Thursday, May 9, 2013

THIS IS CANBERRA | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

THIS IS CANBERRA | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

The perfect symbol of our capital city – a bloated, gaseous, multi-breasted monster feeding those who dwell in its poisonous shadow while leeching off the rest of us:


Good Lord. The ghastly beast takes flight next week:
Skywhale, a 23m-high, 34m-wide hot air balloon resembling a whale-like creature, will be unveiled in Canberra tomorrow as the headline commission for the Centenary of Canberra celebrations. The balloon will be tethered to the National Gallery of Australia to coincide with a sculpture symposium before making its first flight over the capital on Monday …
The work, a “relative bargain for public art” at $172,000, will be hard to miss. Bristol balloon-makers Camerons made Skywhale from 3.5km of fabric.
So they’ve celebrated Canberra’s centenary by sending money to England. Brilliant!

UPDATE. Oh, the huge mammaries!

UPDATE II. Skywhale’s Canberra symbolism is now complete:

ACT taxpayers are paying at least $100,000 more than the territory government has indicated for the controversial Skywhale hot air balloon.
Official documents reveal the balloon is costing at least $334,000, not the $170,000 figure quoted by ACT Government officials.
UPDATE III. They paid for it but don’t own it:

Canberrans don’t own the Skywhale hot air balloon, despite spending $170,000 on the controversial piece of art.
Centenary of Canberra creative director Robyn Archer confirmed that the 23 metre tall creation is not owned by the ACT Government, but the company that operates the balloon.
Makes sense. Further from Archer:

She also defended its relation to Canberra and the city’s centenary, saying the “connection couldn’t be plainer”
“The connection with the centenary is ‘look at how many amazing people Canberra has produced over these years’.”
Nothing says “‘look at how many amazing people Canberra has produced” quite like a hideous airborne turtle with ten tits.
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