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New Questions About The 3 Tramps of Dealy Plaza November 22, 1963 & President John F Kennedy Assassination

New Questions About The 3 Tramps of Dealy Plaza November 22, 1963 & President John F Kennedy Assassination

New Questions; The 3 Tramps of Dealy Plaza November 22, 1963 & JFK Assassination

Los Angeles, California, USA
April 24, 2006

The so-called 3 tramps were photographed in Dealy Plaza November 22, 1963 shortly after President John F. Kennedy's assassination. They were identified as being CIA agents or at least back pocket agents that had CIA credentials at one time or another. The most convincing have been the identities of Frank Sturgis or Daniel Carswell as the first tramp in line and Carswell or Sturgis as the 2nd tramp. Most who have studied these photos at length are quite convinced that the 3rd tramp is E. Howard Hunt. Both Sturgis and Hunt later would be caught doing special operations for President Nixon in the Watergate Burglary case. The 3rd tramp was also identified by some as Fred Crisman another CIA connected spook.

As the years rolled by the first tramp in the line or first on the left in the picture was thought to be Charles Frederick Rogers. This tramp was called Frenchy after another intelligence agency type. Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson, was thought by some to be the middle tramp in the picture and Chauncey Holt would confess to being the one who looks most like E. Howard Hunt.

Finally arrest records were 'found' that proved that the 3 tramps were not connected to the CIA, FBI or any other government agency but were really tramps. 2 were found alive and admitted that they were indeed 2 of the 3 tramps. The 3rd was deceased. There is a simple but remarkable problem to their confession. In both of their separate interviews and their consistent and continuing accounts they say that they stayed overnight in a shelter and then got fresh clothes, showered and shaved then ate before heading to the tracks behind the grassy knoll at Dealy Plaza. They were supposedly in a freight train, where they were later found by Dallas Police Sargent D.V. Harkness after the shooting of JFK.

If you look closely at the picture you can see that neither the jeans of the first tramp or the disheveld dirty clothing of the E. Howard Hunt look-a-like would pass for fresh clothes, not even for a tramp. So you see that takes us right back to where we have been for over 40 years. Who are these 'tramps'?
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