Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hipsters on food stamps - (a more accurate term for them would be self-entitled fucking bludgers)

Hipsters on food stamps -

Young urbanites with a taste for ciabatta may legitimately be among the new poor, but their participation in the program is far from universally accepted. A New York Times story in late November about the program’s explosive growth generated a storm of comments online, with many readers lobbing familiar accusations of laziness and irresponsibility.

But there seems to be a special strain of ire reserved for those like the self-described “30-something, unemployed, ex-fashionista, EBT armed, post-hipster, downtown mom” from New York who, in January, drew nearly 500 comments on the Web site, many seething with fury at her for trying to maintain the trappings of a materialistic, cosmopolitan life while using an Electronic Benefit Transfer card — food stamps — to feed her family. (Her blog is now password-protected.)
“You’re hosting dinner parties and buying cases of wine — on taxpayers’ money!” one person wrote. “Your attitude is so objectionable that you’re like a trainwreck; it’s hard to look away.” (One cannot, in fact, buy wine with food stamps, though dinner party ingredients are fair game.)

And on the blog Stuff Unemployed People Like, along with “not showering regularly” and “sleeping in while your significant other goes to work,” a post last year touted “buying Perrier with food stamps” and sarcastically claimed that “the fancier the food, the more glee there is in knowing the government has once again helped in enabling a lavish lifestyle.” Of the reader responses that poured in, many were food stamp users who defended their shopping choices (including, yes, Perrier) while others attacked them.

“While one person works their butt off,” one wrote, “another is just waiting in line so they can recieve [sic] their ‘luxury’ food stamps and recieve [sic] basically whatever they want.”
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