Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guest Post: The Great Postal Fraud | Zero Hedge

Guest Post: The Great Postal Fraud | Zero Hedge

It’s beyond laughable, but so is most of what is going on in this tragedy of a country, disguised as a comedy. The truth is that you are on the hook for the $36 billion of accumulated deficits, the $85 billion of debt and contractual obligations, and the annual $16 billion losses they continue to pile up.

But what’s $120 to $150 billion among friends? Bennie can print that out of thin air in a few days. Why run an operation efficiently at a surplus, when you can keep hundreds of thousands of union government drones employed (until they go on workers comp) by sticking it to the working American taxpayer.

I sure hope I don’t get a visit from the Postmaster General because of this article.

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