louis Mountbatten would remain free, unaware that he had been
compromised; the Queen would assist MI5 supplying cousin Dickie with
disinformation for Soviet consumption.

One faction of Britain’s security service was livid. They wanted to see Lord Mountbatten
punished for his betrayal. However, the arrest, trial and imprisonment
of one of Britain’s most prominent royals was out of the question
because of the irreparable harm it would do Britain’s monarchy.

This faction, more powerful a decade-and-a-half later, finally had their chance.

The plan was brilliant in its simplicity: Sit back and watch Irish
Republican Army (IRA) terrorists blow Louis Mountbatten to kingdom come.
They had earlier learned through their informant inside the IRA’s War
Council of the plan to assassinate Lord Mountbatten while he vacationed
aboard his yacht in Ireland. All they had to do was nothing.
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