Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are the Annunaki the Neanderthals? And are the Neanderthals the Orcs? And are the Orcs the male Elves?

Just seems like a random thought- all the weird "part nonhumans" of history like the weird skulls, the nine footers with the two rows of teeth and/or six fingers, the elves and orcs, the UFO monsters, the ancient greek monsters, ancient british giants, Annunaki- are they basically all breeds descended from purebreed pre-Sapiens (what an arrogant name they gave us!) humanity?

Were purebreed Neanderthals with their giant eyes the pointy headed pointy eared elvenkind of yore?

And are orcs, ogres etc. fallen breeds of the same race, or are they just the dimorphic males? Uruk hai marries Galadriel?
SOMETHING went on long ago. Tolkien captures it I think, in his strange poetic way.

I no longer believe in any "primitive" homo ancestral species. None of them justify that label. Savage, cannibalistic, certainly.

But considering the gross ridiculous distortions of the paleontology and the archaeology, the whole deal needs to be rethought ab initio.

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