Tuesday, June 25, 2013


MEET UGLY AUSTRALIA | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

Rob Oakeshott’s complete assessment of Australia’s 43rd parliament lasts for 14 minutes – three minutes shorter than Oakeshott’s ridiculous 2010 speech announcing his Labor alignment. Highlights from ramblin’ Rob:

I think there is a bit of a perfect storm of events over the last few years that have allowed ugly Australia off its leash …

I think we’ve all met ugly Australia over the last three years. People who would normally be considered on the fringe of the public square have well and truly made themselves into the centre of the public square … I do think it’s something we’ve got to identity and as a nation deal with.

We’ll deal with it on September 14, when certain fringe-dwelling independents who made it to the centre can expect to be banished. Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful in our ugliness, man! Oakeshott continues:

We’ve seen climate scientists being abused. What sort of country is that?

I have a sudden urge to stand up and sing the national anthem.

UPDATE. Oakeshott quits:

“Now is the moment,” he said. “I have done everything I said I was going to do – and done the best I can. Now it’s up to others to try and do better.

“There is absolutely no fear whatsoever of the ballot box. It’s not an issue of running and losing. If anything it’s a respect for winning that makes me make a call now.”

What a very odd fellow.


Drunken sot and all round red faced cunt WIndsor has quit too. More drinking time.

Shame they can't immediately go up on treason charges.

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