Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Trench Coat Mafia Website

The Trench Coat Mafia Website

Did you know the police started shooting at the 2 boys before they even
entered the school? Do you think that may have made the situation worse?  I think its
VERY suspicious that the 2 boys killed themselves after only a few
minutes, there has to be something here that they are not telling us. And also, did anyone
hear about the bullet hole found in the back of Dylan's head?  Could the SWAT team
have done this? Not sure if this part is true yet. The police say the propane bomb found
inside was done by a professional. Could Eric's dad be in on it? Now I am wondering, when
will Harris & Klebold's funeral be? Imagine how many protestors will be there!! I am
sick of ignorant people and media saying the shooting was because of violent movies and
video games.They say Eric was a fan of Doom. How come we never hear them talk about how
much other kids like playing Doom and other games also? They say music and graphic lyrics
make people do this. Guess what, Eric's favorite music group was KMFDM, do you know how
many messages of hate were in their lyrics?.......none.


Sandy Hook parallel:

one official report says the Sandy Hook children were cut down by "crossfire". Crossfire means exchange of fire between two shooters or groups of shooters.

Whilst there is a perfectly plausible scenario where one shooter can do the carnage, there is an equally plausible scenario involving crossfire or panic fire.

There is also another variable- accomplices.

Just factoids and hypotheticals, and therefore of little worth. Certainly, facts and data points must erase all such speculation WHEN SUCH DATA IS CONFIRMED AND VALIDATED.

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