Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Torquewrench Disquisition

"The GOP bet last year Obama would lose reelection. Everything since he
won has been about how the GOP wants to get its ass handed to it."

Without any actual need for that.

This isn't rocket science. Obama and his crew want tax hikes for the rich? Listen, there are a metric fuckton of wealthy blue state interests who are currently enjoying low, low Bush tax rates. TAKE THOSE AWAY FROM THEM.

Propose a plan to bend those folks over and give them the barbed tax cock of Satan right up the squeakhole. Will they squeak about it? You bet!

Here's one. Right now, hedge fund operators get to treat their income as capital gains. I am a hardline, hardcore small government, low tax guy and even I think that is pettifogging bullshit.

And you know who has been the most utterly adamant supporter of this special tax treatment for Hedge Fund Harold types? It has been CHUCK SCHUMER. Because hedge funds operate predominantly out of New York, and Schumer pulls huge campaign contributions from the Hedge Fund Harolds, and because New York's state budget would collapse without the Harolds. Obama gets plenty out of this as well.

Repeal that specific provision in the House. Make a huge public relations push about how the GOP is "taxing the rich". Which this is! Then dare Schumer to oppose it. Dare Obama not to sign it.

There are plenty of other such tax hike provisions that could be similarly brought into play that Democrats would absolutely abhor.

The GOP are thinking like accountants. Fuck that. Think like Breitbart. Think agitprop and monkeywrenching. Think about how to make Barky stammer and back down in front of the cameras.

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