Friday, February 1, 2013

Rat, sinking ship - gillardtastic! I am delighted that the poisonous bitch is even more of a SCOAMF for her fellow crooks of the ALP than for the country as a whole. We will survive her but I doubt the ALP will.

Senate leader Chris Evans is set to stand down from Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Cabinet tomorrow.
Senator Evans is the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, and Science and Research.

He is expected to make the announcement at a press conference in Perth tomorrow.

The Western Australian politician, who entered Parliament in 1993, is expected to stay on in the Senate.

Fellow WA Senator Mark Bishop tweeted that Senator Evans's resignation is "a loss".

"Serious, hardworking competent minister. Unassuming, consistent and effective Senate leader," he said.

The resignation comes just two days after Ms Gillard announced the federal election would take place on September 14.

Silky smooth political skills there, champ.

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