Thursday, September 5, 2013

Voting for the minors is a major mistake | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog

Voting for the minors is a major mistake | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog

The ridiculous number of minority parties contesting for Senate seats and the extraordinary manipulation of the preference deals between the minority parties and Labor has thrown up the very real possibility that Australians could awake to another impossibly deadlocked government.

Even if Coalition leader Tony Abbott takes the Lower House with a huge majority, a Senate controlled by the Greens, Labor and bizarre single-issue minority parties would essentially recreate the disaster of the past three years.

Business and community certainty would not be restored. The economy would be crippled by the same destructive hesitancy and indecision delivered by Gillard’s underhand and unnecessary deal with former Greens leader Bob Brown.

Australia can’t afford to again be held to ransom by minorities as it was by the Greens, and the repellent turncoat Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.

In 2010, 88 per cent of the public did not vote for a carbon tax - only the Greens did - just 12 per cent of the voting public.

Don’t be conned by those who vacillate and vote for minor parties because they like to believe that the two major parties are similar.

They are not. There is a huge difference between them and philosophy counts.

Further, Labor and the minority parties have through their preference deals shown that an utter lack of principle.

Even the ABC’s election analyst Antony Green has said that “the Senate election is an outrageous fiddling of the electoral system”’ and “an international laughing-stock” that must be changed.

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