Saturday, February 2, 2013

A few notes on secret commissions - Michael Smith News

Silky smooth political skills there, champ.

A few notes on secret commissions - Michael Smith News


Thanks. There is a flurry of activity. I have heard that Kelty and White were appalled at Roxon. She had been appointed Attorney-general with just over a year as a judges associate (read messenger, minor researcher) and with about 18 months as a “senior associate” in Maurice Blackburn. As such she was the most unqualified A-G ever and she made a muck of the job. The information is that she was placed there by Gillard to cover her back with Slipper, Thomson, Williamson and the AWU fraud swirling around. Gillard saw her as safe.

Dreyfus QC at 50 and 25 years practice had the credentials and respect to be A-G but he was not appointed. This rankled with Kelty who saw Roxon as a token appointee and Gillard hack. Tempers were inflamed and the knives were further sharpened.

You seem to have sources close to the heart of things so I would be glad for your comments. I am hearing that the “Fat Indian” Robert Ray is getting a lot of blame. He groomed Conroy. Conroy has been involved in some odd dealings in the West of Melbourne with Seitz, Hakki Suleyman and others in relation to the very safe seats out there. Conroy helped install their nemesis, Shorten. Conroy through David Asmar and Diana Asmar got control of the HSU using Cesar Melhem’s AWU slush fund Industry 2020. Conroy is well and truly on the White/ Kelty hit list.

Here is the rub. I also hear that they have recruited many in the “Old Guard” to the cause, including Bob Hawke as well as the obvious like Faulkner and some of the Rudd supporters like McCllelland. They are unimpressed however, by Rudd who they feel is someone who gratuitously through away his chances. They are mindful that Rudd was knifed as PM and even more mindful that it was orchestrated principally by Gillard urged on by Shorten, Ludwig, Howes and Feeney. All are done for. The divisions are toxic.

In addition everyone tainted by the AWU fraud is going to be chopped. This ranges from Chris Hayes to those that went on to other prominent jobs.

Apparently, the police have been active and Kelty knows that. He may have even been interviewed over his knowledge of the AWU fraud. You will remember he was ACTU secretary at the time.
If this were not enough the ALP machine is bracing for more fall-out in the local government arena in Victoria. There is the forthcoming Ombudsman’s report on corruption in the Darebin Council, on-going strife in Brimbank, branch stacking allegations elsewhere and union slush funds to deal with. There are still issues with the desalination plant, transport ticketing chaos, education and strange grants and hand-outs bubbling away.

Kelty was heard to quip recently that the best thing they have got going for them is Ted Baillieu and the Liberals. I took that to mean that for whatever reason Ted is not going to rock the boat and embarrass the ALP over corruption. They can be very thankful for that.

David White the PR man who made millions through Hawker Britton is privately joyous with the mainstream media. He said to a mate of mine he should have a look at the old articles in the Herald and Sun and The Age in the 1950s to the mid-80s when the press had sources deep in the ALP and Unions. Nowadays he said even the “greats” are hand fed and controlled by ministerial hand-outs and “access.” David is quite contemptuous of them.

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