Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To quote Billy Bragg, the third world's just around the corner. And so is reality for these nomenklatura in the making. Thatcher always had more courage than her critics | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Thatcher always had more courage than her critics | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The Melbourne University Students’ Union passed this barbaric resolution on the death of an 87-year-old lady:

That Students’ Council recognise the horrific legacy of Margaret Thatcher and her neoliberal policies that destroyed the lives of millions, her violent crushing of the miners’ strike, her oppression of the Irish and murder of Bobby Sands and other hunger strikes, her unconditioned support for right-wing dictators like Pinochet and Suharto and her support for apartheid in South Africa, among many other things and celebrates her death unreservedly. Students’ Council also commits to organising a screening of the Ken Loach film ‘Which side are you on?’ to further celebrate this event.

Farrago, the student magazine, published the names of the guilty, the weak and the three who stood against this barbarism:

Annalivia Carli Hannan (Stand Up!/Labor Left)
Patrick Alves (Left Action/Socialist Alliance)
Belle O’Connor (Activate/’grassroots/independent’ left)
Jess Evans (Activate/’grassroots/independent’ left)
Maddee Clark (Activate/’grassroots/independent’ left)

Adam Galvin (Stand Up!/Labor Left)
Hana Dalton (Stand Up!/Labor Left)
Sarina Murray (Independent Media)

Matthew Lesh (NOW!/Liberal)
Charles Cartney (NOW!/Liberal)
James Duncan (NOW!/Liberal)

Margaret Thatcher had the courage to stand by her decisions and to be held accountable for them. But do the students who damned her?
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