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Kid Celephais - background briefing - Jack Parsons (or is that Tony Stark or Doctor Strange?)

Real life superhero Jack Parsons (he was a forensics explosives expert for the FBI and an expert witness in serious crime trials)

Real life supervillain Jack Parsons (he was a dedicated satanist, contract-with-the-devil type antichrist)

Progenitor of the Aeon beginning in 1904 and ascending in 1947

23... 33... 37... 47... 93...


The occult roots of NASA, the all seeing eye and related items continued... Jack Parsons, genius inventor of solid fuels used for spacecraft, was high priest of the O.T.O., a satanic church. NASA honored Parsons by naming a crater after him on the dark side of the moon.
"The amazing events involving our U.S. space program chronicled in Leviathan in Space demonstrate just how much the devil so desperately wants to win this space race, this war against God's Kingdom. NASA's organization and agenda are horribly permeated with Luciferian artifacts and activities. We point, for example, to striking evidence of Masonic occultism and to magician astronauts. Also, we, regrettably, must bring to light the dark history of NASA's chief founders."
The power of NASA's occultic origins is seen in the life of John ("Jack") Parsons, the scientist who helped found JPL Labs in Pasadena, California, and the genius who invented the solid fuel technology that made the space shots possible. The memory of Parsons is so well regarded by NASA that the agency has named a lunar area after him. Yet, as proven in a revealing book, Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons, Parsons is outed as a sexual pervert who headed the American branch of satanist Aleister Crowley's notorious secret society, the O.T.O.

The Serpent's Seed, Nazis, and "Strong Powers"
On Halloween night, 1968, Jack Parsons and a woman disciple conducted a black magic satanic sex ritual called "Babalon working" in a vain attempt to invoke the Antichrist and produce a "moon-child," a serpent seed offspring. Shortly afterward, Parsons was killed in what was claimed to be an accidental explosion in his home laboratory. The FBI quickly moved in and mysteriously seized all his records and notes.

However, perhaps the most famous and respected of NASA's space scientists was the late Werner von Braun. Von Braun had been a top leader in Adolph Hitler's Nazi rocket program and was brought to the U.S. after World War II. Possibly, Dr. Von Braun recognized the powers of hell that energized the space race. He is quoted once as ominously warning, "We find ourselves faced by strong powers whose base of operations is at present unknown to us."

In the year 2000, the Scottish Rite, the largest Masonic sect, formally established Tranquility Lodge #2000, a Masonic Lodge, on the moon.

Is Jack Parsons the prototype of comicbook characters such as Reed Richards, a sexless cipher who becomes hypersexual only around his ephebic wife? Is he a cognate of sorceror-scientist Doctor Doom? Hypertechnologist Tony Stark? Master of the Mystic Arts Doctor Stephen Strange?

Jack Parsons' REAL name was MARVEL Whiteside Parsons.

The children of the synchromystic movement have finally rediscovered what comicbook readers have known all along - qabalist Jack Kirby was on to the connections from the 1940s. Bit perennial schmoozer Stan Lee was someone else who hobnobbed on both coasts and in the process picked up sponge-like an entire encyclopedia worth of strange connections. Remember, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are co-creators not just of Marvel Comics but more importantly of the entire "POP culture" of the 1960s. Their writing and art, and their fundament of ideas, has influenced the entire world (for the better in my opinion) but in the process of sharing their vision, the alchemy behind their creations has perpetuated a smorgasbord of occult ideas- from space gods to monoliths containing wisdom, from eternal soldiers to gateways to the consciousness steps of the waking world.

Steve Ditko is the essential third plank of the Marvel Manifesto, what was called the Marvel Age. One wonders if Stan Lee was in a trance due to overwork when one reads his monthly output - so much of which tripped over ideas that the voracious reader synthesized into a single universe paradigm, much as Lovecraft reduced the supposedly irreducible in his own mythos creation.

There was without any question at all a deep appeal to the college / intelligence asset generation of the 1950s-1960s from Marvel comics. Now the connections are easier to see but at the time Marvel was more underground, but it's observable how often the authors and artists of the Marvel Age in other media really used the Kirby-Lee mythos not as an artistic inspiration but as live religion of tolerance, expansion of consciousness through exposure to outer space, and of course, the creation of real life superheroes (and villains).

Marvel alone embraced monsters as entities both good and evil, as well as linking the Wild West (Manson Ranch) with the far future (NASA).

Astonishing is the incredible NASA report that a number of the rats were beheaded in space by an astronaut who used a specially built miniature guillotine to off the hapless critters’ heads!

On Space Shuttle Mission STS-58, Dr. Martin Fettman, the first veterinarian in space, conducted an experiment by chopping off the heads of rats.

   World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland  2004
2,280 global leaders, including 31 heads of state, gather in a Alpine resort.  Five-day program on Partnering for Security and Prosperity requires an examination of extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
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