Sunday, June 30, 2013

krudd's tiny little credibility shrivels some more...

PM's overseas trip linked to tobacco group

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd accepted international flights and hotel accommodation from a German foundation that controls a key part of the international tobacco industry, despite his earlier declarations that "cigarettes kill people".

Mr Rudd's declarations of interests lodged with the federal parliament reveal that in October last year he was given return international tickets and two days accommodation in Berlin from the Korber Foundation, a German non-profit foundation that is the sole owner of the world's leading supplier of machines for the production of filter cigarettes.

The Prime Minister's acceptance of this benefit would appear to be at odds with the Federal Labor Party's long standing policy of not accepting political donations or any other benefits from the tobacco industry.
In October last year, Mr Rudd attended the 2nd Berlin Foreign Policy Forum which was hosted by the Korber Foundation, otherwise known as Korber-Stiftung.

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