Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Come At Me, Bro, Australian Edition: Our current PM is a lowdown lying bitch.

Michael Smith News

Julia Gillard was a partner in the industrial practice of Slater and Gordon.   The other partner was Bernard Murphy, now His Honour.

Ms Gillard dealt with about 21 unions as clients.   Not one of those unions had an incorporated entity as recommended by Ms Gillard and established through her free advice which it used as a slush fund.   She did not give any of those unions the advice that she says she gave Wilson about the necessity to incorporate his unique slush fund.   Slater and Gordon did not offer the value-added-service of free incorporation advice to its other valued clients.

You probably know that Wilson had a genuine slush fund for re-election purposes in Western Australia.   It had a bank account.   Wilson apparently neglected to take Ms Gillard's advice about the benefits of incorporation when it came to the crunch.
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