Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finding Nemo

The Cry of the 13th Aethyr - The Vision and the Voice

A voice comes: This water which thou seest is called the water of death6. But NEMO hath filled therefrom our springs.
And I said: Who is NEMO?
And the voice answered: A dolphin's tooth, and a ram's horns, and the hand of a man that is hanged, and the phallus of a goat7. (By this I understand that nun is explained by shin, and he' by resh, and mem by yod, and ayin by tau8. NEMO is therefore called 165 = 11 x 15; and is in himself 910 = 91 Amen x 10; and 13 x 70 = The One Eye, Achad Ayin.)
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