Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Final words from jet came after systems shutdown - Yahoo News

Final words from jet came after systems shutdown - Yahoo News

Malaysia Airlines jet took off from Kuala Lumpur in the wee hours of
March 8, headed to Beijing. On Saturday, the Malaysian government
announced findings that strongly suggested the plane was deliberately
diverted and may have flown as far north as Central Asia or south into
the vast reaches of the Indian Ocean.

have said someone on board the plane first disabled one of its
communications systems — the Aircraft and Communications Addressing and
Reporting System, or ACARS — about 40 minutes after takeoff. The ACARS
equipment sends information about the jet's engines and other data to
the airline.

About 14 minutes
later, the transponder that identifies the plane to commercial radar
systems was also shut down. The fact that both systems went dark
separately offered strong evidence that the plane's disappearance was

On Sunday,
Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told a news conference
that the final, reassuring words from the cockpit — "All right, good
night" — were spoken to air traffic controllers after the ACARS system
was shut off. Whoever spoke did not mention any trouble on board.

Air force Maj. Gen. Affendi
Buang told reporters he did not know whether it was the pilot or
co-pilot who spoke to air traffic controllers.
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