Saturday, December 21, 2013


Quethethea - "He Who Jumps Between Worlds Like A Stone Skipping Water" - was a player character of course.

His progeny were a dynasty of dimensional travelling superheroes, most of whom were to put it mildly flaky.

By the great grandchildren generation, and post the War In Heaven, the kids are mostly violent champions of largely uninhabited parallel Earths where civilisation and in some cases humanity never took off.

Prisoner 58, better known as Epiyoth the Garbfighter, uses only the inbuilt claws and spikes on his armoured bodysuit and heavy cloak as his weapons. Garbfighting itself is unarmed combat combined with offensive armour.

Why Prisoner 58 came to be imprisoned in the now abandoned National Laboratory in Beaver City is a saga for another time.

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