Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIKIWRECKS | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

WIKIWRECKS | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

Besides putting their hands out for your taxes, there is nothing that left-wing organisations enjoy more than ripping themselves apart.

This destructive pathology is more intense relative to the size of the group. It’s an inverse deal. The smaller the group, the greater the hate. Labor, Australia’s largest left-leaning assembly, copes with its tendency towards self-harm by arranging members into various formal factions. That way, internal rivalries can at least be sorted out by vote, or the occasional beating.

But move down the order to some of our leftist micro-collectives and the divisions become more extreme at every step.

The ABC generally presents a united facade, but three members of a community radio program about social justice will be on non-speaking terms within one hour of broadcasting. That’s more or less how things have worked out for the Wikileaks Party, easily the most entertaining mob contesting this year’s elections.

Just like Wikileaks itself, the group’s political arm was launched in an idealistic frenzy of togetherness aimed at perceived common enemies. And, just like Wikileaks, the party has shattered into deliciously tiny anger-fuelled hate-pods. 

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