Monday, September 9, 2013

Articles: Why Obama is Floundering

Articles: Why Obama is Floundering

It is understandable that Barack Obama might have warm and fuzzy feelings for norms as a means of social control. Throughout his life he has benefitted from norms concerning race. To merely criticize him has been to be called a racist by his supporters until fairly recently. His media supporters have enforced norms against investigating too closely into his past. Borne of collective guilt over the nation's past, these norms have served to advance Barack Obama's political career at warp speed. His empty résumé, full of titles and no actual accomplishments, was accepted with no questions asked.

But these norms are an American phenomenon. They don't apply to the group consisting of nation states, especially at the apex of that group's power and influence. In that society, slavish domestic media mean nothing. The members of the superpower (and wannabe)  club speak a language of power and they play for keeps.

Not only is Barack Obama unprepared for the responsibilities that lie on his shoulders, he has no experiential base to use as a referent. So he is flailing, while the danger mounts and damage to America deepens.

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