Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JFK: The Girl On The Stairs

Barry Ernest: The Girl On The Stairs, My search for a missing witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy

This book went out into the world with nary a ripple, but it is another one of those "small" details of the JFK murder conspiracy that explode the official and rather stupid story.

The Girl On The Stairs is about an eponymous young woman (and her friend) who were running down the stairs immediately after the assassination. The stairs in question are those of the Texas School Book Depository.

The stairs that not only would Oswald have had to use at the same time, but if somehow he didn't use them, they would have crossed his path at an intersection near the lunch room where he WAS found.

In other words, this is evidence that at worst raised the reasonable doubt that would have exculpated Oswald but in fact would simply have made him one more spooky person with an intel background who happened to be there that day. His status as patsy would have been destroyed.

It is well worth a read, even if its central point is as simple as the above.

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