Friday, November 23, 2012

LNP: Labor: Five Long Years.

Labor: Five long years

Five long years of Labor.

Today marks five years to the day since Labor was elected to office.

Like their state counterparts, Labor’s record only worsens with time.

The hope that many Australians felt on 24 November 2007 has been replaced with disillusionment in a government too focused on its own survival and not enough on the everyday concerns of Australians – their cost of living pressures, their jobs and their future.

The Rudd/Gillard Government has been marked by too much spin, too much in-fighting and too many broken promises.

In just five years, Labor has:
  • presided over massive increases in people’s living costs, including electricity price increases of 89%;
  • misled the Australian people by introducing the world’s biggest carbon tax;
  • turned $70 billion in net assets into over $150 billion in net debt;
  • run up the four biggest deficits in Australia’s history, following on from the Howard Government’s four biggest surpluses;
  • overseen unprecedented waste from overpriced school halls, dangerous roof insulation, and an overpriced and undelivered NBN;
  • weakened our borders, resulting in over 500 boats arriving carrying a total of 30,000 illegal arrivals;  
  • allowed the faceless men to remove a prime minister elected by the people, and in so doing, ensure ongoing division and dysfunction;
  • overseen a marked fall in Australia’s productivity performance and crippled small business with excessive regulation and cost increases; 
  • compromised Australia`s interests by entering into a formal alliance with the Greens
  • stood by Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper and been mired in scandal.
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5 long years of Labor

Labor is now a party that has abandoned its high aspirations of 2007 and replaced it with the politics of division.  The authors of the Australia Day riot have deliberately set out to divide Australian against Australian. There is no doubt Julia Gillard will continue the politics of division in 2013.

The Coalition’s message to the people of Australia is that there is a better way.

We can end the spin, end the lies and broken promises, cut the waste and stop the boats.

The Coalition has positive plans to build a powerhouse economy through lower taxes, more efficient government and more productive businesses that will deliver more jobs, higher wages and better services for Australian families.

Only the Coalition has the policies and experience to reset our country’s course to one that sees increasing confidence, renewed productivity growth and real improvement in the wealth of households.

The next election will offer the Australian people a clear choice between three more years of Labor dysfunction and division, or a new government with the experience and plans to deliver a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia.

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