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When sleaze-ball Anthony Blunt confessed his role as a Soviet spy to MI5 interrogators in 1964, he gave up Mountbatten.

Defying protocol, the Queen was informed personally by the Director-General of
MI5 to keep the government of the day—especially its suspect prime
minister, Harold Wilson—out of the loop. This was an extraordinary
arrangement, and out of it was hatched an even more extraordinary deal:
Louis Mountbatten would remain free, unaware that he had been
compromised; the Queen would assist MI5 supplying cousin Dickie with
disinformation for Soviet consumption.

One faction of Britain’s security service was livid. They wanted to see Lord Mountbatten
punished for his betrayal. However, the arrest, trial and imprisonment
of one of Britain’s most prominent royals was out of the question
because of the irreparable harm it would do Britain’s monarchy.

This faction, more powerful a decade-and-a-half later, finally had their chance.

The plan was brilliant in its simplicity: Sit back and watch Irish
Republican Army (IRA) terrorists blow Louis Mountbatten to kingdom come.
They had earlier learned through their informant inside the IRA’s War
Council of the plan to assassinate Lord Mountbatten while he vacationed
aboard his yacht in Ireland. All they had to do was nothing.

A Big Shit PIE - ChrisSpivey - The World Put Right !


Tony Blair and the paedophile connection | thecolemanexperience

Tony Blair and the paedophile connection | thecolemanexperience

Tony Blair and the paedophile connection

Does ex-PM,Tony Blair, have important information for officers
investigating Britain’s VIP paedophile-ring? According to the Mirror:
One of Tony Blair’s ministers was among a group of men suspected of
sexually abusing children at a home run by a convicted paedophile.

The plot against Harold Wilson

Jimmy Savile Child Sex Abuse Care Homes Necrophilia UK Government Coverup Coup @

From: Anonymous

Ok, this is a link to the docudrama program broadcast originally on BBC2
about 6 years ago . It was the first
time a significant amount of information about the attempted coup was
acknowledged. Until then the few who knew were branded crackpots, dreamers
or conspiracy theory nutters. As it transpired they were far nearer the
truth than most would have guessed.

If you find the documentary on torrent (shouldn't be too hard) it does make
for an interesting item. Where it differs from reality however is that I
recall the documentary made much mention of a "rehearsal", "excercise" or
"dry run" to see how they (military) could do it if they wanted.

It wasn't a rehearsal though, it was the real thing which was only halted as
the tanks were approaching Downing Street and Sir John Hackett was informed
of the intention to install Mountbatten and imprison Wilson. The following
email is the one I was given by my friend some 15+ years ago.

If you have any specific questions that you want answering I will try and
find out for you - I am still in touch with the source. The email is almost
"story like" which just happens to be his style of writing things. At the
time I had his consent to send a slightly redacted version to several
members of the press to see if they could get anywhere (they couldn't due to
D-notices) but it is interesting that the title he chose for the explanation
of what happened was then used to make a book/film with a similar plot to


A Typically British Coup

It was a warm summers day, a Saturday if my memory serves me correct, I was
flying back into Heathrow Airport after a couple of days in Paris on

I passed rapidly through the terminal (the building which is now Terminal
Two) and emerged into the large open concourse to look for a taxi.

Thinking back, I might have seen an enhanced security presence within the
Terminal, but, if I did, it was discreet enough for me not to notice it,
therefore, as I hurried through the building, nothing had prepared me for
what I saw as soon as I emerged from the building.

At the opposite side of the concourse, a line of khaki camouflaged Army
lorries dominated the thronging scene of cars, taxis buses and pedestrians.
Curious, I stopped abruptly and looked more closely at the improbable scene.
It was then that I realized that, in the large splash of khaki stood a
number of armoured cars and personnel carriers.

"What the hell?", I muttered, I had seen television film of such sights in
remote countries. In riot torn Paris I had seen conspicuous evidence of such
a military presence. But nothing to compare with the naked gun barrels that
faced the building.

An immediate urge to get away, since it seemed that such a presence could
imply no good, overwhelmed me. I hurried to the taxi rank and clambered,
thankfully, into the first vacant cab.

"Euston", and , as he pulled away from the curb, settled back, keeping a
wary eye on the military presence. Who could be sure that the artillery
might not be used? And, less conspicuous, but very evident, the loitering
soldiers, automatic weapons cradled in their arms.

I leaned forward, "What the hell is all that about?", I asked my driver. I
didn't need to tell him what I was asking about. He shrugged. We entered the
tunnel. In the gloom he told me "That's nothing, there's ruddy tanks and
armoured cars on the road. Four or five roadblocks between here and
Hounslow, don't ask me why".

"No idea?" I asked incredulously. "None", he reiterated, "none at all mate,
looks like a military take over".

As we drove down the A4, that, before the M4 was the major route to London,
I saw what he meant. At the first roadblock we were waived down and, perhaps
as it was surround by luggage, I was asked for my passport. It was examined,
although somewhat cursorily, and we were waived on. I was anxious. I could
feel my pulse racing. What was going on?

At the ensuing roadblocks with armoured vehicles facing both ways, and
manned by armed troops, we were waived by. It was strange and slightly

Neither in the news that evening, nor in the front of the morning papers was
there any evident explanation. On the inside pages I found the story. There
was believed to be a threat by a terrorist organization to shoot down a
plane landing at - or leaving - Heathrow. It was an explanation, but
somehow, it was not convincing. Such a huge military presence would surely
only deter such an attack, not root out the potential perpetrators It could
only be a threat delayed. But anyway, the plan seemed absurd, what could
such an act achieve? The terrorists beginning to multiply across Europe and
the Middle East seemed, generally, to have fairly clear objectives.

There was however, no other obvious explanation. Until 1974.

It was the second General Election of the year. Harold Wilson
had been Prime Minister at the time of my alarming arrival at Heathrow.

In the late mid term of his 1966 - 70 Ministry he had been very unpopular.
His own party saw him as a right wing compromiser; the opposition portrayed
him as a crypto Communist. It was then, a turbulent time in politics. There
were parliament defectives, including the MP for Pembrookshire, Desmond
Donnely who was the author of a book "The Gathering Storm" about the
overthrow of a Labour Prime Minister.

Harold Wilson seemed, at the time, friendless, and it was no great surprise
when he lost the 1970 election to Edward Heath.

By 1974, he recovered a good deal of his popularity, and his presence at an
election rally was a great draw.

It was behind the scenes of his "day campaigning" that, the conversation
with a very senior member of his staff moved to those turbulent days of the
60's, and I mentioned my apprehension on encountering the military at

"It was of course", they said, "a very serious event". "The terrorist
threat", I asked. It had never materialized. "Wasn't it a touch of
overreaction?" My observation was greeted with a grimace. "The terrorist
threat was close to home?" I ventured? I dare say I looked as quizzical as
I felt.

"It's a long story, but in essence, it was an attempted Coup d'Etat". I'm
quite sure my eyes widened. I had, of course, speculated on many
possibilities, including that, but discounted an explanation so wild. I
realized, however, there was no twinkle in the eyes that faced me, rather

It is a simple story. The cavalry, of course are one of the great
aristocratic traditions of the British Army. Once, they were recruited
amongst the idiot younger sons of the landed gentry to charge the cannons
without thinking about it. Now, we recruit graduates to master the
technology of the armour that has replaced the horses. They are more
inclined to have minds, and sometimes they are hard to control.

Anyway, convinced that Mr. Wilson had lost his mandate, control of his party
and was, as rumour had it, actually controlled by Russia, a plot was

I was told, "At the centre of it was Cecil King, Chairman of the Mirror
Group, who felt slighted by Mr Wilson. A powerful man with powerful
connections. The plot he, and those he gathered around him, hatched, was to
overthrow the government and replace it by a Popular Government to be headed
by the ubiquitous figure of Earl Mountbatten."

"Through the "country-set" connections, it was not hard to involve the
Salisbury Plain brigade who had enough armour to take over the seat of
government with ease, arrest Mr. Wilson and his government, and put in place
their own administration."

"Who knows, it might have worked, but they were so sure of the support of
the military hierarchy, who could be heard at dinner parties making their
own doubts known, that they decided to leave involving them until the very
last moment."

"It was, therefore, after they had left barracks early on the morning the
day you arrived from Heathrow that they radioed Sir John Hackett, CIGS to
inform him of their intention."

"Whatever Sir John's personal opinion however, he was first and foremost, a
traditionalist and such a move was beyond his ability to support. He told
them so."

"Unfortunately, the massive movement of troops and armour towards London
could not go unnoticed, even at such an early hour. The Army were already
receiving press calls for explanations."

"Rapidly, an explanation was created. The story of the terrorist threat. It
did not, admittedly, stand close scrutiny, but "D Notices" could be - and
were - issued on the basis of a threat to National Security."

"A few days later, the forces returned to barracks, there were judicious
retirements and transfers, and the threat went away." Well, that's the
story. But you'll never hear it again. There was much I wanted to ask, but
the Prime Minister's arrival was imminent, and anyway, it was clear such
questions were not welcome.

Early in the nineties, a journalist acquaintance of mine, intrigued by the
stories, began to ask questions. It was still "D Notice" time.


As I say the televised documentary will back up some of the above but there
are a lot of "gaps" in that which the above might help to fill in. If you
have any specific question I can try and get answers if you are interested.
I doubt I will be able to name any further names though. 

Tony Blair: bisexual pervert. Amongst many others.

Sex Offenders Register - Free Online Search @

 Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Tony Blair,former PM of the UK)

He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for
importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get
sexual favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was
being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with
nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover
who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court
got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.

 Gordon Brown (former PM of the UK)

Brown is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He
is known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70's, when he
and 2 others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter.
They all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to
court to get custody of her little brother because of her mother's
abuse, and drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever
since. The records have vanished from court, but the victim still
remembers what happened, and who did it.

Disgusting criminal shit gets sendoff of a lifetime; all usual socialist scum gangsters in attendance




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The ‘deficit levy’ is just a new tax by another name | The Australian

The ‘deficit levy’ is just a new tax by another name | The Australian

And how could the Prime Minister claim the fiscal emergency
was so dire it required a sudden, damaging hike in income tax for
so-called higher income earners when his own bureaucracy is teeming with
thousands of paper-shuffling staff earning upwards of $250,000, while
hundreds of federal government quangos, such as the $25 million Human
Rights Commission, sap wealth and give taxpayers practically nothing in
return. Superfluous public service jobs should suffer before the
genuinely productive workers are taxed further. The commonwealth
Department of Education, for instance, which manages no schools or
universities, still has more than 3500 staff. 

NBA Suspends Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling For Life, Imposes $2.5 Million Fine « CBS Los Angeles


Day 1 of a broken promise: ‘There will be no new taxes under a government I lead’* | Catallaxy Files

Day 1 of a broken promise: ‘There will be no new taxes under a government I lead’* | Catallaxy Files


The NDIS is an
unfunded thought bubble. Axe it. Gonski is an unfunded thought bubble.
Axe it. NBN is a thought bubble that will be obsolete before it is
finished. Axe it. RET is a scam. Axe it. PPL is a scam. Axe it. ABC/SBS
are luxuries designed for a bygone age. Axe them.

Make hard decisions. They require courage. Credlin thinks she can duck them.

Abbott thinks he has a mandate to expand government by 80% over the last business-as-usual Costello budget in 2006.  



Australia: Prime minister opens borders to unlimited workers (Asians). | White GeNOcide Project

Australia: Prime minister opens borders to unlimited workers (Asians). | White GeNOcide Project

Tony Abbott’s government has sneakily changed visa rules which allows
employers in Australia to hire and import an unlimited amount of
foreign workers; most of whom will come from Asia.

Visa rules in 2013 had a loophole that allowed employers to bring in
unlimited foreign workers, but it was closed. Now it has been reopened,
which means Australia is again being flooded with non-White workers from

Bob Kernohan is waiting for a cab to see Bill Shorten - Michael Smith News

Bob Kernohan is waiting for a cab to see Bill Shorten - Michael Smith News

The Lorna
Erwin mentioned in this article as a long time Labor supporter isn't
just an ordinary Labor supporter. She was mentioned by Steve Gibbons in
his first parliamentary speech (1998) as being part of his campaign
team and he again thanked her in his 2013 farewell speech. I wonder if
any of the other pensioners present today were some of those persons
mentioned in Gibbons' speeches - I bet they were. Doing a big favour
for their leader, yes.  

-Seeker of Truth

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Day 1 of a broken promise: ‘There will be no new taxes under a government I lead’* | Catallaxy Files

Day 1 of a broken promise: ‘There will be no new taxes under a government I lead’* | Catallaxy Files

Mr Rusty

Fuck me dead, 2
weeks away and I come back to this news. I want compulsory recorded
voting NOW.

This levy should go on every single fuckwit who voted Labor
in ’07 and ’10.

Why the fuck should I have to pay MORE for a whole bunch
of shit I never asked for or needed? I don’t want the bloody NBN, the
disabled are not crawling in the dirt in the street (unlike the country I
just came back from) and can bloody well be grateful for what they
already have, I’m not an overpaid Unionist tradie who got $400,000 for
installing lightbulbs at the desal plant or wiring at a BER school, I’m
not interested in funding propagandising of kids, or adults – fuck the
ABC and SBS, I get no handouts, no tax breaks and now I have to
contribute to a mess that I had absolutely nothing to do with?

Share the
pain? Fuck you Libs, I didn’t choose the fucking pain! Slog those who
did! If I am getting levied another grand then I want the ABC and SBS
shut, Uni arty farty courses and students defunded, NDIS gone, slashing
of disability pension, benefits frozen for 5 years, a 50% tax on all
Unions, all Green subsidies gone, carbon tax gone and every fucking one
of the 50,000 country shoppers and anyone else they brought with them
later gone.

Share the fucking pain, bloody horseshit, this won’t bloody
hurt the moochers at the bottom or the snouts-in-trough at the top will

I need a bloody drink.


Abbott should also honour his tax promise to the “rich”. UPDATE: But the politics says yes to a levy | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Abbott should also honour his tax promise to the “rich”. UPDATE: But the politics says yes to a levy | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

If a government refuses to cut spending when most of it is waste, and expects to be able to tax people in a form which is nothing but theft- taxing not to spend on necessities but on frivolities and waste-

It is time for revolution.


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Monday Forum: April 28, 2014 | Catallaxy Files

Monday Forum: April 28, 2014 | Catallaxy Files

Cut the waste. If we are in deficit by 11% of total Federal outlays,
cut every outgoing by 11%. Starting with public servants’ salaries and
pollies super. I make one exception to this: the ABC budget should be
cut 100% to give some surplus to pay down Labor’s $350 billion of debt
they saddled us with.

-Bruce of Newcastle

We must reform the Senate, but will the Senate allow it? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

We must reform the Senate, but will the Senate allow it? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Sissy bolt:

"These changes are critical. Voters now have little control in choosing
who ends up winning the critical last seats in the Senate and have
accidentally elected a couple of Senators at the last election who are
clearly not up to the job."

- as opposed to all the "up to the job" senators like the liberal grifters, national party fuckwits and crooks and pedophiles from the ALP.


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The best description of Twitter there will ever be: a shitfunnel and it's going off in your face.


I also wasn't surprised that someone who didn't like something had said
so on Twitter. It is, after all, a shitfunnel and it's going off in your

Debt tax - is Abbott for real? | Herald Sun See What Susie Says Blog

Debt tax - is Abbott for real? | Herald Sun See What Susie Says Blog

No NBN, No NDIS, no more handouts to ex-PMs, cut parliamentary entitlements, fire 20,000 bureaucrats, cut all benefits for illegals, cut UN funding.

Budget balanced by Christmas and a generational problem of parasite classes eliminated at the same time.

Gillard got this one right | Catallaxy Files

Gillard got this one right | Catallaxy Files


I agree, you must never ever tell struggling students how they’re performing without
taking into consideration the potential to damage fragile self-esteem
frameworks. Also consider: Cultural background, racial identity (real or
heartfelt), socioeconomic background, and parents criminal history.

This will all then fully equip them for life in the global workforce…
as long as its within the Teacher’s Union, a role in the Canberra
public service, or as a Centrelink permanent visitor.

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Peter Underwood is not fit to be Governor of Tasmania | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Peter Underwood is not fit to be Governor of Tasmania | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Bolt is correct for a change. But only because of the populist pablum part of his dog and pony show.


Coffee coloured grifters pretending to be talented. And black. Lapdog media laps it up


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Barcode bungle for Australian Financial Review will prove costly |

Barcode bungle for Australian Financial Review will prove costly |

Stutchbury, another fat clown of the lapdog media, would be well served to spend a little more time at the job he's taking coin for and a little less time amongst the sheltered workshop refugees of twitter.


Putting a price on war - Jack the Insider Blog | The Australian

Putting a price on war - Jack the Insider Blog | The Australian

I think we've all heard enough from marxists and fellow travellers like you. Stick to something you know about, like the incest of the ALP or sitting on your lard arse dribbling about newspapers.

ABC: Whoring for the ALP. Isn't that what fucking when there's money involved called? Public money in this case.

Is there a reason the ABC seems so cavalier about government waste? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

And all charged to the taxpayer - along with billions for other Labor follies and grandeurs not criticised by the ABC:

PANICKED ABC management ­believed star newsreader Juanita Phillips left them in a “tricky” position after blindsiding them over her controversial $72,000 taxpayer-funded European first class trip with Labor lover Greg Combet

Emails reveal the $320,000-a-year star only told her superiors about the
10-day climate change ministerial trip with Mr Combet, who held the
­portfolio at the time, through France, Germany and Belgium last year
upon her return and after it was raised with the Gillard government.

But ABC head of editorial policy Alan Sunderland instead planned to tell
the public the ABC 24 host and Sydney news anchor had “always been
upfront and clear” with the ABC about the romance…

The ABC attempted to downplay the lack of prior knowledge of the trip,
saying Ms Phillips did not have to seek permission, that it was later
found to be within ABC guidelines anyway and that the broadcaster had
always provided a “high degree of transparency” dealing with the

Six months after ABC chiefs plotted how to handle the romance’s
conflict-of-interest concerns, it was revealed the 10-day trip racked up
$57,673 on airfares, $8914 on hotels and meals and $4634 on ground
transport for Mr Combet to attend meetings and a climate conference.

How did Phillips think she was morally entitled to spend so much
taxpayers’ money on a jaunt, and one that compromised her responsibility
as an ABC presenter to seem impartial?

The emails:

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 4.35 PM

FROM: Juanita Phillips

TO: Alan Sunderland; Donald Lange

SUBJECT: Daily Tele

Dear Alan and Don,

Just alerting you to another spotfire. Recently while on annual leave, I
accompanied Greg — in a private capacity, as his partner — to Europe
where he was having climate change meetings and was the keynote speaker
at an EU carbon price conference. The Daily Tele has got onto this and
is going to make something of it.

The Prime Minister’s office has go

ne over the trip with a fine toothcomb
and says all guidelines have been adhered to, and they’re very
comfortable defending it. Ministers are entitled to have their partners
travel with them, subject to strict guidelines, and approval by the
Prime Minister’s office. Both of these criteria have been met.

Juanita Phillips and Greg Combet / Picture: Craig Greenhill

Juanita Phillips and Greg Combet / Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: News Limited

There’s no suggestion of anything inappropriate — presumably it will
just be the usual beat-up about politicians’ overseas trips. From my
point of view, I was on annual leave, and my role was purely personal.

I’m not sure when this story will appear, but hopefully it will blow over in a day.

Let me know if you want to have a chat about it.




Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013, 3.54 PM

FROM: Alan Sunderland

TO: Sally Cray

SUBJECT: RE: I have some questions for the ABC in relation to Juanita Phillips

Heads up — the expected story looks like it’s on the way.

It’s a little tricky, because we are being specifically asked if we were aware of the trip in advance.

I have discussed all this at length with Sally Cray and what she will be saying (via email) to (the journalist) is:-

*We are aware of the situation

*Juanita was on leave at the time.

*She is perfectly entitled to travel with her partner, and we understand
Mr Combet is also perfectly entitled to travel with an accompanying
partner on such trips.

*Juanita has always been upfront and clear about her relationship with the ABC.

*As with all other situations with ABC editorial staff, we consider and
manage conflicts as they arise. We do not believe that legitimate
private like this creates an editorial conflict.


Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013 4.29 PM

FROM: Sally Cray

TO: Alan Sunderland; Kate Torney; Donald Lange


Went with Mick and Alan’s advice that less is more on this one. We
figured he has the story written and these will be three lines at the

I didn’t insert the no editorial conflict line as I thought — better to
play dead in case he has something in his story we are not aware of.


Joe Hockey’s pension bomb | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

Joe Hockey’s pension bomb | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

Or they could easily balance the budget by freezing bureaucracy hiring for three years, firing two out of every three CEO level bureaucrats to make bureaucracies as efficient as private enterprise, abolish the NDIS rubbish, the NBN rubbish and all green carpetbagging schemes and withdraw from the UN and its financial sucking at our teat.

That would balance the budget, restore Australian sovereignty and begin the cull of the parasite class.

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News - I'D HAVE PUT A FOOT THROUGH MY RADIO... - The Pickering Post

News - I'D HAVE PUT A FOOT THROUGH MY RADIO... - The Pickering Post

Here's the thing. Listening to the radio today on my way home from
the city and some clown comes on talking about the disgusting conditions
at Manus Island. 'The gates of hell' I think he said it was. Whether
this bloke is a Greens or Labor plant I have no idea but his language
suggests he might be.

He is at the head of a h-u-g-e push to get these poor asylum seekers
out of there and over here living on welfare. In nice Government
provided houses. With nice Coles vouchers and other handouts provided by
the Australian taxpayers. Near a mosque I presume.

He feels so strongly about it that he went to Europe to discuss it
all. And they said Australia should 'hang its head in shame' and that
Manus Island is the 'Guantanamo Bay of the Pacific.' How Kev has the
delusional notion that he can become head of the UN with this apparent
atrocity hanging over his head is anyone's guess. But I think he's moved
on. He's moved forward like Julia always was. Now it's Tony's problem
of course! Nothing to do with them.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WTF Headline Of The Day: Tax-Cheating IRS Staff Got Bonuses | Zero Hedge

WTF Headline Of The Day: Tax-Cheating IRS Staff Got Bonuses | Zero Hedge

if you are a non-government-employee who doesn't pay your taxes, you get
jail and accounts frozen... but if you're an IRS employee... you get a
fucking bonus!!!

61 yo Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS - "unguarded moment" led to arrest after 2,800 text messages to a 13 year old girl - Michael Smith News

61 yo Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS - "unguarded moment" led to arrest after 2,800 text messages to a 13 year old girl - Michael Smith News

61 yo Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS - "unguarded moment" led to arrest after 2,800 text messages to a 13 year old girl

Here is
a link to my story (with Anthony Klan and Dan Box) in The Australian
today regarding the convicted criminal Christopher Gordon WILLIAMS.

Williams was an Air Force Cadet officer working with children when
the Chief of the RAAF declared him of unsatisfactory character and
discharged him from the service.   WILLIAMS had been sentenced to 3
months gaol (suspended) after being convicted on fraud and forgery
charges.   He was also disbarred as a lawyer.

Somehow WILLIAMS was allowed to join the Army Cadets - working with young girls.

Today we report in The Australian that WILLIAMS was also working with girls in Scouts Australia and St John Ambulance.

The Australian Army has some very big questions to answer - how was
WILLIAMS allowed to join up with his criminal history?   Why was no
action taken after 4 separate complaints by young girls against him in
the army cadets?   Why was he allowed to continue to serve in the cadets
after he was arrested and charged with offences involving a 13 year old
girl in Scouts Australia?

In the police statement of facts I read yesterday, WILLIAMS gives a
chilling answer to Detective Senior Constable Sanjay Pratap's question -
why did you send the text message to a 13 year old girl suggesting she

Amongst other things WILLIAMS said, "It must have been an unguarded moment".



Army cadet officer faced charge of grooming girl, 13

A 61-YEAR-OLD Sydney
army cadet officer stood down this month amid allegations he ­engaged in
sexual behaviour with female minors was charged last year over using
social media to groom a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Christopher Williams,
stood down from the Australian Army Cadets two weeks ago after
revelations in The Australian of alleged abuse, was separately charged
in September over the grooming allegations.

According to a NSW
police statement of facts, about 2800 phone text and Facebook mes­sages
were exchanged between Williams and the girl between June and August
last year. The Facebook messages written by Williams to the girl
included: “I’ll have to come over and spank you (lol)”; “Love you babe!
Dream of you, I am sure”; and “You are a Goddess ... one day I will give
you hugs and kisses”.

On July 26, at 11.41am,
Wil­liams sent her a message saying: “If you want to do something to
yourself, do something that will make you feel goodyu can always
masturbate, that will make you feel terrific and keep negative thoughts

Williams was charged
with using a carriage service to procure a person under 16 for sex and
using a carriage service to send indecent materials to someone under 16.
The charge relating to grooming the girl for sex was dropped, but
Williams last month pleaded guilty to sending indecent ­material to the
girl. He is due to be sentenced on June 13 and faces up to two years’
Williams was arrested
in September. During his interview with police he was asked about the
masturbation message and replied: “Yeah, that is something I’ve written
and I shouldn’t have written … I shouldn’t have put that in. I must have
been tired … It might have been something I thought but I didn’t think
I’d written.”


Still in the Army. Maybe someone in military intelligence / security is looking after him.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is David Penberty for race-based laws or against them? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Is David Penberty for race-based laws or against them? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

David Penberthy's high point was scuttling around Adelaide University as a Chilean Marxist. All been downhill since then. Other than the waistline.

Why anyone would read the fat sack of shit in the first place should be the first question. The journalist subclass is utterly without worth in this day and age. Even the best of them. And Penberthy and Bolt... Are not the best of them.


Buyer be very aware. 20% of China's farmland contaminated. - Michael Smith News


Why not pick ethical Easter eggs? | Herald Sun See What Susie Says Blog

Why not pick ethical Easter eggs? | Herald Sun See What Susie Says Blog

Of all the many moronic steaming piles of crap this idiotic woman has ever written, this is by far the latest.

She really should be fired.


Friday, April 18, 2014

LIVE BY THE CODE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

LIVE BY THE CODE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

One: Margo Kingston, by her own declaration, is an activist rather than a journalist. Two: if Kingston is still receiving government funding
through Macquarie University, all such payments should be stopped.
Three: due to clear violation of her union’s code, the MEAA should
revoke Kingston’s membership. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Doctor Holmes and the Hound of the Beladons


This house is badly broken | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

This house is badly broken | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

when the journalist class talks about rudd's sweetheart deals for his wife and gillard's psychopathic addiction to corruption, and talks about it for a good long time, then maybe people will take journalists seriously about a fat softcock buffoon and his left-leaning incompetence.

Friday, April 11, 2014

#BundyRanch: Q's and A's

Bundy Ranch: Q's and A's

Hello Mr & Mrs. Bundy and family,
just want you to know, I use to live in Mesquite, Nevada. I use to work
at the Peppermill Casino. I use to see your cattle grazing out in the
open wilderness, and I thought to myself, how wonderful this is to have
the chance to live in the open country. Not once have your cattle ever
destroyed property, or hurt anyone or anything. They were a benefit to
the land by keeping ecosystem going strong. It's not about the desert
tortoise, they are only using that for an excuse. I believe it has to do
with the land developers. More housing and more casinos makes more
money. By eliminating you and your ranch, the BLM will sell off the land
for developers. By taking the last of the "Wild West" and turning it
into another "Las Vegas" You have my support..and I back you and your
family in your fight into preserving our freedoms! Good Luck and God

#BundyRanch BLM Nevada State Office DOX (UNCONFIRMED!!!) -

BLM Nevada State Office DOX (UNCONFIRMED!!!) -

    BLM Nevada State Office DOX (UNCONFIRMED!!!)
    State Director: Amy Lueders
    Amy L. Lueders
    2465 Solitude Dr
    Reno, NV 89511
    (505) 532-1112 Office-Bureau-of-Land-Ma.htm
    Associate State Director: Marci Todd
    Marci L Todd
    1631 Caliterra Way
    Reno, NV 89521
    (503) 573-5036
    Deputy State Director, Natural Resource, Land & Planning: Raul Morales
    Raul M. Morales
    314 River Dr
    Reno, NV 89523
    (970) 255-8365
    Office of Communications Chief: Erica Haspiel-Szlosek
    Erica A. Haspiel-Szlosek
    2736 Cumberland Pl
    Davis, CA 95616
    (530) 750-3105
    EEO Manager: DeAnna Garrett
    Deanna J Garrett
    2200 N D Andrea Pkwy, Apt 612
    Sparks, NV 89434
    Linda J. Kelly
    7525 Cumberland Cir
    Reno, NV 89511
    Deputy State Director, Minerals Management : Gary Johnson
    Gary L. Johnson
    2650 Fargo Way Sparks, NV 89434-2511
    Deputy State Director, Support Services:  Bob Scruggs (Admin. Officer)
    Robert Mcmath Scruggs
    2181 Tivoli Ln
    Sparks, NV 89434
    (925) 838-9436

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was "Fictitious" |

Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was "Fictitious" |

“ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

Dr. Leon Eisenberg at the Julius Richmond 90th Birthday SymposiuThese
were the words of Leon Eisenberg, the “scientific father of ADHD
(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),” in his last interview
before his death.

Leon Eisenberg made a luxurious living off of his “fictitious
disease,” thanks to pharmaceutical sales. Coincidentally, he received
the “Ruane Prize for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Research. He has been a leader in child psychiatry for more than 40
years through his work in pharmacological trials, research, teaching,
and social policy and for his theories of autism and social medicine,”
according to Psychiatric News.

Yes, it was even admitted that they are his THEORIES. The medical industry is using the guise of helping children to depersonalize and disconnect our children from a healthy, normal upbringing. Parents are placing their children on these drugs
and subjecting them to what the world has to offer, when in fact all
these children are looking for is their parents in hopes of being the
blessing that God intended them to be.

In the United States, 1 out of 10 boys among 10-year-olds takes medication for ADHD on a daily basis … with increasing tendency. And with the help of Teen Screen surveys in public schools, they are attempting to set up the student for the fall.

American psychologist Lisa Cosgrove and others reveal the facts in their study “Financial
Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry.”
They found that “Of the 170 DSM panel members 95 (56 percent) had one or
more financial associations with companies in the pharmaceutical
industry. One hundred percent of the members of the panels on ‘Mood
Disorders’ and ‘Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders’ had
financial ties to drug companies.”


In defence of Bob Carr | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

In defence of Bob Carr | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

I knew it wouldn't be long before blow-in girlyman semiliterate gatekeeper Andrew Bolt went gay for Bob Carr.

There has never NEVER been a marxist this effeminate bloviator hasn't gone gay for. No matter their crimes, the treason they commit.

Bolt worked for Hawke, and the leopard does not change its spots. Bolt is as conservative as Lenin. Less so.


UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today

UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today

If you aren’t a combatant, this doesn’t mean that you can’t
participate in this revolt against tyranny.  This is a call to action.

Here are the pertinent email addresses and phone numbers:

Share information in support of these people who refuse to stand idly
by while theft, violence, and tyranny occurs at the hands of the
government.  If we all spread the word, there is no way that another
Ruby Ridge or Waco can quietly occur. We can combat the disinformation
spouted by the mainstream media by publishing REAL photos, REAL videos,
and REAL accounts of what is happening. We can keep the communication
open and tell the world what the United States government is doing to
its own people.




Unfortunately a minority of Islamic guests of this iconic town
believe it’s quite acceptable to repeatedly rape a young mother of two
because it’s quite legal to do that back home.

And back home the poor mother may well have been stoned to death for the lack of four witnesses.

Three Islamic youths denied the charges of rape, attempted rape and
indecent assault, forcing the case to a contested hearing requiring the
young mother to re-live the nightmare.

A Children's Court heard that none was remorseful and one even believes he is innocent.

Each of the teenagers received the maximum penalty available of three
years in a “youth detention centre” and will probably be free and
searching for their next victim within a year.

Three other youths involved in the attack, Mohammed Elnour, 19, Akoak
Manon, 19, and Mohammed Zaoli, 22, (apologies if the names sound
unfairly middle-eastern) all appeared in the Bendigo Magistrates Court
charged with a long list of sex offences stemming from the vicious gang

Evidence in footage retrieved from Zaoli’s phone recorded a woman’s voice yelling “no” and “stop”.

But Islam showed its more gentle side when the six youths allowed the
mother to check on her two sleeping children before they resumed raping


News - MAYBE I'M JUST A DINOSAUR - The Pickering Post

News - MAYBE I'M JUST A DINOSAUR - The Pickering Post

Gay men and “their” babies were invited to the “my baby is cuter than
yours, if not cuter than George” playroom to mix with the Royals.

“We are all first-time parents, like them, so it should be quite easy to chat to them”, said one gay “parent”.

I mean, if the Royal couple sees nothing strange with those parenting choices why should we?

And really, I didn’t notice those cute babies objecting to being
raised by two homosexual men either, they seemed quite happy about it,
so all must be well with the Kiwi’s new trailblazing gay parenting

The sight of two homosexual men proudly displaying “their” baby girl
as a badge of royal acceptance brought a tear to my eye... a tear of
sadness that is.

I see nothing wrong with homosexuals men enjoying each other in the
oddest of ways but when an innocent baby is thrown into the mix, it’s
time to call it quits.

Now if male homosexual Kiwi “parents” had brought along a cute little baby lamb.... yep, I could wear that!


News - TIME TO SHUT SHARIA DOWN - The Pickering Post

News - TIME TO SHUT SHARIA DOWN - The Pickering Post

The Pickering Post reported last week: “Sharia Banking is also
booming with the assistance of the NAB.... allowing the Islamist to give
the finger to the infidel next door.” So today’s announcement that the
NAB is pouring a further $15 million into its Sharia banking arm led me
to search for more information.

Alas, the NAB had suffered a torrent of abuse with current clients closing their accounts.

Each on-line newspaper was forced to pull the page under the NAB’s threat of withdrawing advertising if the story wasn’t spiked.

What’s going on with mobs like the NAB and the Bank of Bendigo which
has closed the account of “The Bendigo Mosque Protest Group”.

The concerned community of Bendigo was given short shrift by its bank
after the Islamic pro-mosque group demanded the closure of the protest
group's account, threatening to take finance for their $3 million mosque

Has Section 18C political correctness gone completely mad?

Food processing companies are capitulating to Halal Certification demands and paying fees that are passed on to Aussie shoppers.

So we Aussies, whether we want to or not, are financing Islamic bigotry and violence both here and in Syria.

Don’t Australian companies understand the vast majority of
Australians are against Islamic separatist ghettos using the barbaric
Sharia law as an alternative to our law?

Do Australian companies endorse wife beating, the amputation of
limbs, beheading of non-believers, child marriage, sexual mutilation of
young girls and paedophilia? Because that’s what Sharia law demands!

Don’t they see the ever-increasing number of innocent young Aussie
girls being bashed and raped by Islamic cowards who use the excuse of
“cultural difference” to escape jail sentences from Leftist magistrates?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Column - Ageing us out of house and home | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Column - Ageing us out of house and home | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Perhaps if government stopped wasting billions of dollars of the money they take in taxes under false pretences we could easily fund retirement for legitimate citizens?

For example no NDIS, no NBN, no million bureaucrats, no handouts to foreign governments, no waste on committees, no more federal departments for areas where the Commonwealth has no constitutional power? Crazy stuff like that.

Rat up the Champagne Drainpipe


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Young, naive and taken in by a con artist. Martin Ferguson talks about Julia Gillard's pre-selection. - Michael Smith News

Young, naive and taken in by a con artist. Martin Ferguson talks about Julia Gillard's pre-selection. - Michael Smith News

 And people think the royal commission is a magic bullet for corruption, when people who undoubtedly had prior knowledge have this lackadaisical "ah yeah, if I get around to it and they ask me" attitude about offences committed.

What do all these socialist scum talk about at their endless pig trough events, if not about all these scandals? OF COURSE he knew and so did everyone else in the marxist organisations, about the gillard fraud and the hundreds of other crimes just like it.

It's absurd to think anything else.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Minority Society page 27


I’ve never been to me - Jack the Insider Blog | The Australian

I’ve never been to me - Jack the Insider Blog | The Australian

Ah yes the "tribalism" of modern politics- marxist code for what happens when the usual socialist crap is outed and no one wants to hear a word of it any more.

I'm all for tribalism. Especially if it's followed by treason trials and public hangings. It's the only way I can think of that would actually guarantee new blood in the ALP and Greens.


Thursday, April 3, 2014




Bendigo Bank has closed The Concerned Citizens Fund’s bank account
citing the group’s aims as, “.... not in keeping with the Bank’s values
of diversity and inclusiveness”.

The group was maintaining the bank account to finance its objections
to a $3 million mosque project planned for Rowena Street, Bendigo.

According to the 2011 census, Bendigo includes Castlemaine,
Heathcote, Pyramid Hill and Kyneton.and supports only 263 Islamic
residents within that area.

The Bendigo Concerned Citizens Group at last count had just under 5,000 supporters and its base was exponentially increasing.

Heads are likely to roll at the Bendigo Bank which has buckled to
Islamic demands that the Concerned Citizens’ bank account be closed or
financing for the planned mosque, along with private accounts, will be
taken elsewhere.

But the loss of less than 100 Islamic accounts will pale in
significance when compared to the loss of angry clients’ accounts of the
fifth biggest bank in Australia with 540 branches across the country.

Has Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act again reared its
ugly head? It is certainly threatening free speech at the behest of
Bendigo Bank.

I have known many idiots with a death wish who manage banks, but the manager of Bendigo Bank Central takes the cake.

When contacted late today, the bank refused to comment. They also refused to give me the name of the Bank Manager, Chris Bone.

INNOCENT JOE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

INNOCENT JOE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

Hildebrand has had his disgusting performance covered up by his lapdog media mates already, don't know why Tim Blair needs to worry so much.

Or has the mask slipped enough so the real Hildebrand is out there in public?

Hildebrand seems to like hanging around scum like the Chaser Middle Aged Men, so what's the big deal? He's every bit as unfunny, traitorous, racist to whites and socialist as them, so why is it a surprise he uses his lapdog media position to be a shitpile?


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rosie Batty is right: stop victim blaming | Herald Sun The Perch Blog

Rosie Batty is right: stop victim blaming | Herald Sun The Perch Blog

Fortunately hildebrand is about as popular as herpes at the best of times and on a network no one watches.

This is not his first offence, he is on record as bashing Australia for being racist having taken the ABC's thirty pieces of silver.

He has a great face for radio, and he shouldn't be on radio either.


We are in strife and big spending cuts cannot be avoided | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

We are in strife and big spending cuts cannot be avoided | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Cut government spending on unnecessary welfare and bureaucracy and watch our budget slide back into the black by 2015.

All these communist ideas that Abbott is backing such as NDIS, NBN, gonski rubbish- cut the lot.


As for a bureaucrat like parkinson demanding we all pay more for everything to subsidise his underperforming class... NEVER!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Watch As HFT Debate Devolves Into Epic Screamfest In Milliseconds | Zero Hedge

Watch As HFT Debate Devolves Into Epic Screamfest In Milliseconds | Zero Hedge

Just the first 3 minute round in this epic clip is worth the price of
admission (and note the floor traders cheers in the background)... but
to watch the status quo crushed under the awesome honesty of reality as
this is all exposed, watch on...

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