Friday, December 6, 2013

Witness confirms Altgen picture (unaltered) shows Lee Harvey Oswald in doorway of TSBD at time of shots

Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas stories -

When she found them nearby, her father, an Army veteran and marksman who knew the sound of gunfire, said, "Someone just tried to shoot the president!" He took off with his camera in the direction the crowd was headed, toward the grassy knoll, to investigate.

Allman, from his vantage point, watched Kennedy's arms twitch and spring up toward his chin.
He heard the first lady scream, "Oh, my God!" and saw her crawl onto the back of the limo.

Allman looked up at the book depository. He thought he could see a rifle barrel protruding from a window. He headed for the grassy knoll and then changed his mind, thinking, "I've got to get to a phone."
He ran up the book depository steps, passing a man at the entrance. The stranger was thin, with dark hair and circles under his eyes. Allman asked where he could find a phone.

The man jerked his thumb back toward the building as he left and said, "In there."

Later, Allman learned the stranger's name: Lee Harvey Oswald.
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