Sunday, December 8, 2013 • View topic - “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

my conclusion is that the Loch Ness Monster “Nexus”, as I have posited its existence in the preceding posts, can be understood as a confluence of both :

· deep-political structures &
· deep-psychological phenomena

as expounded within the ground-breaking theoretical frameworks afforded us by Professors Peter Dale-Scott & Carl Jung.

I would further contend, perhaps controversially, that the putative Jung-Scott synthesis suggested here – what I take the liberty of referring to – in respect to the host of this board & its associated & now sadly somewhat dormant blog - as the “Wellsian” analytical model - not only offers the most powerful explanatory tools for the understanding & analysis of conspiratorial, covert & occult forces such as the Nexus as they act upon society but that within this framework the existence of such forces is also positively predicted & expected.
The Jungian “Shadow” can be understood as the psychic bump in the carpet which grows as certain “unacceptable” beliefs, behaviours & desires are rejected as unacceptable by the conscious super-ego & swept from sight under the pressure of social value-systems, peer-pressure & “consensus reality”. These rejected impulses are usually, therefore, closely associated with social taboos concerning sexual, violent or amoral actions

The coalescence of this psychic detritus forms the individual’s shadow-self : the mild-mannered Jekyll’s shadow is ofcourse the brutish “Hyde” but obversely someone raised to function in the most violent & reprehensible environment will develop a shadow “Jekyll” totally at odds with their public persona.

Similarly the modern lore of SRA holds that satanically involved individuals will often have public alters that are fundamentalist Christians. • View topic - “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus

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