Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tolerance Strikes Again | The Dana Show

Tolerance Strikes Again | The Dana Show

Tolerance Strikes Again

In case you missed it:

‘Drop dead, you C*NT’: Vicious lefties attack Dana Loesch for believing in self-defense

That hurts: Piers Morgan unfollows Dana Loesch, bans her from his show; Update: Ace shreds:

Dana Loesch may have been the only reason anyone watched Piers Morgan’s low-rated talk show, but he’s putting the kibosh on any future interactions with her.
Following the news that an unarmed ritish soldier was beheaded in broad daylight, Loesch, an ardent proponent of self-defense, took a page from the liberal handbook and sarcastically asked if the attacker was an NRA member. After all, the Left’s knee-jerk response to deadly crimes is to blame the NRA, right?
From Politico:
“Regarding Piers, what I saw was a man who doesn’t realize when his ideology of disarmament is being mocked,” Loesch told POLITICO. “I had more respect for his intellect until I watched him turn it around and make it about mocking a soldier, which is grotesque, and something I would never in a million years do — much less Photoshop photos of soldiers which the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment said endangered the lives of British troops.”


We are at war.

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