Thursday, December 5, 2013

Goldfish Graveyard page 2 final

After an eternity of false starts, the contemporary She-Devil and one of her team mates from the Guardians of Justice, Bishop Incognito of the Church of the Invisible Hand, stride the rooftops overlooking the International Emporium of Wonders in Gotham.

Gotham - ie pulp New York - was the original stomping grounds of the Guardians and continued to be their spiritual home through all the decades since.

This is the Eternium era team- a world very much like our own where the supervillains have comprehensively won- and are the political and social leaders of the civilised world.

She-Devil is an aerial acrobat and vigilante detective.

Her big secret is that, contrary to popular belief, she is not the great grand daughter of the original She-Devil from the 1920s and 1930s. It is the same person, granted immortality in Shamballah along with her husband the Shadow of Justice. Like all immortals who function in normal society, she has to replace her identity with that of her "daughter" at regular intervals. Most of the high level bad guys know her secret, but the general public do not.

Bishop Incognito leads a christian church as well as being a freedom fighter truther struggling to "awaken" the sleeping population. The rest of the team will emerge in due course, although anyone who bought my d20 rulebook GOLDEN will know the likely candidates... Likewise people who bought ETERNIUM will know exactly who is on the team.

Goldfish Graveyard in some respects is a typical monday-morning-in-the-comics-store adventure where new players would create their superheroes and through the day a tag team of player characters would start investigating Kal-66... IS HE FRIEND? OR FOE?

That kind of thing. :) Good times.

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