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The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird? It's a Plane? It's a… Drone!?

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird? It's a Plane? It's a… Drone!?

Two months ago, the president signed into law the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act.
Now the countdown is on.

The bill gave the FAA 90 days (a mere thirty days, hence) to allow police and first responders to fly small drones over domestic airspace. Within the next four years, the federal agency is charged with authorizing and certifying the flight assorted unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -- quite literally -- over our heads. By the FAA's own estimates, by 2020, some 30,000 drones, of various shapes and sizes, could be patrolling America from above.


Way back in the 1990s a lady reported seeing a mechanical ie robotic dragonfly, no bigger than a real live large dragonfly, land on her car winsdhield and then just as suddenly fly off again.

Likewise there have been some really weird shaped "UFOs" reported in recent years, indicating a clear technological development.

As clear as some UFOs are energy beings, others are definitely secret technology. Official airships were entering service between 1907-1909, what makes anyone think that the technology didn't actually enter into secret use in the 1800s? It isn't difficult technology to produce.

Leaving aside putative aircraft from Ancient Egypt, there is documentary and physical evidence of multi-stage rocket launches in the fifteenth century.

These drones becoming public is another example of how decades after technology is created it finally goes into the public arena. Blackbird SR-71 has only leaked into the public domain after it left service. We're now THREE generations of spy "aircraft" later and we haven't seen much real information on even the first replacement.

Below is information on miniaturised drones from the year 1999... Ponder how far ahead real drone cutting edge tech must be given that the estimate of how far ahead black budget technology is ranges from 25 years (Cathy O'Brien) to 100 years (Janes). It's notable that between the Nazi designs from 1932-1944 and the British designs from 1936-1946, all stolen by the USA as "payment" for war loans and reparations, there were no new innovations until the early 1980s, the point at which the predominantly Nazi-English technology finally ran out. In other words it took 35 years of reverse engineering even with the vast money applied to the problem by the USA for that country to finally assimilate all of the discoveries from the golden age.

God only knows what else was reverse engineered and where the information came from- the thousands of stolen Tesla patents? Channelled information from nonhuman intelligences?


The Traffic Surveillance Drone project has received initial funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration's Priority Technology Program. Aspects of this ducted fan drone are currently under development within the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Advanced Vehicle Development and Integration Laboratory. It is designed around an aluminum chassis with a carbon composite body structure that also provides structural stability. It is the first rotary wing drone with twin engines and one-engine-out flight capability. It is designed with affordability and safety in mind. All propulsors are shrouded and the single-rotor design improves reliability while reducing weight and keeping the projected production price in a range that is attractive to law enforcement agencies, emergency search and rescue teams, as well as highway departments.
Present research centers on ways to reduce the size of the drone and to use advanced active flow control techniques to eliminate the need for a fully articulated rotor (replacing it with a fan or propeller) while at the same time obviating the need for deflector vanes. The following picture shows one of our active flow control experiments to demonstrate counter torque while using an unarticulated ducted propeller without deflector vanes (no moving control surfaces). A 46MB movie of the “Bagel” active flow control experiment shows purely acoustic control of antitorque in a ducted fan without the use of deflector vanes. Other experiments demonstrate that pitch and roll can be similarly controlled. In the movie, note that the test stand-mounted vehicle is allowed to completely twist under the effects of propeller torque until it hits the yaw stops on the test stand. A tone can then be heard (emitted by the vehicle under test) and the torque effects are completely neutralized

The Drone also has capabilities that make it attractive for military applications, especially in low intensity conflicts and urban warfare . Note that such a drone would fill a needed void in locations such as Sarajevo where high altitude reconnaissance from assets such as Predator only provide the “"big picture” from above, but do not allow one to look into windows, fly into parking decks, breach obstacles, or perch on a building roof as a sentry. A militarized version of the drone known as Dragon Stalker (see below) has been conceived and mocked up to illustrate its portability in the battlefield. A powered wind tunnel model has been constructed to verify flight envelope analyses.

Robert Michelson
Principal Research Engineer, Emeritus - Georgia Tech Research Institute
Adjunct Associate Professor (Ret.) - Georgia Institute of Technology
President - Millennial Vision, LLC 


Flying Saucers could soon start attacking Earthlings

We’re no way talking of an alien invasion, but British drone company Aesir probably thought that the mystery and fair associated with flying saucers could be put to good use. The company is creating UFO-like drones that vary from 30-centimeters to 1 meter in diameter. These unmanned aerial vehicles use the Coanda Effect to stay airborne. Their first prototype “Embler” has already taken the job of flying around, troubling humans. We have no idea if this product will be practical, but UFO sightings are about to increase dramatically. One UFO sighting, er.. video of the Embler in action, after the jump.
ember flying saucer drone gbmwe 54
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