Sunday, May 19, 2013

When will Obama say, “I am not a crook”? | Jon Rappoport's Blog

When will Obama say, “I am not a crook”? | Jon Rappoport's Blog

If it merely and magically turns out that the president chose 16 pathological liars and felons as his closest advisers, he’s off the hook. He’s fine. If he actually took part in committing crimes, that’s a whole different thing.

Not only is a sucker born every minute, the suckers that are already here are getting more stupid by the hour.

In retrospect, it may appear odd that I appointed Jack the Ripper as my national security adviser, but at the time I only knew him as a distinguished physician. His record was spotless. Yes, mistakes were made. But now the Ripper is no longer on my staff, and I pledge we will fix the damage he caused. That’s what important. Fixing it as we move forward…and preventing it from happening again.”

So far, the press is circling the blood in the water like minnows. They’re sipping a bit here, a bit there. Benghazi, the worst of the crimes, is fading from memory. It’s old news. “It’s already been covered.”

AP is claiming that the DOJ started spying on its reporters after AP was told by the White House that it, the AP, could run with the Yemen-CIA story, and therefore the spying op was launched for some other reason.

This is a potentially explosive revelation, but it hasn’t become a major story—even though the AP itself is a consortium owned by major press outlets.

Fast&Furious? Deaths? Murders? Guns walked into Mexico? That happened light years ago. It’s history. Let the scholars take care of it.

Exit From the Matrix

There’s a lever that could be pulled, at which point all these scandals will flood the Oval Office, but it hasn’t been pulled yet. It’s in the hands of the people who really run and own this country.

They’re counting their chips at the moment and deciding who should fall and who should remain standing. They’re the Trilateral Commission and the inner core of the CFR. They represent corporations and banks who calculate how much destruction they can wreak on America at any given moment, while still maintaining their profit margins and control.
They rely on the elite news media to dole out pieces of the story to eager millions, in the meantime. A piece here, a piece there. The AP has known about government spying on its reporters for months. CBS, NBC, and ABC have known about IRS diddling with non-profit status for months.
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