Saturday, March 15, 2014

ALP: Abominations, Liars, Paedophiles

Opposition says MP Bernard Finnigan’s parliamentary contribution ‘inadequate’ since being charged with child pornography offences
Updated Wed 15 Jan 2014, 12:59 PM AEDT
Bernard Finnigan is still turning up for Parliament
Bernard Finnigan sits in SA Parliament’s Upper House.

The South Australian Opposition says the contribution of Independent MP Bernard Finnigan in State Parliament has been inadequate since he was charged with child pornography offences.
The Opposition says 1,000 days have now passed since Finnigan was arrested and resigned as a Government minister.
Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade says records show Finnigan has made just two speeches in Parliament since then and has asked no questions nor moved any private member’s motions.
He says Finnigan has been entitled to almost $1 million in salary, superannuation, staffing and other entitlements and has a duty to do his job.
“Mr Finnigan is entitled to stay on the job but he should do the job,” he said.
“I suppose an analogy here is that of Mr Thompson in the Federal Parliament, Mr Thompson was in the Federal Parliament all last year after criminal charges had been laid he made numerous parliamentary contributions.”
Finnigan has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting a ruling as to whether his charges will be stayed.

His lawyer is on leave.

Mr Finnigan is a member of the Legislative Council and his term will expire in 2018.
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