Tuesday, September 17, 2013



This paper has been prepared to familiarise already-concerned Australians with the dangerously underestimated multiple crisis into which our nation is being drawn.

 Although I specifically address the Aussie situation, the pattern of globalist conquest is repeated with minor variations around the world. Unsurprisingly, therefore, our American cousins, and even our almost vanquished relatives in the UK, will discover little here that is unfamiliar.

Furthermore, although my current programme of research commenced forty-five years ago; independently and in very disparate locations and circumstances; yet such cross-referencing inexoribly provoking the same alarming conclusions, there is no expectation or intent to persuade our famously cynical Aussie readers to accept only this interpretation of events. If others see a different picture our members (Tariff Restoration Bloc, Australian Independent’s Alliance, etc) are as anxious to examine alternative perspectives as we are to disseminate our own. In fact our collective membership is due to this very process of consensus sharing. We all face a common enemy and we will secure its defeat only if we analyse cooperatively, and then work together to whatever level of agreement emerges.

In this paper, the copious footnotes and bibliography traditionally demanded by our scholarly elite is absent for the simple reason that this paper is not the product of scientific or academic research. With their impositions of political correctness, corporate control, active repression of open community consensus, derision of views not delivered through ivory portals, and their almost unanimous collusion with New World Order installations, scientists and academics have proved to be an element of society which can no longer be trusted.
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