Monday, May 20, 2013



Hi Larry,

I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I appreciate you bringing to the attention of the public the joke that is the NDIS. I am the mother of a 22-year old profoundly disabled daughter.

I had to give up my career to care for her once she left 'school' as we were granted only 15 hours a week respite. My husband (not the father of my daughter) will be paying the increased levy for SIX-SEVEN years before we can even hope to benefit from this scheme. He also, apparently, earns too much (we struggle week to week) for me to be eligible for the Carer's Pension so we have simply had to suck it up for four years now minus my $70,000 salary. I wept when "she who shall not be named" did in parliament when making the announcement - not because she was crying - but because I could not believe the gall of the woman to do so when she knows the truth of it all ... it was beyond CRUEL. She wouldn't last a week in my shoes ... perhaps she would then cry and the tears would be real and not of the crocodile variety.

This is a cut and paste from the last "update" I got about the NDIS;

"National Disability Insurance Scheme Update 43
Dear Friends,
Welcome, Queensland!
DisabilityCare Australia, the national disability insurance scheme, will roll out – in full – across Queensland by July 2019.
Today’s historic agreement with the Queensland Government will see DisabilityCare Australia become a reality for around 97,000 Queenslanders with disability.
We have now secured full agreements with most state and territory governments meaning almost 90 per cent of Australians will be covered by DisabilityCare Australia.
People with disability will have choice and control over the supports they receive, and their families and carers can be sure they’ll get a helping hand.
All Queenslanders will have the peace of mind that in the event of significant and permanent disability, or if they have a child with disability, that leaves them needing daily care and support, they’ll get the care and support they need.
To cover all people in Queensland, in 2019-20 the Queensland Government will provide $2.03 billion and the Australian Government will contribute around $2.14 billion to the scheme for Queenslanders.
Today’s agreement builds on those with the governments of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory and the agreement to launch the scheme in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory.
The countdown to launch in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania is on – it’s just over seven weeks away. Stay tuned to progress towards launch by checking in on the website – – and we’ll continue to keep you updated through NDIS Updates.
Jenny Macklin & Amanda Rishworth."


Thanks so much if you have made it this far into my rant but I really did want to tell you how much I appreciate you using your platform to educate as many as possible on the sheer untruths these bottom feeders are spreading/buying votes with.

Take care,
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