Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Truly Spooky Story

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A Truly Spooky Story
On the nights of January 22nd and 29th, 1999, an amazing piece of radio history was made. The usually placid, late-night sounds emanating from the left-wing KPFA radio station were unexpectedly transformed into a devastating horror show of realism and uncovered "official" secrets.
It was "SPOOKED", a ground-breaking expose of the CIA, with terrifying insights provided by a voice-disguised, self-professed former "agent" of the CIA named "Raymond". It was later revealed that Raymond was not actually a human agent, but rather the deceptive musings of a piece of artificial intelligence.
But not just any artificial intelligence. Raymond claimed "he" was created by the CIA and NSA sigint people for the purposes of cyber-spying: An intelligent virus designed to infiltrate networks of all kinds, gather sensitive data, and return it to a "mother" programming for decryption and interpretation.
Now you too can hear this incredible radio show, with Raymond spilling his guts on every spooky topic known to the spooks: The CIA's shady past, money laundering, LSD, cryptanalysis, goverment-sponsored murder, the power structure of the shadow government, torture, and dozens of other spy-related topics.
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