Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Angels Take Manhattan: worst plot hole since Inception.

Doctor Who under Mofffffattttt is certainly not based on science or indeed logic, but it plumbed the depths with the Amy / Rory sendoff.

1938 New York is now some sort fixed point in time, not that the concept has ever made sense under the current production team. However.

1939 isn't a fixed point in time. They've been there before, and in any case it clearly isn't a fixed point.


Why can't Doctor Who just wait a year and pick them up in 1939 or 1940 or whatever? They're already totally out of synch with their "real" lives so what would be the harm?

Makes no fucking sense at all. I mean, none.

On the second subject, which was flagged back in the Doctor's wife with the supposedly throwaway line about the Corsair swapping sexes- how delightfully anti-normal and PC and right on. And it was no throwaway line as has now been admitted.

Doctor Who is a bloke. And he should always remain a bloke.

Turning the Doctor into a woman, or for that matter a black, will date the show worse than Jo's excruciating fashion sense back in the early 1970s. It's also a violation of trust to inherit characters you did not invent and warp them to suit yourself.

The Brian Michael Bendis school of pastiche. Or if you will, sheer hackery.


Edited to add: Doctor Who is a MALE role model. Imagine changing Wonder Woman to Wonder Man or Tomb Raider to a bloke. Imagine the Frankfurt School / jewish media / PC brigade outcry. Doctor Who is a male role model, always was, always will be. Warping the character into a fetishistic and deviant fanservice object has already gone waaaaaaaaaaaayyy too far, and for the 50th anniversary we definitely need a return to a disappointingly bland and "safe" baseline before the craziness begins all over again.

And on a related note, Doctor Who is also white, specifically anglo-saxon. Yes, the character is an alien, but for the first 49 years he's been resolutely WAS(P) and needs to remain so.

Fuck with someone else's culture, weirdo scum.

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