Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Budget in a parallel universe at Catallaxy Files

Budget in a parallel universe at Catallaxy Files

So I just read this sentence in The Age:
Her almost three-year-old government has played by the rules: It has kept the national budget in, or close to, surplus, has conducted monetary policy credibly and has done more than others to tax the carbon emissions heating up our planet.
Wow. Kept the budget in or close to surplus? Really?
Just to remind ourselves here is the underlying cash balance from the latest MYEFO with the current expected deficit for this year substituted for the published figure.

cash balance


Several questions arise.

1. why are international media in the tank for the SCOAMF? Are they not just international media, but rather international SOCIALIST media?

2. what is McTurd's role in all of this? Seems to be some high level manipulation going on in the lapdog media, coordinated by the 'scottish' (in fact he's english) McTernan.

3. facts are once again at war with a narrative. That never ends well. Just ask our hyperinflated "wonder" economy.

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