Sunday, December 16, 2012 How do Roger's pathetic disguises work?

Roger, the alien grey / gray / crash test dummy in American Dad, doesn't look remotely human. Humanoid- sure. Human? Nope.

So in fact how do his stupid disguises even work?

A strong clue occurs during the Bah Mitzvah Shuffle episode.

When Steve visits the black bar to find his wheel man, it is of course Roger in a blacksploitation disguise. The sight gag is that Steve walks in and from a distance- there's a purple velour suited man playing pool.

When he gets close- it's Roger in a 'fro.

However, watch closely- when Steve sees Roger in costume from long shot, Roger's skin is brown, and his head is normal sized.

In other words, Roger has some sort of psionic illusion power to allow him to appear human, provided he is using physical props to assist in the illusion. Roger basically uses hypnotic screen memories constantly to move chameleon like through human society.

And that is more than you ever need to know about that.

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